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Revenge Best Served Cold

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 3:29am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Petty Officer 1st Class Kipp Lak & Commander Karen Myles & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & Petty Officer 1st Class Sunan Kemok & Crewman Recruit Jerant van Rijn

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Main Armory -Deck 4
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1415 Hours


Once they had found their way to Engineering and got more of the story, Charles had left Harlan to work his magic down there. Gia, Sunan, and Charles had made their way to the Armory and got suited up with full tactical setups. Once they had checked each others setup Charles took a second to stretch his back which was trying to lockup on him. "Ok so we have word the XO and your boss are being held in the holodeck. We are going to work our way there and see if we can free the leadership of the ship. Any questions?"

Gia had ditched the yoga pants, obviously, and was then sporting the latest in Starfleet tactical fashion. She ratcheted down the straps a bit tighter on her vest, it seemed to help with the rib pain and perhaps just as importantly, it fixed that annoying bulge of material in the side of the vest. She looked completely like she was up for kicking butt as she re-checked the settings on the phaser rifle. At least she wouldn't have to fling herself at holographic Jem'Hadar anymore, she could just pew-pew them from a distance. She had no questions, so she just gave Chief the thumbs up and a nervous little nod.

"None, sir," Sunan responded. Her ankle hurt like it might be lightly sprained, and she was bruised and scratched. She didn't favor the foot, however.

"We have two decks to climb to get to the Holodeck. We have very little information about the status of the ship other than Fantome has taken it over. We really don't know what other assets they have. We stick together move fast and clear as we go." Charles gave his best inspirational speech. "Kemok, you're the senior Security officer, you have point I will keep our six. Let's move." He urged them forward.

Sunan gave a curt nod and moved to the front. She reached up and popped open the security hatch over the Jeffries tube. She ducked and stepped in with her good foot, then grimaced at the ladder set into the side. Two floors wasn't that bad. Setting her teeth, she started to climb.

== Inside Holodeck ==

Jerant had started to pace again, sweat pouring down his face, his shirt soaked despite it being a dri-fit fabric. He walked to the mouth of their cave and stared off in the distance before he picked up a rock and tossed it away. "This is nuts," he complained, taking a few steps further out. "Look its getting dark soon....and trust me you don't want to be outside in a Vulcan desert at night. Whoever programmed this, probably kept that into account. None of you are armed, are you?"

Karen had sat in front of the panel and had been trying to follow the computer code as it went by. "Then I suggest you get back in the cave." She took a deep breath and held it for a moment, the heat had made her rather testy. She shook her head slightly and took a deep breath. "Patience is still our best course of action for the moment, if and when that changes I assure you I will risk using my command codes."

"That won't help for what's out there," Jerant argued, "have you ever been on Vulcan? Out in the desert? I grew up there ma'am... even in a cave, it won't be safe, assuming that whoever programmed this, has programmed the nasties too.."

Anger flashed in her. "As I have already stated twice now, I have made my decision, you gave your warnings multiple times I have heard them repeating yourself won't change anything."

Kipp got up from his resting position. "Commander, perhaps I will take Jerant and conduct a short reconnaissance around our cave. It is going to be dark soon and the heat will have abated some," he said and motioned for Jerant to follow. It was never wise to continue to engage with an angry officer.

"Make it so." She replied softly without looking up from the console. "No more than twenty minutes."

== Outside Holodeck ==

They had made there way up the two decks and found the entrance to the Holodeck. Charles thought in the back of his head that this was to easy, but he never gave the thought words. He motioned for the two security crew to take up defensive postures as he started to work on entering in command codes to shutdown the program or let them inside. Finally he was able to get the door to open and as the three of them walked in the door slammed shut behind them.

The Vulcan landscape at night, spread before them. While Vulcan had no moons, the nearby celestial objects were bright in the sky, casting an unwavering light on the desert. A light breeze disturbed sand sending it swirling around their feet.

=^=Intruders. You have broken containment. Query resolved. New course of action. Safeties released. All bio-forms will be nullified.=^=

The voice was stilted and mechanical but its intentions were immediately clear. The nearest rock butte was two hundred yards away but they could easily see three massive, bear sized shapes materialize and begin sniffing at the air. Their black fur shimmered in the dim light.

Charles didn't like the sound of that. He wished he had some binoculars. "We need to find the XO quickly and hope those creatures don't find them first."

Kipp had practically had to pull the counselor's aide outside, he'd probably have continued to aggravate the commander had Kipp not done so. The sky was clear, with only a swath of incredibly bright stars to reveal the landscape all around them. He was looking back at Jerant when he heard a loud shuffling sound.

"Did you hear that," Kipp said.

Jerant stopped walking and tilted his head to listen. While his hearing was good, it was nowhere near as good as a (hearing) Vulcan's. He'd been trying to admire the holographic starlit sky, trying not to worry about their situation when Kipp had pulled him back to reality. He took a few seconds before narrowing his eyes. "I hear something," he admitted, "but I can't make out what it is."

He pivoted around on a few times in an attempt to get a bearing on the sound. "It could be anything," he added softly, "let's just pray the safeties are on, shall we?"

"Agreed. However I am not certain they are." A low growl reverberated off of the stone around the two scouts. The hair on the back of Kipp's neck stood up. Not far away there was a thumping sound and three large shapes loomed in the near darkness. "Back inside!"

It seemed with the increase roars from the creatures they where on the sent of something. Their attention seemed trained on the butte. Charles could only imagine his people where holed up inside a cover and trapped. He looked first at Sunan. "Go out on a right flank." He then looked over to Gia. "You have the left flank. We need to spread out and fire above the butte as to not hurt anyone behind the animals. We have to assume we have the only weapons. Draw those beasts to us and away from the unarmed crew." Charles was worried about the experience of the crew but knew how Starfleet handled the training and new they would do just fine.

Gia nodded at Charles' orders and fanned away from the group toward the left. She felt her heart beating like a kettle drum in her chest. The butt of the phaser rifle was pressed to her shoulder and she swept the weapon left and right as she walked and scanned. The crunchy grind of the sand beneath her feet and the punctuated sound of her own breathing seems too loud as she strained to hear her environment, or the others, or anything else.

Sunan soft-footed to the right, crouched, keeping her profile low. If these creatures hunted in the dark, it was likely they could see well. Cardassian eyes preferred the dark. And though her hearing was non exceptional, Sunan caught scuffs and kicked rock noises from the direction Gianna had gone. Sunan slowed, watching the woman with a worried frown. She was young; Sunan wasn't sure how young, but she suspected the human hadn't seen much action.

The large creature had heard Gianna, and Sunan realized the girl didn't know. Sunan knelt and leveled her phaser, set to maximum, over her forearm.

There was movement in Gia's periphery and her eyes darted over with relief to find the Chief's form. Movement from the other direction caught her off-guard and she saw fur glint in the pale starlight. She gasped at the sight, panicked, and repositioned the phaser rifle too quickly, letting off a premature shot that missed the animal but hit something in the rocky landscape behind it.

A second shot burned inches over Gia's shoulder and hit the creature dead in the eye. It released a warbling roar mid-charge and careened to the side before crashing to the ground and kicking up dirt and dust.

Running shoes skidding in the sand, Jerant ran back towards the cave with Kipp in tow. "I don't know what that was...but whatever it was it's coming our way." He chanced a look over his shoulder to see if Kipp was keeping up, then slid to a halt as the growling continued. Right in front of them! It was as though the shots fired by the rescue team, had sent the creatures right in their direction.

Jerant froze as he stared a le-matya right in the eyes, trying to remember which part of the creature was more dangerous, the claws or the teeth. He started to slowly walk back. "Kipp," he stage whispered, "walk back, right now." His distraction was enough for the creature to launch its attack on the defenseless Betazoid. Claws left deep gashes across his chest and the young man fell back in the sand, the creature turning for a second attack.

Kipp watched as everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Fine droplets of Jerant's blood spun in the night, illuminated like small jewels. Kipp lunged forward but was too slow to catch Jerant before he fell. The le-matya's eyes locked onto Kipp and it crept forward, ignoring the fallen Jerant for a new target. Kipp waited, slowing his breathing and letting himself relax. When the great beast lunged at him, Kipp dove to his left, towards the rocky face of the butte. He could hear the animal's heavy breaths and felt a swish of air from its claws as it barely missed. He tumbled towards the rock, running as fast as he could. Behind him he heard the sand shifting in a pitter-patter.

Just before he reached the rock wall, he jumped as high as he could, planted his foot against the stone and pushed off backwards. His maneuver sent him hurtling back the way he came and he arced over the pursuing animal. The le-matya slammed into the butte head first, stunning itself for a moment. Kipp landed lightly on his feet and ran in the direction of where the phase blast had originated. The le-matya let out a horrific scream-growl behind him. Kipp hoped there was someone to assist him ahead or he would suffer the same fate as Jerant.

It was dark but Charles had developed fairly good night vision for a human over the years. Most of his experience in the war where night time excursions. He was pleased the Gia had kept her head and made a very nice shot on one of the creatures. He was left speechless when he saw the grace that the Yeoman moved with. To avoid the charging creature and using his surroundings was quite impressive. Now Kipp was headed their way with one very pissed off bear-looking thing. Charles went to a knee and leveled his rifle over his arm. He looked over at Sunan. Gave a couple hand signals and opened up on the pursuing creature.

Sunan nodded and launched from her phaser-steadying lunge into a ground-eating run. Pebbles crunched and scattered. A crewman was charging toward her, and she shifted the phaser up to take pot shots at the beast, which recovered from its collision with the rock and turned to pursue with far too much agility for something that size. The phaser blasts struck the creature's fur and seemed to distract it, but it doggedly shambled into a pursuit anyway.

Jerant was fighting for consciousness, his fingers clutching at his chest, feeling blood gush through them. He knew it was bad, his chest felt like it was on fire and breathing hurt. His mental barriers and restraint were gone, and anyone sensitive to telepaths or even any telepath could pick up on his pain. He watched in helpless horror as the creature went after his companion.

As Kipp neared, Sunan reached out with the phaser to pass it to him as she ran past. She had a backup on her hip, but she hoped the creature would continue following Kipp toward Charles while she got the man who'd been attacked to higher ground.

It appeared that the plan had worked the remaining creatures where pissed and headed towards their attackers in Stephens and Gia. With a few more well placed shots by both the creatures fell to the ground. As soon as Charles started to get out of his kneel the images around them dissipated as the holo-program ended. Some one must have gained more access to the system.

If only they had done it sooner. Sunan knelt next to Jerant. As the gray walls of the holodeck reappeared and the distance didn't seem nearly so far as when they were in the dark desert, she said, "Sir, he's lost consciousness. Likely from bloodloss. We need to get to sickbay."

Charles looked over at Sunan. "Until we know that we are back in complete control we can not trust transporters and it doesn't seem like comms are back up yet. Crewman help Sunan get him to Sickbay." He said as he looked at Gia. "I will check on the XO and others. Keep your guard up!"


Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles
Executive Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR
Chief of Boat
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Jesse Davis
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Crewman Gianna Djokovic
Security Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Petty Officer 2nd Kipp Lak
USS Firebird
pnpc Llwyedd

Petty Officer 1st Sunan Kemok
Security Officer
USS Firebird
pnpc L'Nel

Jerant van Rijn
Counselor's Aide
USS Firebird
pnpc Savin


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By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 @ 3:37am

Nice scene cuts back and forth between the two groups. I missed Myles being more involved. The fighting with only half of our crew armed and the other half unarmed against the hologram beasts played out dramatically. Jerant's fears came true. :(