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Security Standards [CD]

Posted on Thu Dec 5th, 2019 @ 10:48am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Commander Hansel (Hans) Friedrech & Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Edited on on Thu Feb 6th, 2020 @ 10:59am

Mission: Interlude 4
Location: Gym 1, Chief Security's Officer's Office, USS Firebird
Timeline: 19 February, 2395 - 1400 Hours


Commander Hansel Friedrech had finished painstakingly placing the final model of his 67 ship collection on a shelf in his quarters. It was the model of the Andorian Battle-Crusier Kumari, Hans had recently been to Andoria and was impressed by the ship that was docked in a space museum. Of course, that had been a replica as the original Kumari had been destroyed back in 2154. Hans' anxiety had finally subsided as he placed the last model of his collection, he was pleased to find only three of the delicate models in his collection had minor damage after the move and he easily repaired them before unpacking the rest of his belongings. Taking a step back he looked at the main wall in his living quarters three fourth of the wall full of shelves and his ships, 1:2500 scale of the originals, with an almost neurotic attention for detail. Each ship one that had crossed Hans path during his career.

With his room in order Hans could finally pay some due attention to his duties on the ship. Sitting at the small desk in his quarters he decided to go over the departments aboard the Firebird to get a feel for what was happening personnel wise. Flight Control and Science were both struggling for a ship with the capabilities of the Firebird, but Hans kept going back to the same screen, Security & Tactical. Hans had been a Security Officer for 20 years and on the Belmont Security and Tactical were two different departments. It was becoming more common for newer smaller vessels to merge the departments, but Hans wasn't sure how he felt about it. In Hans' mind being the Chief Security Officer aboard a Starfleet Vessel was a full-time job. How could one officer split there responsibilities?

"Computer, is Lieutenant Commander t'Aegis onboard the Firebird?"

"Yes. Lieutenant Commander t'Aegis is in the gym," the computer's pleasant voice announced.


"No, Xavi. You have to take a hold here and hit here," the chief of security and tactical explained to her ward, demonstrating her words at the same time with slow movements. The two Romulans were alone in the gym. Most of the crew had either left the vessel for shore leave or had other things to do than work out. It was a rare occurrence and Rhiana took advantage of it by teaching Xavi llaekh-ae'rl, the Romulan martial art. He seemed to like these lessons and he was quick to learn any new move she taught him, even if he still lacked a certain grace.

"Now, keep your legs slightly bent and shift your weight to your left leg." Rhiana observed Xavi imitating her stance and gave an approving nod. "Raise your right leg and kick at the kneecap." The young Romulan continued in slow-motion until his soft boot touched Rhiana's knee. She nodded again and took a step backwards to bring some distance between herself and the youth. "Attack me."

Xavi took a second to get ready before he attacked, a look of intense concentration on his young face. He loved hand-to-hand combat, even if Rhiana was a very demanding teacher. The latter defended herself easily enough and watched Xavi's movements with a critical eye. "Your jabs need to be hard and fast," she commented while he was trying and failing to hit her. "Do not forget the kick. Try to overthrow me."

In the end, it was Xavi who found himself winded on the ground with Rhiana towering over him. "Again."

Hans walked into the gym to find the Romulan Chief standing over the young Xavi. He had made it a point of going over the ships manifest and was well informed of Lieutenant Commander t'Aegis's ward. Seeing the mats laid out for hand to hand combat practice brought a smile to his face. Hans walked with a limp most days from an injury that he had continued to injure over the years, but he was no stranger to self defense. In fact Hans had become a master of Aikido, a Martial Art that used his opponents momentum against them. As Hans approached he felt his leg tense up.

"Good afternoon commander, I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time," Hans said.

Rhiana turned her head towards the unfamiliar voice. When she saw the stranger's face and rank insignia, she stood up straight and moved to turn fully towards him. Xavi jumped to his feet and came to stand next to Rhiana. They were both wearing identical clothes: sleeveless, black wrap-around tunics, equally black pants that were cut wider at the thighs while thin, black leather strings criss-crossed their lower legs to secure the pants' legs into place. Soft, black boots with very flexible soles completed the outfit.

"Of course, sir." She glanced sideways at her ward. "You may go, Xavi." The youth nodded and took a step to the side. He offered a brief bow first at the commander, then at Rhiana before he turned around and quickly left the gym.
Rhiana clasped her hands behind her back and made a mental note to instruct Xavi in proper bowing etiquette. Again.

"Welcome aboard, Commander. What can I help you with?"

"I was looking over your department and I thought perhaps you'd like to walk me through what you have set up. I'm concerned with Tactical and Security being one department on a ship like this and it looks like you are lacking an experienced officer to back you up as an assistant." Hans looked at the Lieutenant Commander and tried to measure the officer standing in front of him. "To be honest commander, I'm a little concerned it doesn't look like much attention has been paid to the security of the ship."

"What are you basing your observations on, commander?" Years and years of working on perfecting her self-control helped t'Aegis to utter that sentence in a professional tone of voice that was devoid of any emotion she might be experiencing. Her stance had not changed, though her expression appeared to be just a little less politely neutral and more stone-like.

Hans looked at his fellow officer and didn't know how to read her. "Well commander, I know the crew compliment is small at 100, but you have an ensign, a warrant officer, and a cadet in your department. I can't imagine you can single-handedly focus on the security of this ship and the tactical concerns. You don't even have an assistant to aid you." Hans rubbed his left leg. "I know this isn't a big ship, but on the Belmont I had security stations on every deck manned by at least 2 security personnel. I know your whole department is about 15 heads altogether, but this is a major concern."

Rhiana did not relax just yet, but she did feel just a little relieved. For a moment, she had thought that he was accusing her of under performing in her duties. "If you accompany me to my office, I can show you the duty roster," she replied in a more polite voice again and gestured towards the exit.

"After you commander," Hans leg was stiff and he limped behind her. Hans wasn't sure if he would be able to read Rhiana, he had very little experience dealing with Romulans, but he was excited to see the security office aboard the Firebird and perhaps learn how things were done on the ship.

"You cannot compare the USS Belmont with the Firebird," the Romulan explained while the two commanders walked through the mostly empty corridors. "The Belmont has thirty-three decks compared to the Firebird's eight and it has thirteen times the Firebird's crew complement." She paused as she let Friedrech enter the turbolift first. "The crew complement is the main reason why I do not require the same setup as you did. We operate under a standard three-shift roster so that an any given time, about one third of the crew will be asleep or resting and one third will be on duty."

The two officers arrived at Rhiana's office and once more, she let the executive officer enter first. Her office was a small space furnished with standard-issue items and very utilitarian. There were no favourite prints on the walls nor other decorative items on display anywhere. There was, however, an LCARS-display of the Firebird's deckplan that occupied a major part of the wall to the left of the door.

Rhiana walked towards it, pulled up the security department's duty roster in the corner of the screen so as not to overlap the display. "You were right in that my full staff complement is fifteen and currently, we are slightly understaffed. I am looking for an assistant and the cadet will be assigned to another department shortly. However, we also have twenty-five Marines who are assigned to assist security whenever necessary and they are part of the security duty roster. First Lieutenant Cunningham is a qualified bridge officer and is often manning the tactical console."

Hans was unimpressed by the size of the office. Being on a smaller ship would take some getting used to. Everything was smaller. The way they built the Firebird felt like small compartments joined together to form a larger vessel. Even standing in the small, spartan office made him think of how small the ship was. For a second the walls felt as though they would close in on him. The officer in front of him however, seemed to have a grasp of what was needed to maintain some semblance of control aboard the ship.

"I understand," Hans said. His attention turned to the screen again. "We definitely need to get you an experienced officer as your second. I will talk to the Captain to see if we can reach out to Starfleet and get the department staffed. I will reach out to the other departments to see if they can spare a few personnel to fill out your duty roster. I'm sure they are up for re-certification anyway. No reason we should have Marines involved in Starfleet business." Hans looked at the duty roster. "I'll setup a bravo roster and make it available to you. Thank you for taking the time to reassure my concerns commander. Please let me know if you need any help. I know she's a small ship but it doesn't mean we should rest on our laurels."

"With all due respect, sir, I do not want to fill my roster with scientists and engineers," Rhiana replied. "They have their own tasks and they are unreliable in possibly dangerous situations that require security training. The Marines, however, are highly trained and using them as additional security personnel not only makes sense but gives them a better purpose than if all they ever do is exercise."

Hans didn't like to be questioned especially in matters on security. A throbbing pain shot through his left leg as he calmed himself down. This is her department and her ship. I am new here, Hans thought to himself. "Marines train to breach and hold, not very many of them have any security training at all. A good security officer should be a diplomat and be able to measure a given situation and act appropriately. It's your call, my suggestion is pair the non security crew with one or more security crew and give it a shot. These scientists and engineers are going to be sent into sticky situations perhaps our departments can learn from each other."

Rhiana noticed the slight tremor in the commander's leg and filed the information away for later. It would be useful if they ever found themselves as adversaries in a fight. "You are right, Commander. It is my call." It was not a challenge, nor was she gloating or anything else that might be considered lack of respect. Indeed, her expression had not changed at all and would have made a Vulcan proud. "Unless you have further questions for me, sir, I need to get changed. My duty shift will begin shortly."

Hans frowned, in his mind he was simply trying to do what is best for the crew, but at the end of the day the commander had been chosen for the job and he would have to figure out how she worked. "Thanks for the attention commander, let me know if you need anything from me and I will do my best to help." He noticed how Rhiana kept her composure and while he didn't have a lot of experience with Romulans he knew it was uncharacteristic of the species. Hans limped to the door of the security office and as it opened he turned and looked at the chief. Stopping himself from saying anything else he stepped through the door PADD in hand. On to the next department, he thought to himself.


Commander Hansel Friedrech
Executive Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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By Warrant Officer Arlan Harlan on Fri Jan 24th, 2020 @ 10:09am

The posts with combat practice are always entertaining. Plus, I love how this one partially starts out with building a model ship!