Ensign Brittany Carver

Name Brittany Anne Carver
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Vulcan
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 160
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Pale
Physical Description This 5'10" Terran wouldn't look out of place in a Gap catalouge. Leggy and fresh-faced, it's possible that she hasn't been out of the Academy for long. Her blonde hair is cut short and swept across her forehead, covering her ear on one side, The other ear is bare, and raises to a soft and faint crest at the top. A pair of inquisitive blue eyes set in an otherwise unremarkable face contrast neatly with her rosy complexion.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ethan Huxton-Carver (58)
Mother Angela Carver (81)
Brother(s) Ethan Huxton-Carver Jr (19)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grand-ma-ma T'Saeih (165)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brittany is remarkably well adjusted despite her Vulcan and Human ancestry. Friendly but somewhat introverted, she took the epithet of 'space cadet' and made it a career. Though she can come off as somewhat aloof and irreverent, she is thoughtful and considerate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Aloof - "Yeah. I couldn't tell if she just had her head in the clouds, or she didn't ever see that I was there, waving her hands in front of her face," reports Carver's old bunkmate at the Academy. "Maybe she didn't care about me, or think that I was worth her time, or something. Ugh. When I asked her when she planned on taking out the trash, she just stared at me with this slack-jawed look on her face. It drove me /crazy!/"

Irreverent - "As much of a headache she was during finals week, refusing to contribute to study group....well, she never got too serious or worried about stuff," says the Orgo Chem class of 2372's TA. "When we were discussing fluidic dynamics, she stood up from the table, grabbed her double-carmel-frap and said that it was time for a physics lesson. She...." the Aide blushes, "Well, the next thing we knew, we were all blowing bubbles using a pan of dish soap and whippits from the cafeteria. It was the best time I'd had all semester."

Suspicious - "You know the Groundskeeper, right?" asks Professor Aldora of Astrometrics, "She was /absolutely/ convinced he was spying on her in the shower after she found him cutting the hedges outside the ladies' locker rooms. He's the most charming little old man; wouldn't even hurt a fly. But every time she'd see him on campus, she'd sneer at him. I think I heard she even followed him around to see if she was right about the locker room."

Competitive - "It didn't matter what subject, which sport, whose boyfriend it was," says Carver's sister, "she had to be /better than you/. Lacrosse, yoga, polo, chemistry, literature...she was unbeatable. She pissed a lot of people off. I think that's why she stopped being so popular. People figured it out; she saw friends as someone sees a mile marker. If you were good at something, she'd immediately try and be better at it just to piss you off."

Savant - "When they're around the ages of six or seven, some kids get really into something like....I don't know, dinosaurs. That kid will be an absolute expert on dinosaurs," reports Carver's mother, who lives just outside of San Francisco. "Brittany was like that about the night sky. Antares, Orion, the Perseids. She had everything memorized. As she grew older, it expanded into planets, anomalies, instabilities and boundaries. Maybe that's why she joined Starfleet--just to be closer to something she....well, either she loved, or she obsessed over."
Ambitions "My biggest ambition...?" Brittany mused, caught off-guard by the Starfleet recruiter's question. "Well...I guess either to build a unicorn sanctuary or to find a planet with a really warm climate where you can see an emission nebula in the sky during the daytime."
Startled, the recruiter replied, "Brittany, unicorns are mythical creatures...."
"Minor setback."
Hobbies & Interests Paper folding, small rodentia, Astrometrics, Akido, "really cool rocks".

Character History

Personal History As told by Brittany:
"I am Brittany Lee Carver, first and only child of Angela and Ethan Huxton-Carver. My home planet is Vulcan but we moved to Earth when Mother enrolled me at Surval Montreux, a finishing school for girls. I had to leave my hamster at home; his name was Herbert and I kind of miss him.

My ears are pointed, apparently. I get a lot of questions about them. I'll have to put a stop to that. You can only take being pointed at, and being asked 'what are you', for so long. Mom is half Vulcan. It doesn't affect me...I bleed red. BFD.

I didn't want to leave Vulcan. I had a lot of friends there and Earth sucks and it is always cold. Mother said that it was easier for us to live on Earth and for Dad when he traveled. He's some sort of trade ambassador with the Ferengi, I guess. Big deal. But at least from our new place on Earth, I have a pretty good view of the stars. I collect stars. I know they all have official names, designations, classes...but I collect them. Each bit of information on each little one. Anomalies, too. I've been getting into mapping lately. I like to see how far it is between each of them and what is in the way. I like to think about what will happen when they meet someday, and what their energy signatures would feel like if they were close, and warm, and fuzzy.

I joined Starfleet so I could fly a starship. I trained with flitters in when I was little, back on Earth. They won't let you go high enough. I'd like to go just a bit higher. Plus, Starfleet could probably use my brain. They don't look like they have much to work with right now."
Service Record None, recent SA grad.

Player History

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