Master Sergeant Robert Schiano

Name Robert Anthony Schiano
Position First Sergeant
Rank Master Sergeant
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Schiano is a broad shouldered big man. He usually has a smile on his face. He is extremely fit and muscular. He has a V shape and is barrel chested. Most if not all of his strength is in his arms. He as two tattoos one on each of his biceps. On his right arm is a horse carved into a panel of wood with the seal of the Starfleet Marine Corps below it. On his left arm is the New York City skyline of old. (circa 2000). He speaks with an old style New York accent.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Dominic Schiano
Mother Irene Schiano
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lisa Schiano - School Teacher on Earth
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Robert is a nice guy in every sense of the word. He speaks with a thick New York Italian accent. He is an EVAC Specialist and as such a trained and skilled pilot. When flying his call sign is Meatball. This was earned while in flight school because of the accent. He has the ability to take any officer and bring them down to earth with his easy going ways. Robert has not had a serious relationship in sometime as most women do not understand that he is married to the corps first. He is supremely loyal to fellow marines, and by extension officers of the fleet. Although he has a tendency to poke fun at members of Starfleet, he likes the rivalry. In relation to those under his command he is known to be tough but fair. He would never ask anyone to do something that he would not do.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Easy going
+ Mission Oriented
+ Capable of holding his breath for an extended period of time
+ Thinks outside the box

- A bit of a ladies man
- Sometimes to over cautious
- Paranoid
- Overconfidence
Ambitions Does not admit that he is lonely and his strongest ambition is to meet someone and get married, have kids, etc. That is his only personal ambition. Outside of that he wants to serve the corps to the best of his ability. He is considering going to OCS to become and officer.
Hobbies & Interests Horseback riding, you will find him on a holodeck whenever he can riding. His favorite trails are on the plains of the US and in the Highlands of Scotland. He also enjoys poker, the occasional cigar, whiskey and wine when he can get them. When he is on a planet that allows Robert enjoys hunting, but he never hunts for sport. He hunts for meat, leather and uses the animal that he kills.

Character History

Personal History Robert Schiano grew up in New York City. His childhood was rather normal for a child of such upbringing, with no unusual happenings occurring for most of his first 17 years of life. While he spent a good majority of his time playing sports, and otherwise working out, Robert also spent a good portion of his time in libraries, studying Earth history, mainly the history of Earth wars and how they were ended.

At the age of 18 with the encouragement of his parents Robert enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps. He chose the Marines over the fleet because the camaraderie and physicality reminded him of home. During two years of Marine Training Robert showed remarkable skill for managing personnel and improvisation. His piloting skills were surprisingly developed for someone so young with little to no training, and his ability to make his superiors think before they act was the subject of much admiration.

Upon leaving Advanced Training, Private Schiano was assigned to Camp Kalkirk as infantry and Marine pilot. Then Lt Colonel Brian Gentry saw potential in the fresh faced young Private. The two while off duty bonded, and Brian taught Robert much. While on assignment the Lieutenant Colonel was cut off from the rest of the unit. Robert risked his life and with the help of three other Privates affected rescue of the Lt Colonel. Robert was promoted to the rank of Private First Class for his heroism.

Robert was then transferred to serve aboard the USS Tomahawk. This was his first interactions with Starfleet Naval personnel. His CO on the Tomahawk instilled a respect for the Navy, however, he also fostered a rivalry with "fleeters" While on the Tomahawk Robert served as the EVAC specialist for his team and it was here that he excelled. His quick thinking and original ideas saved his unit from more than one tight situation. He was promoted three times during his time on the Tomahawk and when it came time for reassignment he was a Sergeant.

Robert was then assigned to the USS Ticonderoga and this time he was given a Squad of 12 Marines to command. Robert always laughed at the thought the Marines were commanded. His belief was to lead by equality. It was something that his former CO First Lieutenant Patton had taught him. Robert always listened to his Marines and then made a decision that was best for all of them and the success of the mission. It was on the Roga that he began to have the ambition to marry. He had quite a few girlfriends during his service on the Roga. However, most of the women did not want to share him with the corps.

During his time on the Ticonderoga Robert was promoted three more times. With the rank of Master Sergeant Robert had to leave his beloved Roga for Empok Nor in the Trivas System. It was there that he was to meet is new CO First Lieutenant Jack Cunningham to serve as his First Sergeant aboard the USS Firebird.
Service Record 2374 - Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps
Jan 2375 - April 2375 - Marine Corps Recruit Facility: MCRD Lympstone, Earth
May 2375 - July 2375 - SFMC Parris Island - School of Infantry
August 2375 - September 2375 - SFMC Parris Island - Marine Combat Training
September 2375 - September 2377 - SFMC Parris Isalnd - Specialty Training/Flight School/Anti Aerospace Warfare
September 2377 - Commissioned SFMC - Private
September 2377 - Garrison at Camp Falkirk - Infantry/Pilot
May 2379 - Promoted to Private First Class
June 2380 - Transferred to USS Tomahawk - Marine Pilot/EVAC Specialist
December 2382 - Promoted to Lance Corporal
November 2384 - Promoted to Corporal
February 2386 - Promoted to Sergeant
December 2387 - Transferred to USS Ticonderoga - Squad Commander/EVAC Specialist
May 2389 - Promoted Staff Sergeant
September 2391 - Promoted Gunnery Sergeant
May 2394 - Promoted Master Sergeant
June 2394 - Transferred to USS Firebird - First Sergeant - Master Sergeant

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