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Food Aside [CD]

Posted on Thu Sep 14th, 2017 @ 1:43pm by Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Crewman Recruit Jerant van Rijn
Edited on on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 2:53pm

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 31 March, 2394 - 0645 hours

Balancing the prepared tray on his hands, Savin made his way to the ship's sickbay. He wondered if Jerant was awake yet, or even fancying any food but he had to try anyway. Though responsible for the mental welfare of the majority of the ship, there was only one who mattered more to him than anyone else. And not just because the man was his assistant but because the man was his best friend.

"Jerant..." he called out, getting his best friend's attention.

The injured Betazoid winced as he tried to sit up in bed, but managed a smile as he saw Savin approaching. "Food!" he called back, "oh my you bring me real food." He set the tray on his lap then grabbed Savin by the collar and pulled him forward with all the strength he could muster. In a very thoughtless act, he pulled the man down and kissed him full on the mouth.

Savin froze, then pulled away immediately. "Why?" he asked simply.

Horrified, Jerant looked up, colour draining from his already pale face, before blood rushed back to colour his cheeks scarlet. "I don't know," he muttered. Fortunately for Savin, Jerant was a full Betazoid and thanks to their lifelong friendship and connection, they were able to converse telepathically as well, which Jerant generally did for Savin's benefit despite speaking out loud as well.

Savin leaned closer, forcing him to look him in the eyes. "Do not lie to me. You would not kiss me without a reason, you have never acted like this before. What are you hiding from me?"

"It's nothing," Jerant murmured, putting the tray aside.

"You kissed me, it certainly is not nothing." Savin reached out, fingers touching his friend's chin to lift his face up. "Do you have feelings for me?" How could it be that he never noticed this before? All their years spending so much time together, how could he not have noticed this?"

"Yes." it was the barest of whispers but the mental whisper was louder than words. "Since we were teenagers, but I knew you would never be able to return my feelings. So I never acted on it before. I buried them, so you wouldn't notice."

Shaking his head, Savin sighed. "You should have told me, even if you are right. I cannot return them, not in the fashion you would want me to. But you are very dear to me Jerant, surely you noticed. You are my best friend, my brother..." He paused, making sure he had the man's attention. "Vulcans have a word for the bond we is very hard to describe but I am certain you would understand."

Jerant nodded. "t'hy'la," he answered softly, "beloved, brother, friend. All and much more." He swallowed. "I should've told you, but now you know. And I don't know what to do now."

"You acknowledge your feelings, accept that I cannot be more than your brother, and find someone who will return your feelings as you want them to be returned." Savin reached for the tray of food. "Chef helped me select this," he continued, changing the subject back to the reason he had come this early in the first place. "I even found chocolate. I do not know if you are allowed to eat all this but I reasoned that while you were severely injured, there is nothing wrong with your stomach, and you do need the energy to recover."

Managing a small smile, the injured man nodded. "Thank you. we need to discuss this again?"

"No, we need not unless you wish to. not kiss me again?" Savin smiled, reaching to carefully squeeze his shoulder. "I have duties to attend to. Right now your only duty is to recover and get back onto your feet as soon as possible. I will come by again later." Turning, Savin made sure he had his back fully turned in indication for Jerant that he was leaving. While still receptive to telepathic thought, he would no longer see anything said or any gestures made, thereby hopefully sparing his best friend any further embarrassment. Still a little confused by the confession, Savin left sickbay and headed to his own office.

Lieutenant Savin, PsyD
Chief Counsellor
USS Firebird

Jerant van Rijn
Counsellor's Aide
USS Firebird
pnpc Savin


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Comments (1)

By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Tue Sep 26th, 2017 @ 7:58pm

Jerant must be on some loopy pain meds to lower his inhibitions so far. :) In his Vulcan fashion, Savin wanted to address and solve it right away. At least the air is cleared between them now. Hopefully, Jerant can move on and be happy as t'hy'la.