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Chief Counselor's Personal Log #2 - The Weight of Expectation

Posted on Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 7:18pm by Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D.

As we begin to provide assistance to the people of Quinor VII, even without psionic abilities, I can sense the weight of expectation and apprehension amongst the crew. This is what we have all trained for and have been preparing for, but finally, the moment is here. Now is the time where we must move beyond sincere words and let our actions speak for themselves.

Of course, just like the Academy cadet is constantly reminded fieldwork doesn't quite go the way it's described in books or holodeck scenarios, we are all being reminded our sincere desire to help will not be enough to overcome the suspicion and grief these people have a right to feel. Ensign Luka Stern has been instrumental in helping to ensure we get off on the right foot in our interactions, and I am personally grateful for her expertise, as I know no amount of compassion presented by the medical and mental health teams would be enough to allow the settlers to accept help and save face at the same time. This mission underscores our obligation to not just assist, but to do no harm in the process. This means accepting that 'harm' will always be defined according to the people we're helping, not by us. Emotionally speaking, I know the reality is, more often than not, I will have to help the crew accept feelings of helplessness and feeling as though things were left incomplete to some degree because what we wish to provide will not always be welcomed the way we anticipate, as the people of Quinor VII are so aptly showing us.

Besides eagerly anticipating the time when hopefully our full-scale medical teams will be allowed to beam down and all the training and cross training I and others have provided will be more than an academic exercise, I think the crew is still processing our recent battle on some level. Certainly, the Captain and Lieutenant Keys won't easily forget it.

I expect the pace of the mission may keep any lingering anxiety at bay for a time, but I intend to check in with them as soon as the best opportunity presents itself. Adrenaline and a sense of purpose can only take one so far, and as the Captain so prophetically said upon our first meeting, it will be critical for the members of my department to ensure our first responders aren't left with mental wounds that will hinder their progress in the future.

Hopefully, the Captain won't be regretting he ever said those words by the time we talk.


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Comments (1)

By Commander Yumi Han on Mon Jun 26th, 2017 @ 5:37pm

This is again insightful. Having already read the mission posts from Quinor VII, these concerns and many more are going on with the crew to keep Doc Morrison busy now. :)