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Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2017 @ 4:56pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok & Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & Petty Officer 1st Class Sunan Kemok & Petty Officer 1st Class Kipp Lak & Petty Officer 3rd Class Olaf Olafson & Crewman Recruit Jerant van Rijn & Crewman Keith Potter & Crewman Essen Trej
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Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1530 Hours


Savin was doing the best he could to help prepare in sickbay. As soon as they were released, he'd sent someone to fetch him a uniform. Now, properly dressed and able to assist, the young Vulcan glanced up when he caught movement from the corner of his eyes. The movement was quickly followed by a strong sense of agony. "Doctor!" he called out to L'Nel, while he was already rushing forward to assist whoever the injured person was. Though not an MD, Savin did have the basic medical knowledge most psychologists possessed.

Sunan and Gia had been as careful as they could, but Jerant's blood soaked both of them by the time they reached sickbay. Sunan in particular, who had initially hoisted the young Betazoid to begin carrying him, looked grim, her uniform now more brown than yellow. The boy was pale as a sheet, even for a human. The two security officers placed him gently on the first biobed they got to.

L'Nel came out of the surgical bay, but Savin was closer and got to the patient first. "What happened?"

"We were attacked by a hologram, a Vulcan creature, a lematya?" Sunan reported and backed away to make room for the medical personnel. "It was very large and had claws like meat cleavers."

"Le-matya," Savin confirmed, "they are predators and extremely dange-" he broke off as he leaned over the patient and he gasped audibly. "Jerant!" He backed up a pace, looking up at the CMO. "It is Jerant... how..." He beckoned for the CMO to hurry while he turned to Sunan. "What happened? How did he get attacked?" Surely Jerant would've known better than to stand up to such a creature?

Sunan picked up a medical cloth from a sideboard and tried to wipe the blood from her hands, grimacing at the partially congealed fluid. "He must have been transported into the holodeck with the other command staff. We were all separated into holding areas throughout the ship. The le-matya were sent to kill us." Sunan smiled. "We killed them."

L'Nel had done a quick but thorough catalog of the Betazoid's injuries, and his expression grew increasingly stoic. "Kemok," he said, voice belying his urgency. "Please assist me in moving him to the surgery. Savin, find a transfusor fabrication kit and load B-."

Gia shrunk into the background as others took over. She looked down at her blood soaked tactical gear for a moment. Her face was pale and waves of pain radiated from her side, from the injury she sustained -- what seemed like days ago, but was mere hours. She leaned against the wall of sickbay and slid to the floor. The trauma of all the emotion and pain finally caught up to her and she buried her face in her hands.

Though he was filtering Savin's concern for his friend, L'Nel "heard" Gia's low buzz of shock like static in the room. He glanced around, having forgotten there was another person in the room, and saw her slumped in the corner. "Trej," he called. The nurse came out of a side room where he'd been continuing to attempt to contact the bridge and other crew. "She is injured and going into shock," L'Nel said, nodding to indicate the human security officer. Then he finished placing Jerant in the surgical bed.

Trej grabbed a first aid kit and tricorder and hit one knee in front of Gia. "Hello. How are you feeling? Can you look at me?" Trej had a kindly face and tone. He reached out to touch one of her hands to encourage her to lower them.

Savin was already running to obey the CMO's demands for transfusion items and blood when from the corner of his eyes he saw someone collapse. He skidded to a halt just as Trej rushed up to assist, so he continued back to Haadok to deliver them. "Perhaps I should assist with those who rescued him," he offered, clearly not wanting to get into the doctor's way. His concern for Jerant was evident, but he was warring between his duty and loyalty towards his best friend, and his actual duties. There were obviously people here that needed his services as counselor.

L'Nel took the kit from Savin and checked the setting, then began setting the surgical bed for the transfusion. A casing of metal equipment rose from the sides, encasing Jerant in monitors. L'Nel's attention was focused on sub-dermal sutures and a worrying report on internal bleeding. "Yes, please assist Trej. More wounded will be arriving soon. Can you initiate triage procedures? I will be able to attend soon. Try to locate Mox and ascertain of her offspring is secure."

Savin nodded. "Assist Trey, triage, locate Mox," he repeated to indicate he had indeed understood. "You focus on Jerant. I will direct as needed."

Gia wasn't really wanting for attention; she wasn't the one bleeding out from horrific slashes, after all. At least she was comforted in knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that the nurse who was talking to her hadn't been pulled away from Jerant. She looked up at Trej's hand on her own trembling fingers and nodded at one part of his question or another. The physical contact forced her to focus her thoughts back on the present and to put way the incidents of the past few hours.

"My side," Gia told Trej and Savin quietly as she withdrew her hand from the nurse's and unfastened her tactical vest, which she had put on after she had received the initial injury. The compression of the vest had actually helped her move through the pain of the rib injury for the past few hours, but clearly she could no longer work through it. The removal of the vest had brought the injury back into focus and her breathing reflected the renewed pain. Lifting her undershirt revealed a sizable bruise along her rib-cage.

Trej made a tutting noise. "Nasty bruise." He took her wrist to check her pulse, then held the tricorder at chest level. "Take a slow, deep breath."

Since there were no other patients yet, Savin crouched at the other side of the pair. "How can I assist?" he asked softly, keeping his eyes on the pair of them. "Can you tell us how your injury happened? Or where?"

Gia winced as she took a deep breath for the medical officer. "There was a group of Dominion soldiers," she recalled for Savin, her forehead creasing as she looked over to the Vulcan. "I got thrown to the ground."

Dominion? Savin chanced a sideways look at the nurse before returning his attention to the woman. The bruise to her side was nasty and Savin could hazard a guess on the diagnosis but he wasn't going to step on the nurse's toes. "Can you tell me how you are feeling?" he asked her, wanting her to keep talking. "What were you thinking about when you were thrown?"

Trej took advantage of the counselor's distraction to adjust settings on the tricorder after a scan revealed a hairline fracture and bruised ribs. He flipped Gia's wrist and administered a painkiller, then started regenerating the bone. He listened, but was too focused on the task to register surprise at the information about Dominion attackers.

L'Nel came from the back room with a red surgical smock on and a face mask. "Trej, please allow Savin to complete that task if possible and come assist." The doctor's voice was exactly as even as usual, and he carefully kept his urgency from leaking over to Savin. Jerant was in very poor shape. Trej offered the tricorder to Savin without pulling it away from Gia's ribs. Trej jogged to join L'Nel, who handed him a smock. They disappeared into the surgical room.

Savin struggled with his worry over Jerant but he was determined not to get in the doctor's way. Yet, even without urgency, the Vulcan knew it was about Jerant when Trej stood up and he looked up to watch them disappear back into the theatre. Focusing on the young woman, he cast her a small smile in the hope to encourage her. "You will be fine," he assured her, "is there anything else I can do for you while I do my best to heal your injuries?" He was after all, no doctor. Not in this sense. He could do basic medical procedures but the more complex matters were beyond his skill-set.

The pain killer had an almost immediate effect and Gia already seemed less distracted by her own discomfort within a few seconds. "No... but thank you," she answered the Vulcan she assumed was a medical doctor. She shifted in position and glanced toward the door that L'Nel had disappeared through. "He'll be okay, right? We brought him as fast as we could," she whispered quietly to Savin. "I hope he'll be okay."

It took every ounce of concentration to see what she had said and he nodded sadly. "I hope so too," he answered gravely, "he is as close as a brother to me. My best friend, and assistant." He finished with her injury and closed the tricorder. "You will feel tender for a bit when the sedative wears off but you will be fine. Would you like to go somewhere more comfortable?"

"I would love to get out of here," Gia answered honestly. She didn't have a hatred of doctors or sickbay, but it wasn't the nicest place to hang out. "I'm not sure how safe it is to be wandering the corridors, though," she admitted, switching back into security officer mode. "This might be the safest place."

Kipp backed in through the sickbay doors, his arms aching from carrying the partially conscious Potter. "We have a wounded crewman," he said, lurching towards an empty sickbed. "Is there anyone who can help him?"

Olaf arrived at Sickbay with Lieutenant Davis in a fire man carry over his shoulder. "I need a bed," called out Olaf in what seemed a very busy sickbay. A nurse came up to point towards an empty bed.

Unaware of new arrivals, Savin steeled himself before holding out his hand. "I will help you to a chair," he told Gia, "I would put you on a bed but I fear they may be needed for more critical patients." He paused. "Perhaps, when you feel better, you could assist us? Help with triage, or make sure patients remain hydrated?"

Gia took Savin's hand and nodded her silent agreement before pulling herself to her feet. "Whatever I can do to help," she offered.

Trej rushed back into the room, picked up a hypospray that had been quietly loading with antivenin, and was halfway back to the surgical bay before he stopped, noticing the newcomers. "How many wounded? Critical?"

Kipp looked up at the nurse. "On the bridge, Ensign Smith is hurt, Chief Fantome, Crewman Potter, Lieutenant Davis, and perhaps Lieutenant Desai. Only Fantome was critical. The XO opted not to use the transporters given our recent problems. They should be all arriving shortly. I am unsure about the rest of the ship.

Trej breathed a Bajoran curse. "Do we have comms back yet?" Trej lunged for a panel, but the response was a distorted series of beeps from the computer. Trej shook his head. L'Nel leaned out from surgery. "I need that antivenin, nurse." Trej rushed toward surgery, calling over his shoulder, "I'll be right back out. Get them on biobeds." As he slipped back into surgical, he muttered under his breath, "What a day for a hot date, Beddite..."

The comms came to life.

=^=This is the captain speaking. The second officer and I have re boarded the ship. I am now back in command. Seek out your supervisors and department heads and begin a complete diagnostics. Be careful of the main computer. It is extensively damaged. All injured should be taken to sickbay. I know a lot of you are probably tired and scared. I'm sorry I let you down. I'm going to try to make amends for that. I'm proud of the way you responded and helped prevent what could have been a catastrophic ending. This is the captain.=^=


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer Second Class Kipp Lak
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Crewman Gianna Djokovic
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Savin Psy.D
Chief Counselor
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok
Chief Medical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Mon Sep 25th, 2017 @ 11:22pm

Lots of injuries, but--thanks to the doctor!--no deaths. It was nice to see Savin helping out in Sickbay, too, treating minds instead of bodies.