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$ sudo usermod -a -G root bcarver [FLASHBACK]

Posted on Mon Nov 23rd, 2020 @ 5:27pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis & Lieutenant JG Brittany Carver

Mission: Mission 6: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Location: USS Firebird, Conference Room
Timeline: 14 May 2395, 0900 Hours
Tags: plot


[USS Firebird, Conference room]

Brittany sat at the conference room table, rigid and facing the door at the far side of the room. She had carefully selected the most appropriate chair (to the fore, back faced towards the stars, third from the head of the table) and planted herself in it, antenna-like. Her PADD laid in her hands in her lap, her thumbs dancing over its surface as she played a game of water basketball to keep her brain stimulated while her head stared in the direction of the closed door. What could they want,she mused. Had she taken too much liberty with cleaning the isolinear chips near the transporter room while she was on shift there? No, that could not be it--they were each left perfect and clean and in their expected receptacles. It's t'Aegis, it has to be. She's finally kicking me off the ship. She's always low-key hated me. Not the most unusual thing. Maybe I'd get to go back to the starbase. I could--

The door opened in front of her, and the shiny toe of a Starfleet issue boot stepped inside.

Malcom, holding his tea mug, sauntered in the room. He smiled at Ensign Carver and slid into the chair at the head of the table. He dropped two PADDS onto the table, where they clattered loudly. "Oops," Malcom said. "Probably should go easier on the PADDs but to be honest, it feels a little like revenge given all the problems they cause me."

The PADDs had barely settled down when the chief of security and tactical entered the room. She strode to the other side of the table and nodded at the two other officers already present. "Captain. Ensign." That said, she took a seat two chairs down from the captain and placed her own PADD, only one, on the table where it only made a soft clicking sound when it came into contact with the hard, polished surface.

Carver peered curiously at the dropped PADDs on the table, lowering her noggin to eyeball them laterally as if something were hidden underneath, the shiny glasslike surface of the table reflecting the metallic screens and seemingly increasing their number as they laid before her. "Problems, Captain?" she queried, appearing sincere in her curiosity. They seemed immobile. Though, they could still be a changeling masquerading as an insignificant pile of equipment. Smart. Her study was interrupted by the entrance of t'Aegis, who warranted a lift of her brow and a nod. "Commander. What kind of problems, Sir?"

"Command is not all that it is cracked up to be. Chief Harlan ordered a replacement for the hydroflexion tubing that provides water to Kalstri's mess hall. All well and good until Starfleet Logistics sent us deuterium rods and says that's what we ordered. I've also got another PADD that is from Starfleet Medical where they are demanding we be inoculated against Cytherial Fever, despite there not being a single case in the quadrant AND the fact that the vaccine puts you into a coma for two days," Malcom said. "Which is why I would much rather be here talking to you." Malcom looked over at Commander t'Aegis. "Commander, would you like to begin?"

Rhiana nodded at the Captain and looked at Carver. "We are here for your performance review, Ensign. How do you see your own performance over the past few months aboard?" The question was business-like, not accusatory or foreboding or anything of the like.

Well, I took a disruptor blast to the butt awhile back, that should at least earn me an 'exceeds expectations', she thought, but thankfully it was her inside voice and not her outside one. Brittany lifted an eyebrow the scantest of an inch, considering the past couple of months. "Satisfactory, considering my post," she answered. Babysitter of doors and hired Judo-chopper, it wasn't exactly what she had in mind when she graduated from the Academy. She seemed like she could say a little more, but held her tongue, given that she was in arm's reach of the Romulan. Brittany glanced to the Captain to see if he'd align with her assessment.

"I'd say you were more than satisfactory, ensign," Malcom said with a smile. "Your conduct in the Tevok system was excellent and certainly contributed to us being successful. I've also heard excellent things from the crew about you. Emily tells me that you are 'Top-notch' in your field." Malcom couldn't help but shake his head at his run in with Emily Mox earlier in the week. Apparently, she and Carver had a bond already. "But, truly, I'm very satisfied with your performance and how you have fit in here on the Firebird. Commander t'Aegis? Your thoughts?"

"Service on a small vessel like the Firebird is not the same as service on a Sovereign-class or even a space station," Rhiana began. "It requires a certain amount of adjustment that tasks that might be given to a crewman on a larger vessel may occasionally fall to an officer. There is not the same hierarchical structure either, for there are simply not enough crew members. Based on that and on your previous posting, you have performed satisfactorily." Coming from the Romulan, this was actually high praise. "Now that you have acclimated yourself with the vessel and the department, it is time you received more responsibilities. You are hereby promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and appointed assistant chief of security and tactical." Rhiana reached into a pocket of her uniform and retrieved a small half-box with a black pip mounted on a piece of reinforced black velvet. She placed it in reach of Carver. "Congratulations, Lieutenant."

Brittany stared at the pip and its precious little box in mild shock for a full five seconds. t'Aegis had a point; smaller crew have bigger roles compared to where she hailed from. "Th-thanks...!" she finally exclaimed, still a tad confused. She looked between the Captain and Commander to ensure that it wasn't some sort of weird joke. "You.... might have to walk me through Tactical a few times. Ohshh--will I have direct reports?" She blanched, covering her mouth with her hands. Would she be responsible for people? Getting people to do things had never been her strong suit. But at least she'd get to change her uniform color.

Malcom managed to bury the grin that he felt coming on. He glanced at Rhiana and then nodded. "I believe that Commander t'Aegis will have you supervising some of the other members of the department. I will leave it up to her, of course, what exactly your new responsibilities will entail. I do want to say that, this is a big deal, even if the Firebird is a small ship. In fact, you will likely be taking on more responsibility than you would on a larger ship. Consider that if Commander t'Aegis is away from the ship, you will be expected to run the tactical station on the bridge and work closely with the senior staff and me."

Rhiana nodded in approval of the captain's words, even though she hoped that Carver would not need to replace her too soon. The officer still needed a lot of training. "You are an officer, Lieutenant. Having others report to you would come sooner or later. But we will be working together more closely until we both feel that you are able to handle the department's day-to-day business on your own," she explained. "I advise you to take a refresher course in tactical operations. I have prepared several holodeck scenarios where this knowledge will be tested. Furthermore," she continued, "You will also be the Marine liaison. That does not mean that they will report to you, but you and Captain Cunningham should have a good working relationship. Taking some coursework in Marine operations and tactics may be a good idea as well. Do you have questions, Lieutenant?"

Carver paused and gazed inwardly for a moment, taking the question to heart. "Do you hate me?" she finally asked, aiming the naive question towards the Commander. "I'd rather know now, given that we'd be working closer together. It's fine either way. I'm not exactly um...easy to work with," she deadpanned.

The corners of Rhiana's mouth twitched at the question, but she managed not to smile. Instead, she shook her head. "If I hated you, Lieutenant, we would not be sitting here. I think you still have a lot to learn, but that is to be expected. The role of assistant chief will give you that opportunity while also demanding more of you. I do expect you to show me that you can grow into that role and that you are willing to exceed my expectations of you."

Malcom nodded. "I'm sure the commander doesn't hate you, lieutenant," Malcom said. "But that does bring me to a point I wanted to make. It is vital to me and to the ship that the two of you work well together. That doesn't mean you need to be best friends. It does mean you need to be able to communicate well. To that end, I would like the two of you to schedule two shifts per week where you are working closely together. I want bi-weekly reports from each of you on those shifts. Working together will give you a greater understanding of each other and should increase your effectiveness."

Carver nodded slowly, taking in both the Commander's declaration of her not-hating-ness and the Captain's assertion that they work together on the regular. "Of course, Captain," she responded at last. "Those two shifts will help me get where you want me to be... in this new role," she finished while trying to imagine herself as someone actually important on the little ship. Huh. Quite the idea. "Th-thank you."

Rhiana did not like the captain telling her how to run her department nor that he wanted additional reports about this new collaboration. But it would not do to question the captain's orders. Certainly not before a subordinate. So she hid her thoughts behind a neutral expression and nodded at the captain. "Aye, sir." Then she looked at Carver. "You will meet me at 1100 today to go over the duty roster and discuss your other new duties in detail. At 0500 tomorrow morning, you will have your first tactical test in the holodeck. Do you have any further questions?"

0500, cruel indeed. Carver tried not to look gloomy at the notion of having to stay up all day, being so used to Gamma shift. Ah well--time to test each flavor of coffee in the replicator! She grinned instead. "No, Sir, thank you!"

Malcom smiled back. "Carry on, lieutenant," he said and watched his new lieutenant walk out. He enjoyed watching young officers grow and he thought Carver had a lot of talent. He glanced over at Rhiana.

"Now. Let's move on to our next topic," Malcom said.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
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Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Second Officer/Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant JG Brittany Carver
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