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Stranded in Sickbay

Posted on Sun Aug 6th, 2017 @ 1:48pm by Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kalel & Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok & Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Emily Mox & Crewman Essen Trej & Jillian Mox
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Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1130 Hours


Do you live here? Really, I want to know. You just sleep on one of the biobeds in the back when the infirmary is closed,
don't you?
L'Nel grinned to himself at the memory of Trej's words and finished straightening the blankets on his bed. He'd pointedly scheduled the next day off for himself, the same day Beddite would be off the ship for her own vacation, to Trej's chagrin. Now, with the entire day ahead of him, L'Nel was unsure what to do, but buoyant. Perhaps he had spent too much time in sickbay recently. He could stop in on JJ, perhaps with flowers to return the favor. After a sonic shower.

Thankfully, he was transported before he was able to undress, so he only arrived in sickbay in his pajamas.

Surprised and confused, the doctor looked around at the other people in sickbay, including others who looked as though they'd been transported in unexpectedly. "Has there been a teleporter malfunction?"

The first few days had been hectic for Savin; getting used to new surroundings, deciding whether or not to let his co-workers know that he had a handicap, and allowing his assistant the freedom to pursue the odd interest of his own. With the Firebird still docked to Empok Nor, Savin understood that most of the crew was actually still enjoying a much deserved leave even if it was a short leave.

Taking advantage of this, Savin had taken a day off himself and had used most of the morning to decorate his new quarters. Finding a paint-job oddly relaxing he didn't mind at all being covered in the soft pastels he had chosen for his personal space. Looking at the time, he frowned. He was supposed to meet with Jerant for lunch and he wasn't going to show up covered in paint. He quickly dressed down and tossed the dirty clothes into the reclamator, then stepped into the shower.

He was just done and had just wrapped a large towel around his waist when he felt the tell tale tingle of a transporter grabbing him. Disoriented, and dripping wet, the Vulcan found himself re-appearing in the middle of sickbay. He shook his head, droplets of water flying everywhere as he tried to get his bearings. "What..." he started, as his eyes fell on the chief medical officer, who was, apparently, dressed in his sleeping wear. "Doctor?" he queried, "what is going on?"

Power flickered in the room, and forcefields shimmered to life at the door to sickbay. L'Nel went to the computer panel, tying his teal robe closed over his shorts as he walked. "Computer, is there an emergency aboard?"


"Haadok to the bridge."

Silence. L'Nel glanced over to Savin. "This seems to be more than a simple accident."

Unaware of the computer's answer, Savin just stared first at the doctor, then towards the door, and then back at the doctor. "Did we just get locked in?" he asked as he carefully walked back towards the door, one hand holding a firm grip on the towel. He walked backwards so he could keep his eyes on L'Nel, seeing him speak. "Doctor I request you resort to telepathic communication with me. I know from Jerant that you are capable and in this situation it may be safer for both of us as I may not have eyes on you at all times."

"Ah, of course. Apologies." L'Nel directed an echoing thought to Savin. 'The computer did not respond. I believe there is a shipwide problem; too many variables are coinciding to be coincidence.'

Savin reached the door and gently reached out, his fingers barely touching the field as he felt the electric charge surge through them. He yanked his hand back and nodded. "We cannot leave through this door," he observed. "Is there somewhere I can...dress?" Savin hoped he could replicate something, even if it was just a shirt and shorts.

Sitting on a biobed, Kalel slid off gently. His sprained ankle was still sore from a rougher than he would admit Parrises Squares match with Rhesha, but Nurse Mox had soothed the lancing pain with a hypospray before the lights had gone off. He took a careful limping step and then another more confident one. Kalel opened his mouth to direct Savin to one of the private patient rooms where he would find a flattering selection of patient gowns: open back or open front.

Suddenly three commbadges chirped in unison.

L'Nel and Savin had no communicators, and L'Nel turned on Kalel, who had limped closest to them. "Is that the bridge?"

Unable to see what was said, Savin left them for a moment, grabbed a tube of surgical glue along the way and disappeared for a couple of minutes.

Kalel gaped at Doctor Haadok for a second, his nerves fluttering in the uncomfortable spotlight. He'd become a reporter so he could hide safely behind questions, not stand in front of them. "I d-d-don't--" Kalel scowled at himself, frustrated. Important things were always the hardest to say, especially when everyone was staring at him. Kalel tapped his commbadge and focused his eyes on the wall. He'd made it through verbal presentations in college--barely--he could make it through this. The commbadge squeaked plaintively and opened a staticky channel. "H-hello? Captain? This is, uh, Sickbay."

"Hello? This is Emily. I'm right near you! Are you coming out here? It is kinda dark and I don't like it so much," Emily said.

Jillian had been content to stay in the background and let the officers handle things but hearing Emily's voice changed that. She rushed over to Kalel and spoke towards his chest. "Emily! This is mommy. Go back to our quarters and stay there. You can't get into sickbay. There's a forcefield.

"I am NOT going back to the quarters, mommy. They are dark and boring. I'm looking for Yumi. Is she there?"

Jillian gritted her teeth. "No she is not here, Emily. Now you listen to me..."

"Mox OUT!" The line went dead. Kalel tapped his commbadge a couple of times, but it didn't reconnect.

When Savin came back, he had gotten himself dried up and turned a few blankets into a makeshift skirt and poncho using the surgical glue. Feeling less exposed now, he rejoined the others. "What happened?" he asked, while studying their faces.

Turning to face the Chief Counselor, Kalel took in Savin's improvised outfit. It was probably more comfortable than a patient gown, and it definitely covered more. "Emily Mox just called us from outside in the hall. S-she said she is looking for someone, and then r-ran off." Kalel glanced at the girl's mother Jillian as she lifted a trembling hand to her forehead, her face pulled tight between worry for and exasperation with her daughter.

Following his gaze, Savin sighed softly. "I will take care of her, you two find a way out." Resting his hand briefly on the petty officer's shoulder, the young Vulcan walked over to the woman. He could sense her concern easily enough. "We will get out," he assured her, "My name is Savin, what is yours?"

"I'm Jillian Mox. I'm a nurse here," she said and wandered over to the main entrance into sickbay. "And my five year old daughter is out running around this ship by herself."

L'Nel felt the mother's distress, and was himself concerned... though he briefly wondered if Emily might be the one who had caused their current predicament. No, this is too well-coordinated even for her.

"Ma'am.." Savin knew she had said something but as she walked away there was no way for him to tell. He had no other alternative but to inform the others of his handicap. "I cannot understand you if you walk away, I am deaf." He truly felt handicapped without Jerant now....

He did sense her distress so he followed her toward the door, reaching to touch her arm. "Jillian," he started again, using her first name now. "Are you alright?"

Jillian looked back a the Chief Counselor. "Oh. You think I am worried about Emily? I'm not. I am worried about everyone she runs into. She is a very... determined girl and can be something of a force of nature." She smiled. "Emily will be just fine. But thank you."

Vaguely disappointed when Savin drew Jillian away, Kalel let out the breath he had been holding to unconsciously puff his chest out. He was "wiry" and needed all the help he could get in that department. Kalel glanced tentatively at Doctor Haadok. This was exactly where he never wanted to be. He tried to ignore his instinct to stand back in the shadows and imagine what would make for a good expose later. What would an intrepid reporter do?

"Should we find a w-way out of here, sir, or some way to communicate again?"

L'Nel seemed to still be examining the door with a small frown of concentration. "Whatever is happening on the ship, it is likely others are also in distress. Sickbay will be a gathering destination for others, along with the bridge and mess hall, and security. There will likely be injuries," if previous experience with this ship was anything to go on. "Do we have control of the medical systems?" he mused, and went to a terminal not associated with the door. It responded to his requests for medical files and scans, but released a negative beep when he asked again for the bridge or tried any other system outside medical.

At the doctor's expectation, Nurse Trej moved swiftly to prime the biobed systems for a sudden influx of emergency cases. Kalel side-stepped out of the way. He felt queasy and wondered if he would be one of the doctor's patients again soon. Would there be blood? He really hoped there would not be blood. "I know CPR and... J-just CPR."

So many emotions.... Savin sighed to himself as he struggled to keep himself calm and collected. He was always prepared for something, but he definitely wasn't prepared for this. Leaving the woman for a moment, he walked over to the reporter. "Perhaps you should sit down," he suggested quietly, "will you be alright? Is there anything I can do to help you? I am a counselor..."

"Command not recognized." The computer's voice continued to drone in the background, denying L'Nel's attempts. The doctor stopped to tap his fingers softly on the console and examine the room--the suite of rooms. The chaotic emotional grids surrounding him were distracting, but he trusted Savin to keep everyone as calm as possible.

Kalel looked at Savin in relief. "Thank you. I'll be okay. I feel useless, b-but that happens a lot. It's hard to keep up with this ship." His stomach settled a bit as he took the chance to stop thinking about what gruesome fates his crewmates were meeting. Maybe they were all okay? The kid seemed to be just fine. His guts churned again. He'd expected it to be exciting to report from the Cardassian Sector but not quite this exciting.

"I doubt you are useless," Savin offered, "you would not be here if you were. Tell me about what your assignment is here." He smiled softly. "Remember to look at me when you speak otherwise I will not understand..."

"Computer, prep surgery." L'Nel straightened from the console and strode past Kalel and Savin to the surgical bay.

Kalel watched the doctor pass beside them and then turned back to the counselor. "I'm a reporter. Or I hope to be. I do all the PR and social m-media for the Firebird." His lips spread in a thin smile as a thought struck him. "I'm a spin doctor, and I have a f-feeling I'll have a lot of work to do after this, uh, incident? Hmm, that's too suspicious... Readiness exercise? Does that sound normal and not alarming?"

The dark-skinned man swayed in the arms of the inertial dampers as the Firebird jumped to warp speed. He looked at Savin with wide eyes. "Did you feel that? W-we're at warp."

Savin nodded gravely. "Yes, I felt that." He tilted his head a fraction as he studied the man. "You are very nervous about this," he observed, "would it help you, to perhaps write on an article for your agency? Perhaps you could write about your observations, or ask the crew here a few questions? Without getting in the way, of course."

Kalel's brow lifted. Maybe he could get some great quotes in the heat of the moment. Excitement replaced his dread. Kalel drew his thumb recorder from his pocket and squeezed it on. "T-that's a great idea!" He hurried after the doctor. "Excuse me, Lieutenant--"


Lieutenant Savin Psy.D
Chief Counselor
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Crewman Essen Trej
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Jillian Mox
NPC (by Captain Llwyedd)
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 3rd Class Kalel
Media Relations Officer
NPC (by Yumi Han)
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Emily Mox
NPC (by Captain Llwyedd)
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant JG Luka Stern on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 8:31pm

Awww, Emily will save us all! Nice post, all. I like getting to know Kalel better. Oh boy is he going to be a handful :D

By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 12:53pm

It's interesting to see the connecting events layer up from one JP to another JP. The last one had Max joining in an AI battle. This one has Emily on the loose and the ship jumping to warp. We haven't seen the end of either of those two things yet! :)

Good thing Savin was there to counsel people so L'Nel can get his Sickbay prepped for the inevitable flood of patients to come...