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A Measure of Control [PLOT]

Posted on Tue Nov 21st, 2017 @ 6:38am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Starfleet Headquarters
Timeline: 12 April, 2394 - 1500 Hours


Admiral Aubrey Jesreo's office looked nothing like an office, something that he found to be satisfying. He was one of the senior diplomats in Starfleet, recently returned from negotiating with a pocket of extremist Romulans. The Romulan Empire's swift fall from grace had resulted in some fascinating opportunities. From a diplomatic point of view at least. He stood and walked over to the replicator, which was one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in his office. It would have been poor form to be unable to fulfill a guest's request and Aubrey had many guests.

"Papalla juice, extra bubbles," He said and picked up the purple beverage when it materialized. He made his way back to the large U shaped couch and settled into his favorite spot. He could see San Francisco Bay quite clearly to the left of the windows and the city to the right. It seemed fitting to him. If not for the fact that his irises were completely black, he would have looked just like most of the people who lived in the city, albeit in quite good shape for his advancing age.

A chime sounded. He knew it would be Lieutenant Commander Leed because he had cleared his schedule for the day. No doubt the Commander would be somewhat tired due to his trip from DS9 but this assignment would not wait.

"Come," he said.

In a glance Jörgen recognized that the office seemed more "living" space than "work" space. Whether that was the admiral's preference for work or an effort to disarm others, Jörgen appreciated the homeliness. With each measured step a bit more of the long journey's lassitude shook off him. "Greetings, Admiral," he said, standing at parade rest.

The admiral stood and extended his hand. "Aubrey, please. You go by Jorgen? Come in and sit down. If you'd like a drink, the replicator is over there." He held up his purple juice, the bubbles were furiously rising to the top of the glass. "I recommend the papalla juice."

"Yes, Jörgen is correct." He walked towards the replicator. "Not enough people understand how a good drink can set the tenor of an engagement. For all their artistry and cultivation the Bajorans could use some help in that area." Jörgen sipped from a newly replicated glass of papalla juice. "Since I've just made an unexpected trip straight from DS9 to your office, however, I doubt Bajor is on your mind. Thank you for the drink,..." The admiral's name would not come to him. "...sir."

The admiral laughed. "Aubrey, please. So," he said as Jorgen settled onto the couch. "I've got your new assignment. I know you want to remain near DS9, as you have spent a lot of time there. The best I can do is an assignment to a strange little ship called the Firebird. They are based out of Empok Nor. Have you heard of them?"

"The Firebird." Brow furrowed, Jörgen rubbed an index finger around the rim of the glass. His gut often served him well to avoid trouble. It sensed trouble now and the barometer was falling. "The name is familiar but nothing comes to mind. Why might I have heard of it?"

Aubrey took a drink. The bubbles tickled his nose. "Well," he said. "They are in the area of DS9 and they are involved in something very big right now. I can tell you the details because you need to know them before you report to Captain Llwyedd. In brief, the Firebird has come into possession of knowledge of a hidden Dominion colony. Furthermore, that colony supposedly is in possession of the previously thought to be lost USS Monterey." Aubrey paused to let the information sink in. "Their next course of action is going to be a mission to discover the exact location of the Monterey and rescue the crew. As you can imagine, they have neglected to include a diplomatic option in their planning. That's why you are here right now."

"After all these years the Monterey sails out from the fog of the Dominion War." He stared over the admiral's shoulder at no particular point on the wall. Just the implications of the Federation crew and allies held prisoner for twenty years were intricate. "Do we know anything of survivors, or how that crew found out the Monterey survived?"

"Now that is an interesting story. Apparently there were survivors," Aubrey said. He got up and walked over to a small bookshelf. Taking a PADD from one of the shelves, he returned to the couch and handed it to Jorgen. "This is a highly classified document. You are not authorized to show it to anyone. Anyone," he said. "What it will tell you is that a lieutenant from the Monterey was reinserted into the fleet somehow under an assumed identity. The report indicates that the crew of the Monterey has survived and most of them are in stasis. Allegedly some of them are being used as guinea pigs to test biological weapons." Aubrey settled back down onto the couch. Outside the afternoon sun shimmered on the bay.

"I didn't get to be an Admiral by being a fool, Jorgen. This is a very touchy situation and you are going to have to tread lightly. At the same time, Captain Vikk Stern of the Creed is going to be the senior captain involved in this rescue mission. I've known him for a long time and I can tell you with certainty that the only use he has for diplomats is as ballast. He prefers to shoot first, second and third. You must find a way to get Captain Llwyedd to trust you and damn quickly."

"Ah, yes, Captain Malcom Llwyedd and the Firebird. A few stories come to me now," said Jörgen. He swirled the goblet slowly and leaned forward to brace his left forearm on his knee. "They have made an interesting arrival on Earth. Something about a mutinous takeover, and a pilot who may not grace a Starfleet uniform for long. Even if most of the rumors aren't true there are a lot of ships. Many very good crews. Why send a ship just this side of spinning out of control to a mission of such importance?"

Aubrey smiled. "See the grapevine, as it were, is quite alive and well in the fleet. Yes, those stories are somewhat true. There are two reasons for the Firebird being chosen for this mission alongside the Creed. First, they have first hand experience and information that gives them insight into what is going on. They are invested in a way that no other ship would be. The Sunbird class is also well suited to this mission profile. However, the second reason is that the information regarding the Monterey is being tightly held. If it became widely known that the ship had survived and then something... unfortunate happened, it would reopen old wounds and lead to questions being asked that some of the higher level officers in Starfleet would prefer went unasked." Aubrey downed the remainder of his drink.

"Now the situation is laid out. Secrecy demands the smallest fleet size with an acceptable chance of success. Starfleet wants diplomacy to work but, if not, my work gives them time to recon the colony for other options. Sending the Creed allows for force in the case an emergency arises, diplomacy fails, or Admiral Stern grows impatient." With a half smile, Jörgen set his goblet on the table. "Aside from the Firebird not many aboard the Creed will know what the true mission is, nor will they until an official announcement is made. Am I missing any part?"

"No I believe you understand the situation well. I recommend you report to Captain Llwyedd as soon as possible when they dock at DS9. You are free to depart immediately if you want to see your family before joining your new ship," Aubrey said. "And by immediately, I mean after we have dinner. I know a wonderful little Betazoid restaurant not far from here. I admit, it is comfort food for me. Unless you have other plans?"

"Thank you Aubrey, I have no other plans. You know, I watched a young chef prepare some Betazed shellfish. Oscoid, she called them. I recall thinking the process rather haphazard looking. During plating she did not allow even a single flake of herb to be out of place. Exquisite cooking." Standing, Jörgen straightened his coat. "The ship and its crew could be stashed anywhere in the quadrant. Invested, you say? There's more to this crew than you're telling and it's a good bet I will truly dislike parts of it." He smiled, clasping both hands behind his back. "All the more reason to let you buy me a good meal first."

Aubrey placed a hand on Jorgen's shoulder, guiding him toward the exit. "There's always more to a situation than we are told. That's the reason Starfleet needs diplomats. I look forward to your exploits on board the Firebird."

The two swept out of the office, into the late afternoon sunshine and the smell of the ocean blowing in off of the bay.


Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed
Chief Diplomatic Officer
NPC (by Soto Gantt)
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Admiral Aubrey Jesso
Senior Diplomat
NPC (by Captain Llwyedd)


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Comments (3)

By Lieutenant Laree Desai on Fri Nov 24th, 2017 @ 3:41am

Looking forward to butting heads with our new diplomatic officer.

By Captain Malcom Llwyedd on Fri Nov 24th, 2017 @ 10:55pm

It was a real joy to write this with Richard. Two very different characters with fun backgrounds.

By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Wed Nov 29th, 2017 @ 1:41am

"And by immediately, I mean after we have dinner." - lol. If only this was what immediately always meant.

Now that we have a diplomat, he'll talk us out of all the trouble we would have gotten into without him, right? ;)