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A Time For Food? Part 1 [CD]

Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 8:35pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Commander Karen Myles & Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D. & Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok & Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2) Amara Vaun Jr. & Crewman Thomas Lopt
Edited on on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 2:52pm

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Messhall
Timeline: 31 March, 2394 - 0400 Hours


Kalstri worked furiously bright and early. He knew that the crew of the Firebird had gone through a rough time, but they were not defeated. If they were going to rise up to glory, they would need his food. Besides the replicators were more than just crap food now. He had brought out several serving areas and his hands flew around as he started to set out trays of food in a buffet style setup. The crew would to come in and get food immediately. Not something they would want to think about. Many may even be too tired to think. For them, he would be there to make sure they got the energy they needed.

[0457 Hours]

Thomas Lopt stepped into the messhall, working more on instinct than conscious thought. He had not slept since the ship had been retaken. He'd helped stabilize the impulse engines, began assisting the repairs with the warp core, and had been working on deck three since... sometime yesterday? The main communications array had been malfunctioning. Whenever anyone tried to communicate with Empok Nor or another Starfleet instillation, the computer had rerouted the communication to Risa. The captain and Lieutenant Rhesha had not been please, although, Thomas thought there were worse things that conversations with half-naked men and women. Still. He was fairly certain he'd fixed it but only after replacing about a third of the bio-gel packs and a large stack of burned out isolinear chips.

The messhall smelled like his mother's kitchen, he thought. "Kalstri?"

"Thomas!" Kalstri strode over and smiled, "Please partake, you have been up all night. Have a seat, allow me." Kalstri helped direct Thomas to a seat. Kalstri spun back towards the buffet, "Let's see..." He grabbed one plate and and began to put some bacon and sausage on it, while his other hands poured some special waffle mixture and started that heating. He added some chilled fruit to the plate of bacon and sausage to balance it and laid that in front of Thomas. He then poured a cup of his own recipe for Raktajino. "This should help rejuvenate you. Give me one moment on the waffle, though. How is restoring the heart of the Firebird going?"

Thomas sank down into one of the chairs. It felt cold. "Well I did some time on the warp core but then Lieutenant Th'Kharia's antennae started weaving all over the place and that is a sure sign he is really angry. So I moved on to working on the comms." Thomas yawned. "But I think everything is going ok."

"Yes, some hard work and some good food and everything will be fine." Kalstri beamed at Thomas. "Now enjoy your respite here and I shall return in a few with your waffle."

[0515 Hours]

Stepping into the mess Karen would normally have taken a moment to enjoy the aroma of food but she was too engrossed in the padd she was reading as she slowly walked. She had managed to get around an hours sleep but rather than make her feel better it only served to make her feel worse.

Finally she looked up and saw the buffet of food laid out. It was the last thing she had wanted to see, all night she had been making decisions both major and minor, and now in front of her sat even more. A few moments passed and she turned to leave the mess deciding she would do without for the moment.

Kalstri caught the hesitation and the look of indecision. With as much alacrity as his large frame allowed, he grabbed a plate and placed a mixture of iced vulcan fruits, with a slice of chocalate-cinnamon coffee. He poured a cup of spiced vulcan tea, a favorite of many on the ship. As he passed the waffle maker he also grabbed Thomas's waffle and rich maple syrup. With all this in tow he quickly sidestepped in front of Commander Myles. "Good morning, if you wouldn't mind doing me a favor and trying out this delicious plate of breakfast food for me?" he leaned in closer, "Also, I think Thomas over there could use some company." Without waiting for a reply he moved over to Thomas and set the plate with the waffle down and Myle's plate and drink across from him.

Her eyes followed Kalstri for a moment and then lingered on the crewman he suggested she provide company for, she sighed softly as she decided ignoring the ships chef wasn't the best course of action. She walked over to where he had put the plate of food and with a slight nod she said. "Good Morning, Crewman Lopt isn't it?" she sat down and pulled the plate closer to her as she eyed it carefully.

She's pretty. Oh hell did I say that or just think that? Thomas stared at the commander blankly for a moment. When she didn't yell at him he sighed. "Yes, ma'am. It is. You're welcome to sit with me. Although... you already are sitting with me so that was a dumb thing to say." He trailed off.

She stabbed a piece of fruit with her fork as she smiled at him. "Relax crewman, I'm no Admiral." She took a small bite and nodded slightly in approval. She pushed the plate with her food on it closer to Lopt and said. "Try some, it is surprisingly sweet for fruit, melts in your mouth."

"Sure," Thomas said and stabbed the fruit. It tasted like mint strawberries. "I like it, ma'am. And it isn't just you. I don't really talk to any non-engineering officers. Most officers don't talk with enlisted unless there is something going badly or they need something done," he paused. "No offense or anything."

She shrugged slightly. "I'm not most officers, and no offence taken." She replied softly before taking a sip of her tea. She was still overly tired but she at least now started to feel a little better. She took a slight breath as she set the cup down. "this your first assignment Crewman?"

Thomas nodded. "Yes. Although I did get stuck at the personnel intake center after graduation and spent three weeks helping them replace their communications mainframe. I kinda think they did that on purpose because the entire system was a mess. But, yeah, the Firebird is my first real assignment," he shoveled another mouthful of Kalstri's sweet potatoes into his mouth and chewed contentedly for a moment. "Are they usually like this?" He gestured at the ship around them with his fork.

She shook her head slowly as she swallowed another mouthful of fruit. Taking a slight breath she replied. "They most certainly not." her voice was stern and commanding. She leaned in slightly and with a soft voice she added. "Food is never normally this good." She pushed herself back and stood up this a slight bow of her head she said. "Thank you for your company Thomas."

[0605 Hours]

Hesitating in the doorway, Amara Vaun Jr. looked for familiar faces in the scattering of early risers in the Mess Hall. Half of them looked like they had pulled all-nighters, slumping over their plates and staring into space more than the others. Everyone seemed upbeat despite their exhaustion. The crew were on a mission to repair their beloved ship, and good food always helped them keep going. She drifted between tables to Kalstri's buffet and filled a plate with diced fruits and a hearty muffin.

Sliding her plate down with a faint scrape on the plastine table, she sat down beside the Chief Medical Officer.

L'Nel twitched and took a deep breath, seeming to wake up though he'd been chewing methodically with his eyes open. He blinked over at the crewman settling beside him and offered a thin smile. He had more than a day's worth of stubble, and his curled black hair was a mess. His hands were meticulously clean, but he kept his elbows braced on the table. Clearing his throat, he croaked, "Good morning."

Vaun hurried to chew the bite of muffin she took as he greeted her groggily. Had he slept since his first patients arrived yesterday? She hid an amused smile behind her hand and decided to go ahead and voice her first thought. "You're a little rougher around the edges than your father, aren't you? I met him a few weeks ago bringing a litter of Mangalan Sea Mammoth calves aboard."

A real smile of surprise broke through the doctor's exhaustion, and he chuckled. "I apologize for anything Atus said." The reminder of the experience, humorous now that it was in the past, restored him a bit. He leaned away from the table, pushing a finished bowl of what had been a spiced porridge away. "He would cluck to see me this way. I am more practical than decorative, and he has never been one for... messy work. I assure you, I am normally better turned out."

Spearing a cube of goosoo melon, Vaun waved it at him and joked, "Flowers are decorative. Terrible surgeons, though. Your patients are better off with you." She popped the bite in her mouth, and the melon burst between her teeth. Tart juices rolled across her tongue as she tried to come up with an inspiring way to suggest he get some sleep.

Nora was exhausted and a part of her only wanted to sleep, but another part of her knew if she tried, she would only worry about what she should be doing. It was the sort of tired that made one too tired to actually sleep. So she dragged herself to the Mess Hall, motivated more by the promise of a chance to talk to people about anything than actual food. She was quite surprised to find opportunities for both. Carrying her own tray of muffins and fresh fruit, she asked L'Nel and Vaun, "Mind if I join you?"

Instinctively, Vaun bristled at the approach of another woman in the middle of her rare moment alone with the handsome doctor. Quickly admonishing herself, she shook her head. Confusion folded the counselor's brow, and Vaun hurried to say, "No, we don't mind. Do we?" She glanced at L'Nel but didn't wait for his sleepy reply before focusing on Nora again. "Please, join us." A bright smile pulled across Vaun's face. She'd kept her blushing wits together a little better than Max, at least. Maybe.

With a nod, L'Nel shifted his seat to make room for the counselor and gestured for her to join them. "Please."

Embarrassed at her sluggish greeting, Vaun turned to Nora when the counselor sat beside her. Where had Nora found a kiwi on the buffet? Vaun promised herself to pass by it again on her way out. "Looks like your time is in high demand, Nora, after the...after what happened."

It was only after Nora got responses from both that she realized she might have interrupted something. Her fatigue must have made her a little hazy. She sat, though hesitantly. "It is," she agreed. "In the aftermath of a crisis, it takes time for people to realize just how scared they really were. Between briefing counseling staff and meeting with the crew, I'm pretty wiped. Did I--Did I interrupt you two?"

Vaun reached her open palm toward Nora, and it hovered short of touching her. "Oh, no. Please--" Vaun shook her head. Her ears burned. "We're all tired. I put 12 hours in helping engineering after the Captain retook command, and I don't think Dr. Haadok has slept a wink." She glanced between the two doctors. "Where were you when it happened?"

Nora was grateful for Vaun's warmth even if Nora had interrupted something. Taking both welcomes at face value, she said, "Thanks. I'm exhausted too, but managed to get a little sleep before I came. When we were taken, I was in my office, then in Cargo Bay 2, and after we escaped there, engineering."

"Shuffled around." L'Nel nodded and belatedly dragged a hand through his hair, trying to set it to rights surreptitiously in front of the two ladies. "Thankfully, Fantome saw fit to put me in sickbay, for emergencies, with what staff was on board... I got a couple hours of sleep after surgery. Thankfully, so I could change, ah... out of my sleep clothes." A light tinge showed in his ears. Perhaps that was oversharing. He fiddled with a napkin. "Everyone is in stable condition, at least."

"I think, didn't Earth doctors basically wear pajama's to treat patients around the turn of the millennium?" Vaun teased. She poked at her last bite of fruit with a fork and her mood sank slowly like a balloon. "Sounds like you both stayed in on the action. I was here in the Mess, just waiting to get let out." She caught Nora's gaze. "I think I...would like to have an appointment with you later today, counselor. If you have time. I yelled at Max for--" Her voice trailed off. She gave herself a tight-lipped frown. "It doesn't matter what for. He was making a difference, and I jumped to the wrong conclusions. Is there a sign-up sheet or something like that?"

Morrison smiled. "I can see you as soon as we're done here if you like. You'll avoid the rush," she added with a chuckle.

"Yes, that would be perfect. Thank you." Vaun perked up again and dug into her muffin with renewed vigor. She still felt the cloying grasp of guilt for her inaction during the hijacking, but at least she would be able to talk about those feelings freely soon. Maybe doing a little something for everyone, like Kalstri had this morning, would help. The three chatted amiably until the doctor excused himself and the two women left for Vaun's session.


Kalstri Tenistion
NPC (by Jackson Smith)

Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles
Executive Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D.
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Crewman Thomas Lopt
Communications Specialist
NPC (by Captain Llwyedd)

Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2) Amara Vaun Jr.
NPC (by Yumi Han)


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By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Tue Sep 26th, 2017 @ 7:29pm

This was a great idea, Kalstri! Nice to see the doctor out of Sickbay and Nora out of her counselor's office. :) This must be the first time Lopt has had breakfast with his XO. Myles made him more nervous with her looks than her rank, lol.