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Battle of the Bridge

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 2:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han & Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Commander Karen Myles & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith & Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt & Lieutenant JG Luka Stern & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Petty Officer 1st Class Kipp Lak & Lieutenant Jacques Fantome & Crewman Keith Potter
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Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Bridge
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1430 Hours
Tags: skinmorph


"So... what's our plan again?" Luka asked, jogging with Jackson down the corridors of the Firebird. The thrum of the ship felt sick under her boots. Something was very wrong with her home. Gantt followed, holding the PADD, using override codes to open bulkhead doors as they passed them. Luka had taken a look at his burned hand and did what she could, but she wished she had a medical tricorder and a hypo to ease his pain. A short ride on the turbolift, one more door, and they'd be on the bridge facing who knew what.

=^=Self Destruct Sequence Initiated. This ship will be destroyed in Five Minutes=^= Margaret's voice declared over the ship's communications system.

"He shouldn't be able to do that!" Luka knew it took two codes from command officers to start the sequence. What kind of AI was this Margaret?

Jackson snarled. "Whatever our plan is is, we better do it fast. Gantt, once we reach the door to the bridge, is there anything you can do to stop the self destruct sequence?"

"I doubt it. Not in five minutes. Not with that AI crawling through the computers." Gantt anchored the PADD against his chest for stability and protection. So far, they owed their progress to HALP and the PADD was their connection to it. Codes flashed on the screen when HALP would wall the AI from a door, letting Gannt open the doors. One final doorway flashed. "We have access to the lift," he said.

Luka slipped inside, tightening the makeshift bandage over her hand and wishing more than ever that she had a weapon. "I don't suppose either of you know if there are any phasers tucked away anywhere else besides the armory?"

Jackson smiled, "Nope. We will just have to make do. Of course, if we can't stop the self destruct, phasers won't be that useful anyway." He looked at Gantt.

"No more useful than a menacing glare. You will have to stop Fantome," said Gantt.

As the doors closed, Gantt had the sensation of being swallowed, of sliding through the throat of the ship to its belly. Fantome would be ready. He looked at Luka with unveiled fear. He was leading them--leading her--straight into a certain trap. And there was nowhere else to go. Shaking, he touched his fingertips to the back of her hand. "How do you two always suck me into your crazy ideas?"

Luka grinned, taking his hand and squeezing it. "Just lucky, I guess. ¿Neta?"

"Simon. No matter how this goes." Gantt adjusted the PADD between his chest and the wrist of his burned hand. They had no plan and few options. "Let's do this."

Jackson's heart twinged at the moment between Gantt and Luka. Would he get to see Nici again? The moments were ticking away to their possible destruction. There was so much more he needed to do, to figure out. He would not be dying today.

The turbolift opened onto a familiar scene. All of the duty stations were lit up. The main viewscreen showed a vast expanse of empty space. The only things that jarred their perceptions was a large counter that read 4:18 and the wrong person sitting in the captain's chair, head in hands. Immediately in front of them, a blue force field flickered.

Jackson's face hardened as he glared at the forcefield, his eyes piercing Fantome. "Gantt, get this forcefield down." Jackson growled.

Luka leaned over Gantt's shoulder, watching his communications with HALP, then looked up at the man slouched in Malcom's chair. "Fantome. Listen to me. Look at me. You saved my life on Quinor VII. I've not forgotten. Please. Let us help you. What's going on?"

For a moment Luka's words hung in the air, unanswered, and then Fantome's head came up. His shoulders squared and he stood. "There's nothing you can do to help. I've... I've been fighting to keep you all as safe as I can but now everything is falling apart. If you all go back to where you were..." he faltered. "Or the holodeck. I can keep the ship from exploding."

Jacques' head turned to take in the turbolift. The shimmering blue force field was growing dim and then brightening again. Around his left eye, the skinmorph began to pulse, sending invisible waves through the new flesh around the eye socket. "Please."

Luka recoiled. "What's... what's on your face?"

Gantt kept his head down. He had no seconds to waste arguing with Fantome or pretending to listen to him. Margaret had layers of shifting blocks locking down the ship's systems. Without breaking through the blocks they would never save the ship. A big power source might be sufficient to overload the force field. If carefully controlled the field might drop with affordable shock waves; however, in these conditions half the ship could blow apart. The entire ship was at risk if he did nothing. Fix the problem you can fix, he thought.

Without looking up from the PADD he said, "I'm going to overload the force field. If it fails, you two have to get back behind the lift door." Warp drive. Plenty of power there except... there wasn't. The core was isolated from the ship--a standard preparation to eject it. Gantt tried siphoning life support--it wouldn't be needed soon--but the system was breaking down. Without stabilizing, he couldn't draw power.

Jackson stared at Fantome. He hoped Gantt would be able to get the forcefield down soon. Fantome was backed into a corner, he had to convince him there was another way out. Jackson thought back to his last interaction. The desperation that he had heard in the agent's voice. Whatever leverage they had on Fantome, it was significant. "Fantome, it doesn't have to go down this way. We could be in this together. Luka and Gantt trust me, they will listen. They will understand. We are on the same side. Turn off the self-destruct and let's get the Firebird to somewhere safe. You are going to need a good pilot to get out of this."

"That's just it. We aren't on the same side. I am on My side. I have to be or else..." Fantome said.

"Or else what?" Luka asked.

Fantome shook his head. "Or else everyone I love dies."

The replicator system was overloaded. Transporter power was offline. Gantt muttered to himself, shifting weight from one foot to the other. A dragon head with eyes flashing popped up on the screen. He slid it off screen. Each system was unresponsive to his security codes, unstable, or shut down. HALP was not replying as it once had. The dragon head returned. Growling, Gantt flicked the stupid kid program away.

"Fantome, you need help. Let me help you." Jackson could hear it in Fantome's voice, this was going nowhere. Hopefully Gantt would get the force field down.

The dragon head had returned and Gantt would have tossed the PADD if he didn't need it literally to survive. His finger paused on the scaly head. A memory returned. He opened the program--a simple thing he designed to help Emily see power fluctuations. Now their little dragon was showing power fluctuations throughout the ship. Of course they are. Stop wasting time! one part of his mind yelled to himself. Another part saw a pattern. The chaos was not random. A clever design to draw power to a central source. The AI was carefully handling all the power on the ship in a way that looked like the systems were in stages of failure. He didn't need to overload the AI. He needed to cripple its power. Thank you for visiting Engineering, Emily, he thought.

"We are on your side, Fantome. You saved my life, for heaven's sake!" Luka pleaded.

"I did that because I could. But things have changed," Fantome said. "My mother told me to go into business with my uncle. I chose Starfleet instead. I should have listened to her."

Someone was working on ejecting the warp core. Chief Rhesha? Harlan? One by one Gantt shut down the subsystems. Some came back up. Others stayed off. He narrowed the focus to the ones the AI was using to eliminate or weaken them. With the normal protections of the station down, he used power surges from crossed systems and battery storage to fry circuits and burn out delicate wiring. The dragon showed the flow of power slowing, stuttering in time with visible fluctuations rippling across the dome of energy. Suddenly the field fell. Nothing was left to keep them from Fantome.

The instant the force field was down Jackson rushed out of the turbolift and moved toward Fantome. He sprang over the console in front of him and landed close.

Fantome's hands came up, a phaser in each one, he stuck one in Jackson's face and pointed the other one at the exposed figures in the turbolift. "I will shoot, Jackson," he said in a low voice. Behind him the clock ticked down to 3:24. "I can't use the transporters. So, now you need to surrender. If Margaret believes you, she won't destroy the ship. I can’t stop her this time." The skinmorph began to expand its shape, a tendril of flesh stretched out from beneath Fantome's eye, waving slightly back and forth.

As soon as Fantome pointed a phaser at them, Luka hit the deck, pulling Gantt down with her.

Jackson stared at Fantome, at the thing hanging on his face. "Now, that is something I didn't expect." Jackson turned his body to face Fantome casually, his hand resting on his hip, just under his jacket. Jackson made as big of a target as he could. He replied, "I don't think it flatters you very well." Jackson waited. At the moment when Fantome started to respond, he turned sideways reducing his target and shifted back. At the same time, his hand grabbed the knife hidden under his jacket and flung it at the phaser pointed at his friends. Both phasers fired, the one at Luka and Gantt went wide, knocked aside by the knife. The other flashed by directly in front of his face, he had closed his eyes in expectation but the brightness of the phaser fire seemed to sear past his eyelids. Jackson fell backwards into a roll, one hand grabbing the other knife under his jacket and his other hand pulling one from his boot. He sprang up to his feet, ready to fight. Jackson opened his eyes and all he could see was a bright white light. He stumbled slightly.

Jacques' hand stung from where the knife had slapped against it but he ignored the sensation. His first shot at Jackson had missed. The ensign was incredibly quick. He swung the remaining phaser back in line and a beam of light shot out, catching the stumbling Jackson in the chest and tossing him to the ground. Had it been on lethal damage instead of heavy stun, the young human would have been vaporized.

"No!" Luka yelled, in the midst of combat crawling into the bridge toward the science station.

The afterimage of the pilot poised to strike down Fantome burned in the air before Gantt. Stricken, he cried out to his friend. "Jackson!"

Fantome took a step toward where Luka and Gantt were, and the hallway door opened and a crowd of starfleet personnel swarmed in.

Desai was dragging a bleeding and crumpled Potter down the hall, as far away as she could from the main line of Cardassian fire. Potter was still conscious and had use of his phaser arm, but right now it was Olaf alone against the six Cardassians. Six against one. She relegated her calculation of the odds to a small part of her brain, while the larger part worked the problem of the tricorder readings. As she felt the heat of Potter's body and smelled the blood on his uniform, the pieces came together.

Desai leaned Potter against the wall and looked up.

She targeted.

She took two long strides down the corridor, building momentum. On her third stride she drove her left knee up into the air, converting forward momentum into upward power as she crunched then unfurled her body like a striking snake. Airborn, she released her bent right knee and drove the ball of her foot into her target with the force of a trebuchet. The flying front snap kick smashed into her target at a peak acceleration of thirty feet per second per second, and delivered nine hundred and thirty-seven foot-pounds of force to the single square inch that was the center of the holoprojector mounted in the ceiling of the hallway.

The crunch of metal sounded loud in her ears as she rolled into her landing. A rain of metal specks floated down around her and one of the Cardassians attempting to sneak out, stumbled back. Desai unfurled from her tuck and thumped to standing against the hallway wall next to the second, unoccupied cargo transport. She yelled to Olaf and Potter, "They're holograms! Take out the holoprojectors!"

"Olaf! Look out!" Keith managed to say, leaning against the wall. He'd taken a serious shot to his chest but he lifted his phaser and let off two brief shots, driving the Cardassians back into the cargo bay room.

Desai heard the doors to the second, empty cargo transport swish open next to her. Her curse, precise and venomous, hit the hallway slower than her body as she sprinted back behind the cover fire of her boys with the phasers.

Chief of the Boat Charles Stephens had no idea what was going to appear on other side of the cargo transport doors when they opened, but his phaser was ready. The XO and others were saved from the Holodeck, and some of the team had taken the injured to sick bay while Charles took point on a small fire team tasked with getting to the bridge. The XO, Yeoman, and Security Chief were all tired and everyone was wishing this would all come to an end soon. They had used a Cargo transport to get to the bridge deck, and it was about to dump them out in a hallway nearby. As the door opened Charles took a peek out and saw instantly some Cardassians in a Cargo bay firing at someone. If these were like the Jem Hadar he had already run into, they were holograms and they were already engaging someone.

The Chief ducked back into the lift. "We have a number of holo bad guys shooting out of a cargo bay. It seems they are contained there we need to take them out before we can proceed."

Karen gritted her teeth for a moment, her uniform still uncomfortably wet with sweat and blood. "I need to get to a console and deactivate the self destruct." She took a deep breath as she looked at the ground. They didn't have time to play cat and mouse with a bunch more holograms. "As a matter of regulation, Cargo bay one is not used to store hazardous or explosive material. It is too close to the bridge." She pulled out a medical tricorder she had taken from an emergency kit on the way. "There are no life signs in there."

She looked up and added. "Set a phaser to overload and throw it through the doors."

Charles looked at the XO. Everyone's stress level was at eleven. Now not only were they dealing with a traitor but there was a countdown to deal with. Charles thought of the order and decided now was not the time to second guess. He set his phaser to overload. He squared up to the door and tossed it. As he did, he yelled as loud as he could. "Fire in the hole!! Take cover." This was more for the unknown people the Cardassians had been firing at.

Desai heard the warning and cursed again. She slammed Potter down onto the hallway floor and fell on top of him, shielding him with her body. Olafson was going to have to fend for himself--she hoped he was better at falling than he was at keeping quiet.

The explosion knocked Charles, Karen and Kipp to their feet and flung JJ back against the wall. The security officer's head rang against the bulkhead and his eyes rolled up into his skull. In the corridor, there was a snapping sound and the lights went out completely. A moment later the backup lighting, dim and red, bloomed.

Desai cursed one more time, louder and in Klingon because those were the best curses she knew. The blast from the explosion hit her like an ocean wave: a hot, solid pressure that dissipated almost immediately. Once the wave had passed, she rolled off of Potter and took a quick inventory of her body. Nothing seemed damaged, and Potter was still breathing. But explosions--seriously? At least it seemed like the cavalry had arrived.

Karen crawled over to Davis and her hand quickly shot up to his neck. "Got a pulse." The Doctor in her wanted to stay and make sure he was okay, but she knew that if she didn't shut down the self destruct they would all die. As she withdrew her hand and got to her feet she took the phaser Davis had acquired and looked to Kipp and Stephens. "We need to go."

Looking around the corner down the darkened corridor she no longer saw weapons fire but she did see crewmembers, it was too dark to make out who so she yelled out. "This is Commander Myles, hold your fire."

Desai lifted herself into a crouch and yelled, "Lieutenant Desai and security crew Potter and Olafson! The Cardassians are holograms! If they come back, take out the holoprojectors!" Then she scooted herself in a half-crouch over to Olafson to check if he had been hurt in the explosion. The blast wave hadn't been too bad this far down the corridor, and she hoped he was okay.

Charles agreed with the urgency in the XO's voice. "Kipp you tend to Davis. I have to get the XO to the bridge." He said as he started down the hall with Karen right behind them. As they came up on Desai and the others. "Status report?"

Desai's answer was short and to the point. "Potter took a phaser blast to the chest - he needs to go to sickbay immediately. Can Kipp take them both? Olafson is fine, as am I. There's a forcefield in place preventing us from accessing the Bridge. And the holograms could reappear at any time until we disable the holoprojectors." She turned to Commander Miles.

"Sir. I suggest that Kipp take the injured to sick bay while you and Stephens and Olafson disable the holoprojectors." She pointed to the ceiling above the heap of metal shards. "That one's already down. I'll work on the getting us through the forcefield."

“Davis is unconscious. It will take two to carry him that far, and Potter is in no shape for it. Olafson and Lak, get Davis to Sickbay. Potter stay with them.”

Kipp nodded at the Chief's instructions. He leaned down and grabbed Lieutenant Davis' legs. "Lets get this done, Olaf," he said and the stunned security crewman grabbed the lieutenant's arms.

Desai turned to the control panel next to the door to the Bridge. She was no engineer, and was only starting to learn the computer systems on this ship. She stared at the circuitry on the panel, identifying power lines, system controls, sensor arrays, data storage, and system analytics. The replicator system was overloaded. Transporter power was offline. Systems display showed power fluctuations throughout the ship. It was chaos like she'd seen only once or twice before in designed systems. She thought back... She remembered the stench of fear and fire in a battle on Zoozanthyli 5, hundreds dead, instigated by the government itself to turn eyes away from its own corruption. She remembered that all warfare is based on deception.

Something was hiding in the chaos.

Desai examined the panel again and this time she knew what she was looking for. Still, it took her a while to find it simply because she wasn't familiar with the ship's systems. And someone found it before she did. As she watched, subsystems started failing and then coming back up again, while power surges from crossed systems and battery storage fried the circuits in the control panel. Whoever it was, they knew what they were doing. Finally the power flow slowed, then stuttered, and then the forcefield was down.

She released a great pulse of thanks across her own personal network to whomever it was that took the field down, then turned around and called to the others: "The field's down. We're in!"

The door swooshed open and Charles came rushing in. He saw Luka and Gantt crouched by the science station. He was about to check on them further when he took in the rest of the Bridge. It looked like Jackson was on the floor his uniform was seared in the chest from a phaser shot. Fantome was just a few feet from the door. Charles saw red. Drawing his phaser he took two quick shots both of which struck Fantome. To his amazement, he saw the shots scatter against the man's skin and then race like lighting across his face, ending up collected around the left eye. It was like the hits never happened.

What happened next he was not expecting. Fantome’s left eye glowed, and the energy shot from it back at him and his team. He tried to dodge but took one shot to the shoulder which caused him to lose balance. He skidded to a stop on his back, right at the feet of his enemy.

Luka crouched, holding Gantt as the deadly beams flashed overhead. Or was Gantt holding her?

Fantome looked down at the fallen figure of the chief and then kicked him twice in the head, drawing blood from his scalp. "You're killing us all!" He screamed, his face gathering like a storm. The clock behind him ticked down to 2:33.

"Jackson? Jackson!" Luka yelled from where she crouched under the science console with Gantt.

Jackson slowly shook his head. His vision was returning and pushed himself up. His chest was afire with pain. He gritted his teeth and stood. Fantome was kicking the chief and had obviously lost it. Determined to put an end to this Jackson gripped both his knives and charged into Fantome. Jackson went straight for the kill, stabbing down towards Fantome's neck. A black tendril lashed out and deflected his blade, but he still buried into Fantome's shoulder.

Myles had jumped to get out of the way of the redirected phaser fire and landed heavily on the carpeted floor of the bridge, she had seen a lot of things in her time but this was definitely new, she turned her head in time to see Chief Stephens receive a kick to the head and Jackson Smith attempts to stab Fantome in the neck. Which resulted in some form of physical defence technology to kick in.

Were she not there to see it, she would have had a hard time believing it. She pulled herself up on the steel bars that ran behind the Command chairs. Jackson was still digging his knife into the shoulder of Fantome but it didn't seem like it was going to stop him. Turning to the science station she began to try and access the computer, if she could gain enough control then she'd be able to do something to stop more of her people getting hurt.

Desai stood just inside the door to the bridge, watching her tricorder. It presented a picture of the command room very different from what the others were experiencing. The Bridge on her tricorder was filled with energy signatures and mass equations, the Brownian motion of molecules, cellular respiration rates, vectors of force indicating both strength and direction. She watched the energy pulse from Stephens' phaser hit the shapeshifting half of Fantome’s face (this man Stephens is too in love with his explosions), and watched the eye glow and shoot out stun beams. The tricorder traced the vector of Jackson's knives, perfectly placed and fatal force, and recorded the shifting of mass and energy in the skinmorph that produced the black tendrils.

Desai was thinking. An augmentation like that needs an input of power, and a way to control that power. Cut the one or block the other and it has to shut down. But the power and control lines were almost certainly the most heavily secured systems in the skinmorph, and getting into them would take more time than they had. The clock now read 1:42. But its energy absorption system.... Something that small had to be frugal with its resources, and there was a good chance the weaponry was vulnerable. The skinmorph was emitting small, spherical, polarized electrical fields that redirected energy down the path of polarity. The polarity fields led to the eyepiece and and ultimately discharged the energy pulse in the direction from which it came. Desai made some quick calculations: it would be enough.

She tapped at her tricorder for a few seconds then smiled as her signal slipped into the skinmorph. It traced across the fields in small arcs of light, scrambling and misaligning magnetic polarities as it went. Desai estimated the skinmorph would begin to fail in ten seconds, and shut down completely one minute later. She looked at the clock. It was going to be close.

Jacques felt the invisible strike to the left side of his face through the symbiote's neural interface to his brain. Spidery arcs of energy crawled across his cheek. Jackson's knives lanced past the suddenly clumsy flailing tendrils. As the pilot's blades sank like hot iron into Jacques' chest, he felt a deeper pain in his heart. Who would save his wife if he fell? Who would save their child?

Jackson's knives paused, and he looked into Jacques's eyes with sadness, if only Jacques had reached out for help. It didn't have to end this way. The symbiote unlatched from his brain, leaving a physical and mental ache behind. It dropped into a writhing weave of hardening tendrils on the deck. He looked down at it and wondered at the red spots appearing around it. Vertigo struck, and he realized it was his blood a second before he dropped beside it like a fallen tree.

Jackson did a quick scan around the bridge. He saw that Gantt and Luka were okay and the others were being attended to. Jackson quickly took his knife and cut a large section of shirt and began to wrap Jacques' wounds. The threat was gone, he had to save him now. Jackson's thoughts strayed to Nici. If it wasn't for her, would he be in this same position? If it wasn't for Luka, Gantt, Yumi, and even the captain. Why didn't Jacques see that he was family. He lifted up Jacques' head. "We would have helped."

With his good right eye, Jacques looked up into the face of his crewmate. After all he'd done, they were still trying to save him. Maybe they would try just as hard for Marie and Luc. "Suylea...they're on Suylea." Blinking heavily, Jacques took shallow, wheezing breaths until his good eye stayed shut. His head flopped to the side to gape at the dead and hardened skinmorph beside him with his now empty left eye socket.

But still the clock was ticking.

Luka and Gantt rushed to Jackson's side to help him treat and restrain Fantome. Commander Myles was here, and Luka trusted her to stop the self destruct. Gantt clutched the PADD. He wasn't sure why the need to protect it was so strong. Perhaps it was the solidity of something familiar in the face of the serious injuries to Jackson and Fantome. Engineering skills were useless, and he determined to ask Dr. Inel for some medical training. He watched Luka straighten confidently as she took charge of the wounded.

From her spot at the door to the Bridge, Desai studied the detachment and death of the skinmorph. She wanted desperately to snatch it up and bring it back to the lab, but the self-destruct timer now read 1:16. Desai pulled her attention away from the scene between Jackson and the mutineer and looked over at the XO. The Commander was still tapping furiously at Desai's science station, presumably working on shutting down the self-destruct. Desai took two steps to stand next to Myles and asked, "Is there anything I can do to help, sir?"

The XO ducked away from a loud pop and a fountain of sparks from the science station. Lowering her arms from shielding her face, she saw the ashen console had gone dead. Panic bloomed in their hearts as the yellow clock flipped red and dropped to a mere 59.9 seconds. A new display of milliseconds tumbled rapidly to zeros, whacking tall seconds off with the sweeps of a harvester’s scythe.

Desai moved to a different station and tried to scan the ship's systems. As she had at four or five times in the past, she reassured herself that she had lived a good life and that today was an okay day to die. The ticking clock disappeared from her conscious mind, freeing her to focus on shutting down the self destruct. But the bridge console was only partly operational, and she simply didn't know the ship's systems well enough. If she survived this, she was going to spend a lot of time up close and personal with the Firebird's computer. But for now, she was having a hard time figuring out which secondary systems made up the self-destruct sequence and how to shut them down.

At 45.1 a cannon blast shook the deck beneath their feet. Fear spiked in unison in their psyches and muddled as they realized they were still alive. The self-destruct hadn’t fired early. In fact, it had stopped. A long blue tube drifted lazily into view through the front viewscreen. The warp core.

Luka, who had ripped open one of the bridge's emergency medical kits, paused and stared at the viewscreen, her hands holding a bloody bandage on Fantome's chest while Jackson stabilized his head. "Holy..."

Desai almost laughed out loud at the sight of the warp core floating gently through space, blissfully oblivious to the drama it had left behind. She was also impressed with the engineering staff - Desai had helped shut down the warp core less than an hour earlier, and she knew that only skillful engineers could have managed a successful eject after that rough and chaotic shut-down. She decided she was going to fix herself a stiff drink, relax for an hour, then get to work. Firebird was severely damaged, and they had a lot of work to do.

Karen rubbed her forehead for a moment as she surveyed the scene, the smell of burnt conduits and consoles filled the air. "Somebody get medical teams up here, I also want a security detail assigned to Fantome at all times, they are not to leave his side until he is either dead or in the brig." It sounded harsh and in his current state maybe a bit like overkill but there was no guarantee he didn't have more tricks up his sleeve.

"Gantt, press here and here, please." Luka left Fantome's side to check on Chief Stephens with the emergency medical tricorder, giving him a hypo spray. "Chief. Can you hear me? How many fingers am I holding up?"

Karen had walked behind Luka and said. "I don't care if he can sing the Federation anthem backwards, he goes to sickbay." She raised her voice above the activity. "That goes for everyone who was injured."

Laying down the PADD, Gantt clenched his teeth against the pain in his burned left hand when he pressed down as Luka asked. Seeing other crew members alive helped. He leaned over Fantome's chest. "I don't understand why you did this, Fantome. I would have tried. So you'd better survive because I want answers." Fantome's chest moved weakly against his hands in reply, each breath a little farther from the last.

=^= Crew? This is Lieutenant Han. Computer systems have been recovered. =^= Her voice wavered, void of its usual confidence that bordered on arrogance. =^= The Firebird is ours. =^=

"Yumi? Oh thank God she's okay." Luka said, checking the tricorder's readings. "I hope everyone else is too..."

Without propulsion, the USS Firebirdfloated in space, spinning slightly on its axis, only the emergency lights illuminating the vast darkness of deep space.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles
Executive Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR
Chief of Boat
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Jackson Smith
Chief Flight Control Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer Second Class Kipp Lak
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Jesse Davis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Gantt Soto
Structural/Environmental Specialist
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Ensign Luka Stern
Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Yumi Han
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Crewman Keith Potter
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 3rd Class Olaf Olafson
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Jacques Fantome
Assistant Chief of Engineering
USS Monterey NCC-619918


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By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 3:47am

It was hard with so many players and events happening in other simultaneous JPs, but I think this came together well. It's very exciting both on and off the bridge. Everyone gets a chance to shine (or get knocked out, lol).

I'm glad Jackson finally got to face and fight his blackmailer in the light of day. Freedom! Luka's emotional appeals to Fantome added heart. Gantt and Desai whizzed their way past obstacles and deadly symbiotes. Stephens and Myles lead the charge through the last wave of enemies. Bravo!