Lieutenant Jamia Kaar

Name Jamia Kaar
Position Chief Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 120
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Sepia
Physical Description Jamia is fit and trim and often seems to be taller than she actually is by the way she carries herself - head up and shoulders back, projecting confidence and always moving with a purpose. On duty her uniform is meticulous, and she will occasionally don a lab coat if heavily involved in an experiment. Off duty her wardrobe is a bit subdued by Betazoid standards, if still colorful. Her long, dark hair is alternately worn up or down or occasionally styled - it all depends on her mood that day.


Spouse Sarah Andrews (divorced)
Children Casey Andrews-Kaar (adopted son)
Father Aaris Kaar
Mother Leerra Kaar
Other Family Esrum Kaar (uncle)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jamia is a skilled and caring physician who is returning to Starfleet after an extended leave of absence to be with her family. With the graduation of her son and the end of her marriage, she is focused once more on pursuing her career (although she did continue to practice medicine while on leave). Part of this return is a renewed focus on herself, personally as well as professionally, and she is excited to see where this new chapter in her life will lead
Strengths & Weaknesses Honesty - perhaps in part to her Betazoid upbringing, Jamia has a deep respect for and expectation of honesty and openness. While she knows the value of medical confidentiality, she has no use for deception and evasiveness.
Equipment repair - an unexpected skill she developed on Tiberius Colony where maintenance staff and supplies were not Starfleet quality; she’s learned to improvise when needed and get a job done.
+/- Telepathy/Empathy - Jamia meditates regularly to keep up her mental barriers so she can both respect the privacy of others and not be overwhelmed by the extreme thoughts and emotions present in emergency situations. However, she can call upon these abilities when needed.
Fear of heights
Responsibility - while not a perfectionist, Jamia believes in doing more than her fair share of the work. She knows how to delegate, but will often hold herself to a higher standard than others
Ambitions To return her focus to herself and her career as an officer
Hobbies & Interests Meditation, hiking, swimming, camping, mystery holo-novels

Character History

Personal History Jamia was born into a family of Cavat farmers in the village of Condar, an agricultural community on Betazed. Her parents were pleasant and simple people, far removed from the high culture of the planet and famous houses. She enjoyed her childhood and developed her lifelong love of the outdoors, along with the simple activities she could enjoy on her own to relax and recharge. Condar was home to a hospital were her uncle Estrum worked as a doctor. In her teenage years she would volunteer, and discovered her calling to the practice of medicine. When the time came, she applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Although she fell in love with the Academy in SanFrancisco, her early years away from home were difficult due to the outbreak of war. Betazed was occupied by the Dominion, and as a new cadet, all she could do was invest herself in her studies and hope for the best. When her home planet was liberated, the joy was tempered by the loss of her uncle. She redoubled her efforts at the Academy, wishing to honor his memory in her own career as a doctor.

While not at the top of her class, Jamia still graduated with honors and found her career quickly advancing. Her strong focus, attention to detail, and intuition made her a natural in the field and her superiors took notice. Once reassigned to the USS Rhapsody, she was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer and rose to the challenge. It wasn’t without some difficulty, as she also suffered her first major loss as an officer: while on an away team, she and her colleagues were trapped in a cave in. Two of her shipmates were gravely injured, and despite her best efforts, they died from complications before they could be rescued. It was a sobering moment, and a reminder that not every patient can be saved. Her time aboard Rhapsody also had high points, including meeting a civilian scientist named Sarah Andrews during the course of a different mission. The two were instantly smitten with one another, but duty saw them part ways for a time. They did remain in touch, and the seeds of their future relationship were planted.

Promoted to full Lieutenant, Jamia found herself reassigned as the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Mariner. Though her first year aboard was rockier than she would have liked, Jamia found her footing and her place. She had begun a bit of a long distance relationship with Sarah, and when an opening for a specialist aboard Mariner became available, Sarah applied and was accepted. She brought along her son Casey from her first marriage, which ended when Casey was only two years old. The romance between Jamia and Sarah blossomed, and the pair were married in 2387.

Shortly after the wedding, Sarah was offered a position as Head of Research at the remote Tiberius Colony. It would be a long term assignment, and it was Sarah’s dream job. Neither woman wished to separate the family, and after long consideration, Jamia decided to request an extended leave of absence so they could all stay together. The colony was thrilled to obtain a physician of Jamia’s training and experience, and so in late 2389, the doctor left Starfleet and made the transition to civilian life.

Life at the colony was wonderful at first, though it was always a challenge. Sarah flourished in her role and Jamia kept busy, mostly as a general practice provider but always on hand for emergencies. Casey grew and developed his own talents as a musician, and as the colony’s hospital administrator aged, Jamia found herself absorbing more of his responsibilities. That may be when the couple started to grow apart, although neither could be certain. While still fiercely devoted to their son, Jamia and Sarah slowly realized they had changed, and accepted that perhaps the relationship had run its course. They decided to separate in 2394, with Jamia wishing to stay on until Casey had completed his initial schooling.

Casey did graduate, and left to study music on Earth. Finding a replacement for herself at the colony, Jamia bid farewell and accompanied him. She returned to Starfleet Headquarters and was reinstated, with orders to be stationed at DS9 to refamiliarize herself with Starfleet Medical procedure and protocol pending reassignment.
Service Record 2373-2377 Starfleet Academy
2377-2381 Starfleet Medical
2381-2382 USS Ohio, Cheyenne Class, Medical Officer, promoted Lt. JG
2382-2383 USS Rhapsody, Nebula Class, Medical Officer
2383-2385 USS Rhapsody, Nebula Class, Assistant Chief Medical Officer, promoted Lt.
2385-2388 USS Mariner, Intrepid Class, Chief Medical Officer
2389-2395 ELOA, Tiberius Colony
2395-2395 DS9, temporary duties awaiting reassignment
2395- USS Firebird, Dilligent Class, Chief Medical Officer

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