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Big Shoes To Fill [CD]

Posted on Sat Jun 1st, 2019 @ 10:06am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Ensign Brittany Carver

Mission: Mission 5: Arising From the Ashes
Location: Empok Nor, Docking Ring 3
Timeline: 4 February, 2395 - 1000 hours


Kipp stood with his hands crossed behind his back, listening to the sounds of the other people around him. He especially enjoyed the sounds of the children. He missed their voices. On the Firebird Emily was the only child and she didn't count as much as one would have thought. Kipp saw the circular access point roll back and a trickle of passengers began to debark. He held back until he spotted the young looking human in yellow with the ensign rank. He slid through the slowly dispersing crowd until he reached her.

"Excuse me, sir," Kipp said. "Are you Ensign Carver? I'm Petty Officer Kipp Lak, Captain Llwyedd's Yeoman. He asked me to meet you here when you arrived."

The woman in question, duffel bag slung across one shoulder, didn't seem to realize that she'd been addressed at first, judging by the distracted look on her face. She appeared to be focused on a pylon that peeked out from the spaceport on the deck above theirs. Perhaps she's deaf? It wouldn't be unheard of. However, realizing that the crowd around her had dispersed, she settled her focus onto the man addressing her.

"Oh, hi. Yes, I'm Ensign Carver. Pleased to meet you," she replied, in an unhurried manner. Proving for certain that she was not daydreaming or hard of hearing, she placed one shiny boot in front of the other into Kipp's space and extended a hand.

Kipp took the offered hand, smiling in return. "Pleasure to meet you, sir. I understand that you're coming to the ship directly from the academy. Congratulations on that achievement. Captain Llwyedd used to teach there and our former Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Rhesha Th'kharia is a professor there now. May I show you to the ship?" Kipp said. His initial impression was a positive one. The ensign was young, of course, but she held herself with a calmness that he appreciated, even in a strange new surrounding after a long trip.

Alarmingly young. Her height was the only giveaway that she'd past the bulk of her adolescence. The remark about coming to the ship straight from the Academy either was unremarkable enough and therefore dismissed, or accepted as an expected result of her training. In either case, she made no acknowledgement of it, the still pools of her eyes remained filled with a pensive calm. "Professor Th'kharia, I think my friend had her....yes, let's do that," she added. For now, it would be good to know where she'd be going. Pizza slices on the promenade could wait until later.

Brittany followed the taller man where he led, pondering his rank on the way. Yeoman. Well, that's enlisted. He belonged to the Captain somehow. A job where you just got a person to help you out all the time would be....kind of neat, really. As they strode along the walkway, her chin tilted to the side in order for her to get a better look at the Cardassian-made station surrounding them. The angles were familiar. A Vulcan could have made it. Maybe they met somewhere along the line, this designer and some errant, Alpha Quadrant orphaned Vulcan.

Kipp navigated the promenade, pointing out the extra greenery. "Unlike DS9, the commander of Empok Nor has made it a point of emphasis to make the station more like a planet. We have plant life from twenty-three different systems. It makes the angles and metal a little less foreboding if you asking me," Kipp said. A group of school-aged children, human, Cardassian, Bajoran and others, walked by in an orderly line, lead by a severe-looking Vulcan woman.

"Empok Nor serves as a staging point for the Federation's relief efforts for the Cardassian Union. Even after all these years, they are unable to function completely on their own," Kipp said and guided the newest member of the crew down an access corridor off the side of the promenade. The wafting scent of flowers faded as they walked. "I think you will find the Firebird an interesting ship. Did you take a cadet cruise while you were in the academy?"

Pity. Those were nice flowers. A little like Earth's flowers. "I did, it was reeeeally dull. We sat outside of Jupiter for a few days and then went home. I guess it was to get people used to actually being in space instead of kind of being in space. But, I got a nice glimpse of Io to show for it." Carver quieted herself again as the Yeoman continued in his explanation of the local events, and remained cautious about the steps along the corridor.

"I can guarantee that we will see more than just some gas giants. The Firebird is the only ship of her type in the fleet. We respond to emergencies. Any kind of emergencies. We've got a sick bay equal to what you would find on an Akira class and the newest in protective measures, thanks to our unexpected six month refit," Kipp said. "Your timing is perfect, ensign. After our crash on Far Wanderer, the repairs basically mean you are coming aboard a new ship." They turned a corner and the round entryway lay in front of them. Two Marines, smartly dressed and armed, nodded at them and Kipp nodded back. "I'm bringing our new ensign to meet the captain," Kipp said.

The female marine, a short but very muscular woman, held up a datapad. "Corporal Sadler, sir," she said. "Standard procedure. I'm required to scan all new arrivals. Please place your palm on the datapad for DNA confirmation."

It was at that point, as the Ensign stood in front of the proffered datapad, that she and the marines surrounding her began to see that something was a little odd about this young woman, albeit in a subtle fashion. Carver brought her right hand to about belt level and made a grasping motion with her fingers, flexing the clean white leather guarding her palm. Feeling just a little like a bug ready to be 'examined' by its captor, Brittany laid her gloved hand flat upon the scanner in a quick motion and looked forward in a confident manner.

Corporal Sadler looked at Kipp and scrunched up her face. Kipp shrugged. He wasn't about to get involved in whatever was happening. He was a Yeoman, not a magician. Sadler returned her gaze to the ensign and painted an uncomfortable smile on her face.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to remove the glove. The reader isn't strong enough to scan through that kind of material. It needs direct access to your skin," Corporal Sadler said and waited to see what would happen. Officers are getting weirder every day, I swear the Marine corporal thought.

"Okayy...!" Carver breathed, in an irritated whine. She didn't really expect it to work after all, it's just that...ew. She tilted her head back and quickly rolled her eyes in an annoyed fashion as she tugged off the glove on her right hand. Underneath the leather, that hand looked...completely normal. Maybe a little on the soft side but nothing out of the ordinary. Placing it on the scanner, she unwittingly mimicked the marine's scrunched look. Gross, having to...touch things with her skin, it seemed to say. Maybe she could get this icky part done with if she just cooperated a little quicker.

Corporal Sadler helped the process along by pushing the datapad up until it touched the ensign's hand. It blinked green and Sadler smiled. "Welcome aboard, sir," she said and stepped aside.

Kipp walked forward, motioning for Ensign Carver to follow. He acted like nothing abnormal had happened as they entered the ship, emerging onto one of the main passageways.

"This is deck three," Kipp said in his tour-guide voice. "Your quarters will be here, along with a lot of the crew. Also on this deck are some science labs, the main shuttlebay, astrometrics and main communications. Don't worry, you can't really get lost on the Firebird we only have eight decks."

A bit of a flush formed on Carver's cheeks as the two of them returned to their tour. The ship really did look new...sparkling cool lights lit the interior of the long walkways, and the spring of carpeting underneath her feet gave her a certain pleasure to walk upon. "Eight decks to explore," she added, her embarrassment from before gracefully fading from her short-term memory. Passing enlisted and officers alike along the way, they too seemed satisfied with their newly repaired enclosures. "I get lost looking out of the window sometimes. But that's reassuring. Are there many people stationed here?"

"Not really. We are allowed twenty-five officers, fifty enlisted and twenty-five Marines. Of course, all of those positions aren't actually filled at all times. Right now we are at eighty-nine persons, including you," Kipp said as the reached the turbolift. He let the ensign get in first before following.

"Bridge," Kipp said and the turbolift slid upward. A moment later the doors opened again, revealing the newly refurbished bridge. Kipp had seen the transformation first hand from burned out shell to the gleaming room that was in front of them and it still was hard to believe. He stepped out, nodding to Lieutenant Cunningham who was the duty officer for Alpha shift.

"The captain's ready room is right over here," Kipp said. "Is there anything you would like to ask me before I announce you to him?"

A zillion questioned raced through the newly-minted Ensign's mind as she looked around the shining duranium bridge, abuzz with activity. Is it always like this? Where would they go, what would they see? Do the replicators just replicate parts and food? Could she really ask the computer /anything/? Unconsciously, she grasped the seam of her uniform at chest level and marveled for a moment. This is surely the 'big times' now. "No, I...thank you, Yeoman," returns Brittany, trying not to look too amazed at something she'd likely see every day on this ship.

Kipp nodded. "You'll do fine," he said and walked to the captain's ready room door. "Wait one moment please." The door opened and the yeoman stepped inside. He was gone for a few heartbeats and then the door opened again. "Please come in, Ensign Carver, Captain Llwyedd will see you now."

Malcom looked up as his new security officer stepped in. She was tall, with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He remembered how he'd felt on his first assignment right out of the academy. He stood out and held out his hand. "Ensign Carver, welcome to the Firebird."

The Captain seemed to have an air of seriousness about him, and Carver's subconscious responded in kind by snapping to a salute with the ease of her lanky limbs. It's only when she's locked in that automatic position that she entertained the possibility of this being a ship that people do not salute. Better to be over prepared, at least. "Thank you, sir. Pleased to be aboard." She surveyed him passively, as her arm dropped from the salute.

Malcom returned the salute and gestured to one of the open seats. "Please, sit, ensign," he said and followed suit. "I'm sure that your head is spinning with all of the transport and the nerves of reporting for duty for the first time. I want you to rest easy now that you are here on the Firebird. I'm not sure if you've read any of our past logs but we are a tight family. We work and play together because, well, there aren't a lot of us. Your department is especially small right now with Petty Officer Djokovic headed to the Academy. I don't suppose you ran into her?" Malcom said and described the powerhouse former security officer with the cybernetic eye.

Carver seemed to ponder the description with a folded lip but eventually shook her head. "If I did, it must have been in passing. The Academy is a big place. But yes sir, I've had a chance to review the logs. Names are starting to sound a little familiar, so it will be enjoyable to put faces to their entries." It sounded like the crew may miss their old petty officer. Hopefully, it won't breed into resentment. However awkward it would be to take the petty officer's place, it wouldn't faze Brittany, who was used to just being perpetually awkward.

"You're right, of course. It was a shot in the dark. You're stepping into her shoes, so naturally, people are going to compare the two of you. I want you to know that the people on this ship are good people. But they are still people and Gia was popular. I'm not saying they are going to be rude or anything, you just might have to give them a bit to get used to your style of things," Malcom said. He knew how hard it was to come onto an established ship and try to find your own place. He'd experienced that when he'd first become and XO. "You'll be reporting to Commander t'Aegis. She's as good as they come and will really help you settle into the role of a security officer. Do you have any questions that I can help with?"

T'Aegis? A Vulcan name? God. Maybe she'd be just as horrible as the tutors back home. But the Captain's reassurance did much to calm Brittany's nerves...if everyone was as kind as he and Kip, perhaps the mess hall wouldn't be so horrible to deal with. Carver nodded her head slowly through the Captain's explanation of the former security officer. Now, to flex those interview skills. "Got it. What do you see as the Firebird's biggest challenge, sir?"

He appreciated the question. It showed she was already thinking of more than her own immediate concerns. "The Firebird's biggest challenge is always our limited resources. On our mission to Quinor VII, we essentially were helping to rebuild a colony. It pushed us to the limit in terms of what we can do. Thankfully, we have industrial replicators, which help even things out but they can only do so much. In the end, officers, like you, will end up making hard decisions because of that limitation," Malcom said.

The answer from the Captain caused Brittany to inwardly consider such a situation. Limited resources and difficult decisions. Not typically her area of expertise, since she'd been raised in an environment where scarcity was relatively unknown. She nodded slowly, flexing her hands in front of her while she sat. "I'll do my best for the crew should that situation arise, sir." After all, it's all that she could do, as a somewhat green Starfleet officer.

Malcom smiled. "I expect nothing less, ensign," Malcom said. "Report to Commander t'Aegis next. Dismissed."


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Brittany Carver
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant JG Yikete Oggt on Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 @ 8:10am

Welcome aboard, Ensign Carver! There are interesting comparisons that could be drawn between Gia and Brittney, especially superficially, but definitely some clear contrasts as well and it seems like those will be very obvious as time goes on and she makes her own way. I'm sure it will be fun to watch Carver grow as a professional as she gets her baptism by fire. -Liam

By Lieutenant Cynfor Rees on Tue Jul 9th, 2019 @ 4:15am

I love these types of posts. The fresh faced newcomer never knowing exactly what they are in for. Carver interests me in the way someone who seems to nice always does. I am always wondering if there is something not so nice underneath. I can't wait to find out if Carver is one of those people. Great start!