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Reporting For Duty [FLASHBACK]

Posted on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 3:25pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant JG Brittany Carver & Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

Mission: Interlude 4
Location: Security office
Timeline: 4 February, 2395 - 1200 hours


The Firebird's chief of security and tactical was standing behind a standing desk in the security office. It was an open space with several work stations only one of which besides the chief's desk was occupied. The entire crew was busy with getting things in order after the reparations of the vessel had been completed and there was little time for desk work.

Lieutenant Commander t'Aegis was going through crew files and schedules and frowned slightly. They would not be having a full security complement and in addition of that, they had to drag around that cadet. Hopefully, he would not be too much of a liability. The Commander checked the time. Another new security officer was scheduled to arrive any moment now.

And arrive she did... but not before walking completely past the opening to the Security office, stopping midway down the hall, and turning back to discover that she had passed the portal completely. Once reoriented, Carver spotted the most senior looking set of pips in the room and stood before the standing desk. Tall and lanky, but possessing a calm curiosity about her surroundings, seemingly quite young, the new Ensign seemed strangely detached in some way, before snapping to attention and saluting the distracted Commander. She announced herself with a crisp "Sir," and awaited a response from the woman soon to be her supervisor.

The Commander looked up at the word 'sir' and, after realising with surprise that it was not one of the established crew, t'Aegis placed the PADD on the desk and took a moment to look the Ensign over before returning the salute. "Ensign Carver," she said with a slight accent. "Welcome aboard the USS Firebird. I am Lieutenant Commander t'Aegis, chief of security and tactical." She paused briefly to let that sink in and to secretly wonder whether a crew member had informed the new Ensign about her, the chief's, dislike of the address 'ma'am' or whether Carver had merely guessed correctly. "Tell me about yourself."

'Ma'am' was so archaic, anyhow. You said that kind of thing to your grandmother. Or the headmaster back at finishing school when you were skirting some rule that you were caught breaking. The fact that the word 'ma'am' was even still in existence now, in the 24th century, must belie how deeply those barbs of gender-based hierarchies of power were buried back then; dug into the flesh of their shared ancestors, and surfaced occasionally into the present, rotting and fetid, by a seemingly innocent word.

Carver, caught off-guard by something in the Commander's manner, paused at the top of her salute and held her Commander's gaze in a curious fashion. "My... self? I've just... graduated from the Academy and completed my cadet cruise around Jupiter. Wholly uneventful, sir." Gloved hand still near her temple. It's kind of cute. Did she forget it was there? "I studied Stellar Cartography but also specialized in Security as they saw I was fit for it." And perhaps just dull enough not to think too hard, hand still there. "I'm looking forward to serve on the Firebird, sir, and... you're... a Vulcanoid, sir?" It's not accusatory at all. Perhaps a little surprised in tone, but Carver's query seemed to be genuine.

"Romulan." One word. Matter-of-fact and yet tinged with pride. "You may lower your hand, Ensign. Do you prefer stellar cartography or security? Why are you wearing gloves?" t'Aegis' tone was almost neutral, but there was a slight accusatory note to it, daring the new arrival to give the wrong answer.

A lot to process there. Were Romulans in the habit of asking three things at once? Perhaps it was meant to confuse the Ensign. It worked, momentarily. Brittany's nearly non-existant eyebrows wrinkled together. "Stellar Cartography of course but Information Security is a close second. One takes knowledge of the other," she responded, thoughtfully. The spectre of t'Aegis' other declaration lingered in the back of her head for now. Romulan. Cool. Might learn something from her.

Eventually realizing that one of the gloves in question was still at her temple, Carver lowered it and looked at its palm briefly as if she were wondering what it was doing there. "I'm part Vulcan. Humans like to touch each other. I don't." Was that a grimace that she let escape? I mean come on, imagine all those gross skin hands touching everything aboard the station. Duranium panels didn't harbor bacteria for long, sure, but what about the filth that piles up on the ship consoles? Greasy oil all over the glasslike surface. Nasty. Carver shuddered inwardly.

"You will see the ship's counselor about your gloves," t'Aegis decided. "Whether you will be allowed to keep them will depend on her evaluation." The last thing Rhiana needed in her department was a squeamish Ensign who shrieked at the sight of a grain of dust. It was bad enough that this girl appeared to not even wanting to be a security officer. "Why did you accept this assignment if you prefer stellar cartography?"

The declaration about her gloves provoked a grimace from the Ensign. Great. Another person she'll have to explain her genetics to. Whatever happened to 'infinite diversity in infinite combinations'? Maybe Romulans didn't get that elective when they joined Starfleet. "There were no positions open for stellar cartography. Everyone wants it," Brittany stated, matter-of-factly. "This was the first open position in the sector when I looked. If you rather not have me, I get it," she added, helpless and irritated in that adorable way only a woman of her age can have. "No one wants someone nagging them about locking out their console when they go on a bathroom break, or about proper access management. You can get a grunt from the enlisted to guard the doors instead." Oh, now it's an all-out pout. Perhaps meant to manipulate the ranking officer, but a pout no less. Given her stellar (ha!) marks at the Academy, it's likely how she qualified for the position.

'Adorable' did not work with Rhiana. Or rather, it did not work in the way it was probably intended. "My department is currently understaffed, which is why you will remain aboard," the chief of security and tactical replied as she turned away from the standing desk. "For now, that is. Follow me. You can show me whether you can do more than 'nag'. I expect my officers to be in perfect physical condition. What is your speciality in hand-to-hand combat?"

Carver followed the Commander's lead as they travelled through the 'lift for a few floors and landed at their destination. Huh. The gym. This is where the interview will happen? Brittany appeared nonplussed. "Aikido," she responded. "I've already passed my physical examination. You want another?"

"No," came the Commander's answer. "I want to see whether you are up to the standards I expect to be kept by all members of my department. After that assessment, I will determine whether you will need to schedule additional time for workouts into your day." She walked up to one of the treadmills, activated it and selected a programme. "You will begin with fifteen minutes of running."

Brittany cast an annoyed glance at the treadmill. Her nemesis. Dull and repetitive, she clearly loathed the semi-mechanical thing. Even so, she tightened the grip of her glove around the sissy bar and mounted it, jogging easily in place. At least when running the grounds back at the Academy, the view was nice. Here, all she'd get was the view of a semigloss duranium wall. Sigh. "Yes sir," she responded, between the begrudging thump of her boots upon the automated track.


Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Brittany Carver
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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