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Forced Visit [CD]

Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 8:12pm by Commander Karen Myles & Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han & Lieutenant JG Luka Stern
Edited on on Sun Oct 8th, 2017 @ 2:51pm

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: SCIF
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1900 Hours


Karen had no love of intelligence officers, arrogant know it alls who assumed that because they were let in on some secrets they were somehow the masters of all knowledge. Had Malcom not asked her to check in on Lieutenant Han she wouldn't have. Of course she had not yet had any contact with Han, so she knew it was unfair of her to pre-judge her, but she didn't believe lucky enough to find herself on a vessel with the only intelligence officer in the universe who wasn't insufferable.

She stood in front of the doors that led into the SCIF that Yumi used as an office and input her security clearance into the panel. 'Worst comes to worst I can order her to shut up' she thought to herself as the doors opened.

Yumi's heart lurched into her throat as the Spy Cave door slid open on its own. She kicked back from her main computer console, rolling across the floor in her chair, and drew her phaser. She squinted at the feminine sihouette in the doorway. Bright light haloed the woman from behind and the eerie red glow of Kreeketh's crystal cluster highlighted an almost unfamiliar face. The XO. Yumi took a shaky breath and lowered her phaser. "Sir!"

With her good leg, Yumi pulled herself back up to her computer. She eyed the fan of running program windows on her monitor. "How are things out there?"

Karen stepped into the room and the door behind her closed, it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room. "It's like a holonovel cliche in here." She said as she came to a stop. "And I prefer Ma'am if you don't mind Lieutenant." She took a deep breath and added. "We have things mostly in hand now fortunately." Her eyes went from Yumi who seemed to be missing a leg to scanning the room.

Her eyes fell on a bionic leg. "Was your leg damaged during the takeover? or is it a matter of comfort?"

"Ma'am. What?" Dazed by the interruption of her deeply technical project, Yumi followed the XO's searching eyes dumbly. "Oh! My leg. It's a little hard to get on without, uh, disrobing. I've been working here." She turned longingly back to her computer, fingers twitching to resume her search for HALP.

Karen moved closer to Han so she could see her console. "What exactly are you working on?"

All the air drained from Yumi's lungs as her chest sank inward. Heat pricked her eyes, and she forced herself to swallow--an old trick to fight back tears. The last thing she wanted to do was burst into sobs in front of an angry XO.

"I'm looking for someone." Yumi rotated in her seat and pulled her stomach against the edge of her desk. She tapped each window to the front of the fan in turn and fought to steady her voice. "Last known locations." A schematic of the Firebird appeared, annotated with glowing lines and nodes for the comm network. "Recovery chances." A bar graph of twenty red stumps on a tall white field jumped to the front. "The last eight hours of sensor logs--"

"All crew have been accounted for." Karen replied quickly before taking a deep breath. "I have been looking at sensor logs myself trying to piece together what happened." She shook her head. "You transported from this room." She paused for a moment as she paced slightly. "Now the senor readings aren't clear but I am pretty certain you transported to Fantome's location, and not long after he initiated his take over plan." She looked down at Yumi. "You went to confront him by yourself didn't you."

Yumi's eyes hardened, but she didn't look away from her screen. "I'm looking for Margaret. To make sure she's gone." The ring of steel in her voice faded. "And I'm looking for HALP. To make sure it's not gone...somehow." She looked up at the XO, her mind floating on a raft of pique through churning waves of guilt and sorrow. "Neither of them is crew, exactly."

Karen's accusation cut through the fog surrounding Yumi's thoughts. Unable to meet the XO's piercing gaze, Yumi swallowed again and stared at the golden trio of pips on the other woman's collar. "Yes...but no. HALP went with me to arrest Fantome." The old spy flinched at the memory. Finally, she looked at Karen with shimmering eyes. "We had him! We surprised him completely, but the thing on his face--" Yumi took a shuddering breath as the first tear raced down her cheek. "It redirected my stun beam into the holomatrix that HALP was using to hold Fantome--shorted it out. And his Margaret AI electro-shocked me through my own leg." She pointed at her bionic limb glumly before swiping her face dry with her sleeve. "It will all be in my report..."

Karen's jaw tightened for a moment as she looked at the Intelligence Officer. Her face softened slightly and she broke eye contact for a moment. "We've all made mistakes, they key is learning from them and moving on." She paused for a moment. "Sitting in this secured room of yours sets you apart from the crew, but that doesn't mean you aren't every bit a part of it as I am, and that means learning to trust and rely on those around you."

She looked around the SCIF. "That doesn't come easy to those who train to deceive, hoard secrets and scour every inch for unseen threats but it is something that is vital for a crew to work, if you can't trust us to have your back, how can anybody trust you to have theirs." She looked back at Yumi. "I'm not going to try and convince you to get yourself checked over in sickbay so I'll just do it here while you work on looking for HALP."

Yumi looked down, properly scolded. In a rasping voice, she said, "Thank you..." The XO had the mercy to let her keep working and make a housecall instead of sending her to Sickbay, and Yumi was eager to accept. She had some choice words for CMO Haadok for not detecting Fantome's skinmorph in any of his physicals. Words that cast blame away from herself and that she should probably never say. Not if she was going to start trusting the crew now that none of them was secretly a traitor. Probably none of them.

The old spy rolled up her empty right pant leg to the stump of thigh where her prosthetic attached. Twin red burns glared from the pale skin like she'd been bitten by an electrical snake. An ache in the back of her mind throbbed anew when she let herself pay attention to to the wound. "My medkit's dermal regenerator doesn't have enough oomph. It was fine for my stun beam burn, but the bionic interface seems to confuse it."

Retrieving the open medkit from Han's desk, Karen knelt down next to her and gave a slight nod. "It just needs to be calibrated properly." She took a deep breath as she pulled out a medical tricorder and began to scan the burns. "No lasting damage." She put the tricorder down and then pulled out the dermal regenerator, using her fingernail she pulled off the back of it and began to bypass some of the internal safety mechanisms.

"This is going to hurt, I'm sorry." She then activated the device and held it close to Hans thigh. "I can heal the burns, but if your bionics have been effected you may require a more specialised physician." She added as she worked, it was taking longer but it was working.

Yumi clamped the armrests of her chair with white-knuckled fingers while Dr. Myles worked. Somehow, her being the XO first and a doctor second made it easier to work with her. Yumi stared intently at the dermal regenerator, tracking its path. Knowing where the pain was coming, she could surge her concentration at just the moment she needed it. Karen healed the twin burns with clinical efficiency, and Yumi was grateful for the excuse to let tears stream freely down her face. She inhaled deeply when Karen finished and pried her fingers open. "Thank you, Ma'am. For everything." Yumi wiped her face dry quickly and composed herself as best she could, giving the XO a wavering, half-second smile.

Standing up she put the tricorder and dermal regenerator back in the med kit and gave a slight nod as she put it down. "I hope you find HALP, Lieutenant." With that she left Yumi to her task and took leave of the SCIF.

Luka ran down the hallway, praying that she guessed right and Yumi was in the Spy Cave. Hours had passed since she'd heard Yumi's voice over the com. Luka had helped stabilize both Jackson and Fantome and escort them to sick bay, and now she was free and needed to know Yumi really was safe before Luka did anything else.

Ahead, she recognized Commander Myles leaving SCIF, heading the opposite way. She thought about calling out to her, but the XO was moving at a brisk pace and likely had places to be. If Yumi wasn't in SCIF when Luka poked her head in, she'd chase down the intimidating commanding officer and demand to know where Yumi was.

Luka burst into the Spy Cave.

Looking up in shock from the floor, the bedraggled spy froze with her pant leg cut halfway toward her right thigh. Her bionic leg lay across her lap. Yumi's red-rimmed eyes morphed from fear to pleading as she recognized Luka. The one person who might truly understand. Her story tangled into a knot in her throat. In a tight voice she said the obvious instead. "You're okay."

Luka's heart leapt into her throat, then she remembered Yumi had a bionic leg. For a moment she'd thought... but no, Yumi looked tired, and sad, but not like she'd lost a limb today. Luka looked down, realized she was still wearing her own, Jackson's, and Fantome's blood spattered across the civilian clothing she'd put on... was it a hundred years ago? Yeah, it felt like it...but it must have been that morning. She said, "Yeah, I'm okay," as she came into the room, but she didn't stop. She kept going until she reached Yumi's side and then collapsed to her knees and gathered her mentor, her friend, into her arms.

"Thank God," she mumbled into Yumi's hair. "Thank you God."

Startled by a hug she didn't deserve, Yumi stiffened before the instinct to hug back kicked in. She squeezed the tall girl tighter then, a sailor clinging to a floating plank after her ship has been blown to smithereens. Myles was right. She should trust the right people more. People like Luka. Yumi turned her face against the girl's shoulder and held on. After a long minute, the knot in Yumi's throat pried loose, just enough to let a confession squeak past. "I made a big mistake..."


Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles
Executive Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Luka Stern
Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Yumi Han
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Tue Sep 26th, 2017 @ 2:41am

Thank you both for helping Yumi through this terrible time. Myles's sage advice and healing care worked well together. And Luka gets to be an emotional rock for others this time around. It's fun to see your characters from so many different angles.