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Unite and Conquor

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 3:28am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia & Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D. & Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & HALP

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1400 Hours


Charles lead the team of enlisted through the door of Engineering and there was a distinct smell in the air that he could not quite place. He scanned the room and made out the Engineer and Scientists inside. "Everyone alright in here?" He asked.

"W-We were gassed," M'ndi replied. "No idea how long we were out."

Harlan swore under his breath. "Damn, how'd they get gas into the circulation system? There's no way a non-engineer should have had access to that area of the ship. Anybody here a chemist or have access to air particulate measuring devices? I'm not letting anyone but me head further into this deck with knowledge of what gas was used."

Desai could answer this one. "I'm pretty sure it was trichloromethane. Hang on, let me check." She picked up the nearest tricorder and scanned the room, verifying trace amounts of CHCl3 in the air. "Yup, chloroform. Not lethal, but a hell of a hangover. It's pretty diluted now - the filtration systems hopefully took care of most of it. If the levels in the rest of the ship are like they are here, it should be safe to move around."

Charles was impressed how Harlan went into protection mode. "That is fine Chief you do what you need to we will wait here at the door." Charles turned to the officers in the room. We were transported to a Cargo Bay and spent a couple hours trying to get out. My guess you were gassed about the same time. Do we have a location on the Command team?"

Rhesha looked back to the console that he had messaging with HALP on. He quickly typed up a request.

(0_0) HALP, can you locate the command staff?

He turned back to Chief Stephens,

"I am trying to reestablish sensor control from here, but I have been in contact with an Intelligence AI that may be more capable of locating them."

The comm system hissed and then a voice spoke.

=^=Attention, crew of the Firebird this is Lieutenant Jacques Fantome of the USS Monterey. I regret that up to this point I have been untruthful to all of you. You... you are a good crew. I am sorry to have done the things I had to do. I require that you all return to the locations in which you were previously held. If you do not, I will be forced to resort to extreme measures.=^=

Rhesha let out a stream of Andorian that amounted to a less polite version of "Fat Chance!" He immediately started to command lock Engineering systems.

"Anyone with a Command Clearance start locking systems."

Charles had not had a chance to even use his clearance yet but being the CoB gave him Command level clearance for this very reason. In case the Command staff where unable to lead he would have to step up. He rushed to a console and started to isolate any and all systems he could to lock under their control in Engineering. It wasn't much that he could do but he was able to get control of Security measures and Life support. That should keep them from being gasses or beamed away again. He hoped.

Desai typed a series of commands into the nearest console, worried that she wouldn't be able to access the science systems. There was enough information in there to kill the crew in one of a hundred ways if someone knew how to use it. But she was able to access the entire system in both her office and Science Lab 1, and with a sigh of relief she locked them down under the tightest security she knew how to invoke. She had no idea who Lieutenant Jacques Fantome was, what he wanted, or if her security would work, but it was the best she could do.

Gia felt completely useless. Not only did she not have any expertise in computers, engineering, or airborne toxins, she was she clad in yoga pants and a tank top (not even any shoes) and was without even a sidearm! "Chief, we should try to get to an armory," she suggested over Charles' shoulder.

Charles put in his final code. And turned to the young crewman. "I agree once we have the status of the Command team I plan to get us to the Armory to gear up and work to find more of the crew." He turned back Rhesha. "I hope we hear back from your AI soon.

[o_o] Lieutenant Commander Myles and Chief Davis are being held inside the holodeck. Captain Llwyedd and Lieutenant Ina were transported off-ship to Empok Nor before we jumped to warp.

That was the news he needed. Charles looked to Chief Harlan. "Ok, we have a goal now Chief help these people out. Do what you can. Security team is with me we will stock up in the Armory down the hall and work go from there." Charles and the two security team members started heading down the hall. Charles turned back. "We do what we need to get control of our ship."

Desai watched them go, then turned to Rhesha. "Who's on the Bridge?" A pause, then she said, "No one's on the Bridge. That is, They are on the Bridge. Lieutenant Jacques Fantome of the USS Monterey, whoever he is, and whoever is working with him." Another pause. "I'm going to the Bridge."

The USS Monterey... Desai had heard of that ship. Where had she heard of that ship? It didn't matter at the moment, but it niggled her. She briefly considered running to catch the security team and trying to talk them into going with her, but they were Starfleet and freeing the XO was probably the right priority for them. Besides, they were making a lot of noise, and might serve as a good distraction.

She looked at the personnel left in Engineering. The chief, his assistant, and M'ndi. The engineers were needed here, and she didn't think Lt. M'rron was going to be up for what probably needed to be done on the Bridge. Besides, M'rron's technical expertise and maybe even just the extra pair of hands would almost certainly be useful here. She said, "Lt. M'rron, please stay here in Engineering and help get the ship back up and running again. I would suggest making Comm a top priority." She looked all of them in the eye in turn, lingering on M'ndi. She's a good kid. She said to all of them, but to M'rron especially, "I'm the fool. Don't be the fool who follows me." The young Caitian opened her mouth to protest, but no words came out.

Desai gave her sharpest Starfleet salute and headed down the hall.

Uncomfortable assisting the security team or the engineers, Lieutenant Morrison scrounged up a medkit and scanned its tricorder over PO T'plotak. The vulcan flight officer permitted the human to put her stinging wrist in a brace after completing her scan.

M'ndi turned to the two engineers. "W-Well," she began, "this is your department, Lieutenant. Tell me what to d-d-do." Try as she might, she couldn't mask the panic lying just below her voice.

Harlan strode off into his deck to start checking things. "I'll be dead in the cold, cold vacuum of space before I let someone named Jacques mess with my engineering deck. He better hope that one of the others get to him before I do." Harlan's grumbles could be heard echoing far down the halls as he walked into the darkness.

Rhesha nodded his approval of the sentiment of his number two. Turning back to the assembled others he started to direct them to the various nodes and relays that would need to be cleared for a full system restore. Now that he was awake, he would be damned if Fantome took anymore liberties with his ship.

The recovery progressed fitfully, and after many long minutes, the one critical system went sideways.

=^=Self Destruct Sequence Initiated. This ship will be destroyed in Five Minutes=^= an unknown feminine voice declared over the ship's communications system.

Rhesha turned to the Master System Display and his stomach fell. It wasn't just the foreign AI messing with them, it had accessed the Self Destruct function. His mind raced with ways that it could be shut down. All of which were less than desirable. It took eight minutes to shut it down by routing power away from the various systems the automatic sequence would overload. Ten minutes to reroute those signals to less critical systems. The warp core could be ejected, but he wasn't sure that he would be able to pull it off, given the way that he had shut it down earlier.

It's the best shot we have. He thought and he ran to the warp control console.

"M'ndi, console seven, start a pulse of anti-protons running through the main EPS relays on Decks three, five, and eight."

If he could manage to blow out a few of the relays before the autodestruct commands came through it would prevent any major damage. But this solution would leave them floating until he could repair at least half of those relays.

M'ndi gulped, nodded, and hit the switches to blow the relays. The words "Self-Destruct Sequence Initiated" had sent a fresh wave of panic through her psyche, but now, more than any other time, she had to keep it together.

As the relays began to blow out, the soft thump audible in engineering, Rhesha watched the time tick down. He now had two minutes to ensure complete warp core separation. The controls under his fingers felt sluggish, perhaps it was the adrenaline, perhaps it was the foriegn AI, either way he was cutting it close. With fourty five seconds left on the counter the warp core ejected. With it floating in space, there was no way that it could be destroyed now. He did have a small moment of panic when he thought that one might be able to shoot it, but he relaxed when he realized that shot would not come from the Firebird the relays were blown out.

He leaned heavily against the console and brew a few steadying breaths.

"Well M'ndi, I might just have to write that up as an emergency procedure. Don't know why no one has ever thought of that before."

M'ndi sighed with relief that she wasn't going to blow up. "G-G-Good thinking." She looked towards the door of engineering. "I hope everyone else is d-d-doing okay out there."

Harlan was busy checking consoles and ensuring no further tampering had occurred on his deck. He couldn't believe someone had infiltrated the engineering sections and disrupted the natural order of things. It was good, then, that most of the sabotage he found was easy to fix. Otherwise he was ready to crawl through the ships bowels and strangle this asshat himself. He felt the slightest shudder when the warp core ejected. "Ungh" he grunted. "That's one less things to go wrong right now. Now let's get to more investigating what the hell happened down here."


Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR
Chief of Boat
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Laree Desai
Chief Science Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D.
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 2nd Class Ilin T'plotak
Flight Control Officer

Petty Officer 1st Class Sunan Kemok
Security Officer
NPC (by L'Nel Haadok)


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By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 3:30am

This big post holds together really well. Lots of contributors, and everyone adds something uniquely their own before everyone splits up. Harlan's irritation over "his" ship is a nice break to the tension, and Rhesha and M'ndi thwarted the self destruct without needing any command codes--well done!