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Pod 4, Part 2: Over Hill and Over Dale [PLOT]

Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 8:42am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Kalstri Tenistion & Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite

Mission: Mission 4: Riding A Pale Horse
Location: Planet ZP0442
Timeline: 13 July, 2394 - 0900 Hours


In the three days since Kalstri and Zene had crashed, the two had fallen into a comfortable routine. They woke when the sun came up and walked at a relaxed pace most of the day, taking time to rest and examine the foliage and the terrain. Kalstri's knowledge of herbs and plants was especially helpful, as they sought nourishment to continue their journey. They'd found a tuber that baked wonderfully in a fire and those plus water and a small red fruit, kept them fed.

Zene monitored their physical health and amazingly enough, found herself enjoying their travel. She'd worried about running into other people but that had not happened. Their only companions were numerous birds and small lizards, which she didn't mind. They were moving through an area of scrubgrass, with a tall range of mountains in the distance. She thought they were quite beautiful, with white peaks towering over impressive cliffs of dark stone.

"Do you have mountains like those where you come from, Kalstri?" Zene asked.

"Ah, well that is an interesting question." Kalstri followed her gaze out across the horizon the dark grey peaks that covered their field of vision so far away. He hesitated, leaving a moment of silence to hang between them. "Where one comes from can sometimes be hard to define..."He casually glanced her way, and then focused his gaze back to what lay beyond them, "I have traveled to many places, but in truth I have steered clear of mountains and their...heights."
He chuckled slightly and turned to her, "What about you, my friend? "

Zene paused, resting for a moment as she thought about her homeworld. "It has been many years since I have seen Pheradon, my home. It is quite similar, geographically to Earth. They are both similarly far fro their stars and have a wide variety of terrain. We have an astounding mountain range called the Rygledde Range. Some of them are quite tall and have snow on the tops. I suppose these mountains would remind me of them," Zene said and then continued forward.

"This grass however, is completely unfamiliar. I do believe that it is unknown to Federation science. I would be interested to see what Lieutenant Desai would say about it. Kalstri, do you think we are the only survivors?"

"Ah my friend, I do not." Kalstri responded with a calm, pleasant voice. "The crew of the Firebird are some of the best. The resilience, intelligence, and shear determination will bring most of them back to us alive." He chuckled, "If I, with my limited skill in survival, can make it, then I have no concern for the rest of the crew. Although...they are without your great medical expertise!" Even with his limited knowledge on technical matters, Kalstri knew that luck had played a great part of their landing. He could only hope that with the loss of power to the pods that others would be as fortunate as they were.

Zene nodded at Kalstri's words, taking some solace in his confidence. He might not be a member of Stafleet but the chef radiated a sense of confidence and calm that she was grateful for. She hummed to herself as they continued to walk, noting the softness of the ground in the area they were travelling through.

"Kalstri," Zene said. "Do you see those tracks there? They look... large."

Kalstri turned his attention to where Zene indicated. He squatted down and lightly ran his hand over the track, it was larger than his fairly good-sized hand. "They are large, and..."He pointed at the top of the track to what looked like dots in the ground, "They are clawed." Kalstri looked up and scanned the area around him, almost as if he expected the owner of the tracks to jump out at them right then and there. "These grasslands probably have some herd animals that feed on the grass. But that also means there are predators that feed on them. We will need to be vigilant and careful." Kalstri tried to not be too ominous, but his gut churned a bit at this. Would they be capable of defending themselves against a large predator? A cook and a nurse? He hoped they wouldn't have to find out.

Zene nodded. She wasn't small by any means but she wasn't a fighter. Most Benzites weren't. There was a reason she'd gone into medicine. Admittedly, she didn't consider herself a normal Benzite. She lacked much of the competitiveness inherent to her race. As far as she was aware, she was the only Benzite nurse in Starfleet.

The day passed in bursts of conversation and bouts of introspection. Zene found that she was comfortable travelling in silence and was thankful that Kalstri lacked the need to talk all the time. Instead, they paused to discuss specific flora and the occasional fauna, including four different kinds of lizards, a long eared rabbitt creature and a larger four legged mammal with four straight antlers sprouting from its head. Towards mid-afternoon, when the sun was high, Zene got a strange feeling that they were being watched. She began looking over her shoulder and eventually saw two sets of violet eyes far behind them.


Kalstri quickly turned around and saw the two pairs of eyes, his heart starting to beat more rapidly. "Two of them? THis is not good, especially if the second one is as large." He placed his hand on Zene's shoulder, "Let's pick up the pace a bit, maybe we are just threatening their territory and the quicker we move through the better..." Kalstri unconsciously stepped a little behind Zene as he moved placing himself between Zene and the attackers. They quickened their pace and after a moment Kalstri stole a glance behind them. To his horror, he saw the eyes raise up to almost 4 feet off the ground and ,with a light spring, he saw one single magnificent creature land on the pathway. What they thought were two attackers was just one large felinesque creature. It started to lope towards them, its shoulders easily 4 feet off the ground and the four violet eyes seemed focus on them. Kalstri scanned ahead and there was a small copse of trees off to the side, perhaps there was one large enough for them to seek shelter. "Zene, it's coming...let's make a break for those trees!"

Zene didn't waste time with words. She an. Benzites were stocky and they had powerful self-preservation instincts for an engineered race. Zene lopped forward, not bothering to look behind her but she could hear the soft padding of those monstrous feet. They were getting closer. As they ducked into the tree cover, Zene heard a loud coughing sound and a wall of gray sprinted by her and jumped onto Kalstri's back. She was astonished that the chef managed to stay upright under the mass of the attacking creature.

They were almost to the trees when Kalstri heard the creature spring at him, at the last moment Kalstri set his foot forward, hunched down and braced himself for impact. He knew if he went down it would be all over. He felt the creature's bulk smash into him and the claws dig into his shoulders and hips. But Kalstri stayed upright, with as much force as he could muster he spun around dislodging the creature from his back. The claws ripped small chunks of his flesh as they went. Kalstri knew he couldn't hesitate. With the blood flowing down his back and the pain drowned out by the adrenaline pumping through his veins, Kalstri charged the creature. It had landed on its feet and was turning to face them when Kalstri bowled into it. All four of Kalstris fists pummeled into the creature as his weight and momentum knocked them both to the ground. For a brief second Kalstri thought he had the upper hand as he was on top and his fists were flying with ferocity. But he felt the creature bunch its lower legs between them and Kalstri began to feel the claws dig into his stomach. He quickly rolled backward and away from the creature, just before the creature's claws started to rend through Kalstri's intestines. Kalstri was on one knee, his breath coming in ragged gasps, blood was everywhere. The catlike creature flipped itself over, it favored one leg and all four sinister eyes stared down upon Kalstri. For a moment they glared at each other, tensing muscles, both ready to spring. Kalstri wasn't sure he would survive another assault, but he had to try...

Zene didn't realize she'd picked up the large stone until it was airborne. Benzites by nature made poor warriors but she couldn't just stand by and watch Kalstri be eaten alive by the cat. The stone slammed into one of the beast's eyes and it let out a surprisingly high squeal, turned and bolted for the bush. Zene stood there amazed that her actions had resulted in such a positive outcome. But she made herself move and hurried over to Kalstri, her emergency medical kit already open.

"Kalstri, are you alright?"

As the cat bolted, so did all of Kalstri's adrenaline and his body felt heavy and weary. He immediately fell to his knees.
He turned to Zene, and despite the pain and fatigue he gave her a beautiful smile, "My savior!" He took a deep breath and could feel the blood still pouring from the multiple wounds. With no strength left, Kalstri fell over unconscious.

Zene felt the calm descend upon her like a familiar blanket. She often felt it during surgeries or when talking with the EMH. She made herself move carefully, opening the medical kit and pulling out the things she'd need first: hypospray, bandages and clotting solution. She pushed Kalstri onto his back.

"You're not dying on me," She said and got to work.


Kalstri Tenistion
USS Firebird NCC-88298
(NPC by Jackson)

Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite
Head Nurse
USS Firebird NCC-88298
(NPC by Llwyedd)


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By Petty Officer 3rd Class Gianna Djokovic on Wed Oct 31st, 2018 @ 5:07am

I love these two together and how their story has its own unique tone and pace compared to the others. -Liam

By Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 5:26pm

Thanks for taking us on this lovely stroll getting to know the characters better. And when the action hit, it came fast. Watching the characters fighting for their lives was given even more weight due to their normal calm. Kalstri's four arms and Zene's deadly throwing were just enough. Very nice efforts from both of you.

By Lieutenant JG Murril Na on Sat Nov 3rd, 2018 @ 1:14am

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