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Ensigns and Ensigns [CD]

Posted on Tue Mar 24th, 2020 @ 10:12pm by Emily Mox & Ensign Brittany Carver

Mission: Interlude 4
Location: Messhall
Timeline: 22 February, 2395 - 1200 Hours


Emily walked into the messhall for lunch, looked around and frowned. There were entirely too few people on the ship right now. She missed some of her friends, Jackson and Gantt and Gia. Gia's departure had really made her sad. But her mommy said that maybe they would be able to visit her on Earth sometime. Emily had recorded a very long message and sent it off right away.

The only person who looked at al interesting was pretty blonde lady in uniform. Emily tried to place her but couldn't. There were a lot of new people coming aboard the Firebird lately. And people leaving. She thought of Yumi's departure and quickly shoved that away. She made her way to the replicator, ordered a cheeseburger, french fries and some water. She walked over to where the ensign was sitting and slid into the chair across from her.

"Hi! I'm Emily Mox. Who are you?" Emily said.

For a moment Brittany believed she had lost her mind. A five year old aboard a starship? She paused mid-sandwich. So many questions...would the replicator tell on her if Emily ordered french fries for lunch? Also, you can get french fries out of the replicator. "Hey," the Ensign responded kindly. "I'm Brittany. Nice to meet you." She had a way of speaking to the youngster that suggested she had been around children before, and didn't seem to have that condescending tone that some of the adults got at times. She put her sandwich back down on her plate and pointed briefly to the cheeseburger and fries. "I didn't know we could have that. Nice," she nodded, approvingly.

Emily scooped up her cheeseburger with one hand and some fries with the other. "It wasn't on the original menu! But I talked with Yumi and she added it for me, special," Emily said and took a big bite. She continued to talk with her mouth full. "Brittany is a nice name. I've got a dog named Rikris. He's great. So you're pretty new here? I know lots of people, including the captain. I used to think he was a bad captain but now I think that maybe he's not. My mommy says that is a sign that I am growing up. I don't know about that."

Note to self, Yumi is the one to talk to about menu additions. "Maybe. Why was he a bad captain before? And yes, I'm new here," Carver answered, resuming with the previous sandwich and not appearing too bothered by a youngling talking with their mouth full.

Emily took another bite, chewed and swallowed before responding. "Well, when we first moved onto the ship he made a lot of bad choices. People are always getting hurt. My mommy fixes them up and sends them back into the grinder," Emily said and then cocked her head. "Not sure where the grinder is on the ship. But then we crashed the ship real bad. I was scared but Gia and I took care of each other. She's one of my best friends. But she moved away to go to school and become an officer. So maybe you can be my new friend. What do you do?"

Quite the talker. A good match for the somewhat taciturn Ensign. Carver grimaced in disgust as she removed a too-thick onion slice from her meal. "I'm in Security--I make sure people and things do what they're supposed to do. Not as exciting as Gia. But I can be your friend if you want. What do you do with your friends here?" I mean, there's only so much trouble a six year old can get up to on a starship.

"Sometimes I work in engineering. I haven't worked in security. Although I did sneak Yumi a phaser when she was in the brig. She yelled at me!" Emily said with a shocked face. "There aren't other kids on the ship right now. I've heard there might be soon, which would be great." She took a few bites, looked around the messhall and then back at Carver. "If we are gonna be friends, maybe you should tell me where you come from and stuff. My mommy is a nurse and my daddy... well he's off on an adventure somewhere."

The brief mention of a child possessing a phaser momentarily alarmed the Ensign, who blanched in response before the young lady continued her stream of consciousness chat. "Adventures are great. That's nice to hear for your dad. I'm from Vulcan...not many adventures there, but it's nice and warm. I moved to Earth when I went to school for Starfleet. Are you from Earth too?"

Emily stopped eating and scrunched up her face. "I don't know where I'm from. My nana lives in Earth and we live there sometimes. My daddy lives out in the stars where he's adventuring. I guess I'm from all over. But I like it here so I'll say I'm from the Firebird. This is my family. What about you? You have family?" Emily said and then stuffed a handful of fries into her mouth.

'All over' seemed a good answer as any, and earned an understanding nod from the Ensign. "I have a mom and a dad, and grandma and a brother. Do you count pets if you're talking about family? I have a hamster too. He's nice. I worry about him being lonely in space so I try to play with him before I go on shift." At least he was easy to replicate for.

"I've never had a hamster. Do they like to play with dogs? Rik ris would be a good friend I think. He could visit your hamster when you are on shift." Emily said. A serious look on her face. "I know people get lonley by themselves. Animals do too. I climbed through the jeffries tubes when Yumi was in jail. She got out later but I know she was happy to see me." The little girl finished her hamburger and picked up a fry as she chewed. Her mouth was smeared with grease as she smiled with her mouth closed.

What an odd idea, an officer in jail? It wouldn't have been appropriate to ask a kid why an adult was in jail. The notion drew another stray crease of Carver's brow, before it easily disappeared. "If you want we could play fetch with your dog in the holodeck sometime. I've got to get back to my shift, though. Thanks for having lunch with me." Having finished her plate, she left the rest of the napkins for Emily. Maybe she'd use them.

"Ok! See you later. Ice cream is tomorrow. Maybe I will see you again," Emily said and waved.


Emily Mox
Food Critic
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Brittany Carver
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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Comments (2)

By Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan on Thu Mar 26th, 2020 @ 8:09pm

Emily says she "works" in engineering and doesn't count Harlan as a friend? OUTRAGEOUS!

By Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt on Mon Mar 30th, 2020 @ 10:23am

So good to see Emily in action again. It's fun to watch Carver getting a 5-yr-old's eye into the past of the Firebird. This one JP could lead to so many interactions with Carver, and that is one mark of a successful post. Well done.