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Pod 4, Part 3: Heal Thyself [PLOT]

Posted on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 @ 12:27pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Cynfor Rees & Kalstri Tenistion & Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed & Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite
Edited on on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 3:08pm

Mission: Mission 4: Riding A Pale Horse
Location: Planet ZP0442
Timeline: 18 July, 1400 Hours - 2394


Zene eased herself down on the comfortable rock chair, sighing as she did so. She looked around at her temporary home, wondering at the change in circumstances. How easy it was to lose all of the things that made life familiar and still survived. She glanced down at the med kit and smiled. Well, perhaps not everything.

She had managed to get Kalstri's wounds closed before dragging him, slowly and afraid of the return of the cat beast, to this safe haven. In truth, barring a real structure, the cave was perfect. It had a small opening that wouldn't allow any large animal inside and yet once inside it opened up into a comfortable space with a soft sand floor and a rising ceiling that had a small hole in it far above. She'd been able to set up a circle of rocks, start a fire and even find a source of water. After that, she'd curled up next to Kalstri and slept, waking occasionally to check on her patient. That had been a week ago. Or she thought it was a week.

Kalstri's wounds were healing nicely, thanks to regular antibiotic hyposprays. She yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"Ah my savior," Kalstri was amazed that the he was alive. He could feel the tightness of his wounds, but they were closed. He took a deep breath, he was exhausted more than he had ever felt. He could barely lift any of his limbs. He slowly looked around, " did you...thank you."

Zene started at the voice. She'd been waiting for him to wake for days. She had no idea of how his physiology worked in detail and so she'd been resigned to being patient. She leaned over and pressed her hand to his forehead. His temperature was normal. Or what she thought was normal.

"I'm so glad you are awake, Kalstri. You had me very worried and I do not appreciate that. I also was growing weary of talking to myself. How do you feel? I was able to close your wounds but you lost a lot of blood. You probably feel very weak but that is normal," Zene said.

"I am of course, deeply sorry for my lack of communication. It seems that I have a lot to make up for, " kalstri pressed himself up with two of his arms. It seemed he was trying to fully sit up, but settled to just brace himself up on his elbows. He started to cough slightly and with a much more wearied voice, "I will endeavor to make this up to you. As much as I would like to claim greatness, it seems I will settle for being normal and feeling very weak." He did his best to grin, "Thank you for saving me from those nasty claws. I have to say, for a moment I did consider how fitting it would be that I would die as a meal for some creature. There are many lobsters that would rejoice at the vengeance given." He chuckled.

Beddite smiled. "It was closer than I like to admit. With no way to replicate more blood, and you lost a lot, I was worried I would lose you. But your heart is as strong as your four arms, my friend. We're in a safe spot in this cave. It almost feels like it was made for people to use. There's water and good ventilation and the sand is both soft and warm. Outside I've found berries and edible roots. Truthfully, if you had to allow yourself to be nearly clawed to death, you couldn't have picked a nicer spot. And if you want to make this up to me, regain some strength so you can cook. My skills are so limited that the replicators laugh at me."

Kalstri chuckled and the effort seemed to tax him heavily. "Oh dear, I am in bad shape. I may be too tired to laugh properly." He looked over at Beddite and smiled. "I am glad you have found us such a safe place." He tried to look around, but even that effort was proving to be too much for him and so he laid back down. "I think I will regain some more strength, at least until my stomach decides to revolt and force me out of bed." He turned to look at Beddite, "I hope the others are as lucky as I am. "

Zene smiled. "As do I. Now you rest. I am going to go outside and dig up some more of those roots. I think if I mash them up, you will be able to eat them. I apologize in advance. I know it won't be up to your standards," she said. She pressed the back of her hand against the chef's head, thankful that there was no sign of a fever.

Cyn had been passing the time by singing old cowboy songs. These were tunes that he learned when he was a boy. He would take the horse out for a ride and sing these songs, they always put a smile on his face. "Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play." Cyn had been nudging Jorgen to join in as they went, he paid no mind to volume of his voice as he thought there was no one to be found.

Lulled by the quiet, needing a way to release the emotions pent up inside, Jörgen finally allowed himself to give in. This was, too, the first song Rees chose that he knew. "Where seldom is heard, a discouraging word," he sang with a voice that wandered unconcerned through several key changes. He laid an arm on Cynfor's shoulder as they brought the chorus to a rising end. "And the skies are not cloudy all day!"

Zene heard singing! She knelt down next to the berry bush she'd been harvesting, cursing her blue skin for its lack of camouflage. If only she was not a tall blue person, she might have a better chance of escaping detection. She glanced in the direction of their cave, wishing that she had waited until later in the day to venture outside. But Kalstri needed all the nourishment she could give him. The small bag at her side bulged with the tasty roots she'd found and her hands were full of the reddish-blue berries. Maybe they wouldn't see her?

When the song had finished Cynfor was going to sing another song when something caught the corner of his eye. He noticed something pale and blue in the bushes. He held one hand up to ask Jorgen to quiet down, and with the other hand he slowed the horses down to a slow walk. He leaned over to the Ambassador and spoke in a whisper. "There is something in the bushes. We are going to have to proceed with caution, if it is a hunting animal of some sort it may attack the horses."

The lurking wariness in Jörgen tightened his muscles from hips to shoulders, every sense leaning outward to detect the cause of the noise. Nodding to Cynfor, he turned slightly to the side to more easily view where an animal or person might approach. His face was impassive but he found himself leaning forward. At times diplomacy was about acting first. Something flashed past the small spaces in the brush. Jörgen leaped from the wagon, arms out as though prepared for an embrace, and yelled as he charged forward.

Zene's plan of hiding until the unknown strangers passed by evaporated in an instant. She heard yelling, the thunder of footsteps coming in her direction and something in her primal mind flared. Run!. She stood up, caught her foot in the bushes, tried to move forward and felt herself falling. Her arms windmilled, berries flying in all directions, and she landed hard on the ground, her head thumping against a root.

"Ow!" She yelled.

Cyn thought it best to stay with the carriage when Jorgen leaped. He wanted to keep the horses from spooking. He watched as Jorgen disappeared into the bushes and in short order he heard a female voice scream "Ow!" Cynfor Rees was usually not a nervous person, however, after all he had experienced this day he was on edge. He reached down for the small ax that he took from the farm and kept his eyes glued on the spot where Jorgen went. If anyone but the Ambassador came out from that bush they might just the ax.

The cry helped Jörgen zero in on what had alerted them to possible danger. Not an animal but a person. He saw more blue between the spaces in the brown, red and green bushes. He shoved bushes out of the way, more cautious now and uncovered a foot in a black boot scratched and abraded by recent abuse. Jörgen grabbed the boot, eliciting another cry from the unseen individual.

Releasing the foot he shoved his way up and through the bramble until he saw the person on the other side. Benzite. Medical. Starfleet. He reached for her name as she turned, her heels scrabbling away from him. "Chief Petty Officer Benzite, is that right? What a delight to encounter you here." Hair disheveled, face smudged, and uniform dirty, Jörgen tilted his head in an informal bow. "Please, forgive my rude intrusion."

Zene struggled to her feet, somewhat stunned at the sound of a familiar voice. She turned to find herself facing the Firebird's Chief Diplomat. She brushed the dirt from her uniform, suddenly aware of how dirty she was. "Commander Leed?" She said and then lunged forward, hugging the man tightly. "Oh how wonderful! You're alive! I was starting to think that we were the only ones," Zene said and then, realizing the situation, stepped back. "Sorry."

"My relief is no less sincere than your own. An apology is unnecessary," said Jörgen, catching her eyes as she glanced aside, and smiling. "For my part I thought to scare away an overly curious animal, one not dangerous to us but making the horses uneasy. I am so glad we found,... sorry, you said 'we were the only ones?' Who else is with you?"

Zene nodded. "Yes! Kalstri is with me," She said and then some of her enthusiasm faded. "But he's been hurt very badly. We were attacked by this large cat-like creature. It clawed him severely. I was able to staunch the bleeding and close his wounds but he's been unconscious for days. I'm sure he'd love to see you. Who is that back there?" She craned her head to see behind the diplomat.

"Cynfor, surely concerned to know what the wait is," said Jörgen. "Rees, come join us! Chance has brought us a small, happy surprise."

Cyn released his grip on the ax and hopped off the carriage. As he made his way through the brush he was wary to keep one eye glued to the horse, and the carriage. Surprise or no surprise that carriage was their lifeline. When he emerged from the brambles he was pleasantly surprised and his smile broadened. "Chief it is stupendous news to see you." He embraced the Benzite in a great bear hug. Finally after all that sadness and death they had a reason to smile.

Zene smiled even more widely. "I feel completely the same, lieutenant. What a joy it is to see other crew members," she said. "Can you leave your cart or would you like to bring it to our cave? It isn't too far away but I'm not sure how the cart will handle the terrain. I can promise you a nice soup when we get there, although of my making and not Kalstri's."

"I would crawl for a bowl of Kalstri's soup. During some of my longer meetings with Starfleet he has kept very late hours to prepare a Danish comfort dish. The Terellian has a magic touch with food unknown to him." The side of Jörgen's mouth lifted in a smile. "You say he is hurt badly?"

Just the thought of a nice warm bowl of soup warmed Cyn's soul. "Why don't we all head back to the carriage and then we can take it to your cave. It is better to keep the horses and the carriage this way we can move on when we are ready." There was an ulterior motive to the old man's suggestion. Cyn had always had an affinity for horses, so being in close proximity to them made him feel more at ease. He just was not ready to let go of that feeling just yet.

Zene nodded. "Kalstri is wounded but I think he is going to recover fully. I wasn't sure for a few days but in the past two he has regained strength and is finally awake. I know seeing the two of you will do wonders for his recovery. Lead the way to your carriage, gentlemen and I will direct you to the cave.

The drive had been very short. Luckily there was a grouping of trees outside of the entrance to the cave that provided both cover for the wagon and shelter for the horses. Zene had watched and Cynfor had unhooked the beasts and gotten them settled before leading them into the cave.

"Kalstri! I have a wonderful surprise for you," she said as they came into the warm and comfortable space.

Kalstri struggled to prop himself up to be able to see what Zene had brought. As he saw the fellow crew members come in, a great big smile spread across his face, "Ah! We have guests! This is wonderful. I am so glad to see you guys are ok." Filled with optimism and energy, Kalstri swung his legs over the edge of the makeshift bed and a small amount of effort he pushed himself up and stood before them. Then with a good chuckle he moved forward and wrapped Cynfor in a strong hug. As he released and went to move toward Leed, he stumbled. His arms reaching out for support as the strength in his legs seemed to vanish.

"Oh, Kalstri!" Zene said and moved to catch him. She stumbled under the weight of her friend. "Please help me get him back into bed." She said to Jorgen. She should have realized that he wouldn't be able to restrain himself. The chef was nothing if not energetic when it came to interacting with the crew. "

Cyn moved to help Zene with the chef. "Now Mr Tenistion you rest and we will come to you to chat. We need to get you back on your feet as we all know the Firebird would be lost without your cooking." He smiled as he helped guide the man to the bed. Although he wondered exactly how long it would take for the man to heal. There was a lot of ground to cover, and a ship to find.

"Indeed, Kalstri, you have proved of particular value. We should also be as fit as possible should we need to walk for rescue." Jörgen saw Kalstri wince as he was lowered to the bed and brought him some water. He looked to Beddite and back as he spoke. "Have you any word of the other crew?"

Cyn smiled "Yes, yes any news? You are the first from the ship that we have come across."

Zene shook her head. "Sadly, no. You are the first we have come across. Most of our adventure has been fighting off wild beasts and wandering through the wilderness. I had resigned myself to many days here and then more searching," she said. "I am so happy to have you here with us. Do the two of you have a plan on what we should do next?"

"Our plan is to look for others and hope that we survive long enough to find them. Gather resources as we go to keep us alive and as fit as we can. Perhaps the burning question is how do we find the others without communication?" said Leed.

"I would rather have fought wild beasts than go through what the Ambassador and I have gone through. But that is another tale for another time. Right now it is a happy occasion, a reunion." Cyn's voice was back to it's booming jovial timbre. When Leed spoke Rees listened intently as he stroked the stubble on his chin. "Quite right, Ambassador how indeed." After a beat he snapped his fingers. "Signals, we use signals. If we build a large enough fire I can use one of the saddle blankets to signal a message using old Morse code. I would stake all of my poker winnings for the next month that Lieutenant Cunningham and his Marines are out there and one of them knows code."

Zene shrugged. "I'm a nurse, not a communications specialist. What I can say is that Kalstri still has at least a week of healing before I'd like for him to be up and about. I think we should take some time to discuss our options and enjoy being with others. And we can eat some soup," she said with a smile. "But I am going to have to go back out and get some more roots. You all stay here and chat, ok?"

Cyn nodded "I will check the horses. Make sure that they are penned in okay and have access to food and water. We may need them still yet. I shall be but a moment." He rose and left the cave, Rees did as he had said and the carriage sat unhitched near where he had set up a small pen for the horses. When he was done he went back into the cave and sat next to where Kalstri lay. "Tell me when you and Nurse Beddite arrived at this cave did you explore the cave system at all?"

Kalstri chuckled slightly, "Ah my friend, I have only been exploring the back of my eyelids. The valiant Nurse Beddite courageously carried me to this cave unconscious." He sighed slightly, "I have only just awoken and therefore I fear I am not much help to you." For a brief second he looked as if he might once again struggle to sit up, but then thought better about it.

"Perhaps in a few days when your strength is better we will all go exploring." Cyn said as he stroked the stubble on his chin.


Lieutenant Cynfor Rees
Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Jorgen Leed
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298
(NPC by Soto)

Kalstri Tenistion
USS Firebird NCC-88298
(NPC by Smith)

Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite
Chief Nurse
USS Firebird NCC-88298
(NPC by Llwyedd)


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By Lieutenant JG Murril Na on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 4:16pm

This whole gang of four has comfort written all over them. LOL Sometimes, it is nice to get away from the news, the social media, the mail, etc., and there's just a relaxing story that makes the audience feel like everything's going to be all right.

By Petty Officer 3rd Class Gianna Djokovic on Tue Jan 22nd, 2019 @ 8:50am

Nice update. It feels so satisfying and it warms the soul when people are reunited together again. :) -Liam