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Posted on Sun Aug 6th, 2017 @ 1:49pm by Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D. & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & Petty Officer 1st Class Sunan Kemok & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ilin T'plotak
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Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Cargo Bay 2 - Deck 6
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1130 Hours


What the...... Charles thought as he was mid-stride and then saw the glitter of transporter going off around him. When it faded he found himself in what appeared to be a Cargo Bay. He looked around and saw a big Number two painted in the Hanger door. He also saw some staff looking as lost as he was. He first made eye contact with Chief Harlan. "What the hell?" He asked in Harlan's direction.

"What. the. hell. What is this nonsense. I was right in the middle of reformatting a panel that kept trying to transpose inquiries into Esperanto and now I'm here. This is ridiculous." Harlan stomped over to a computer panel to find out that it was dark and wouldn't respond to his touch. "Pure garbage. I'll have to rip this damn thing off the wall with my bare hands the way it is and start to jerry-rig a patch to try and get things back online." Harlan said this mostly to himself as crewmembers materialized around him.

Crewman Gianna Djokovic was dressed in a tank top and yoga pants and was barefoot in perfect tree pose. The momentary disorientation of transport threw her off balance and she toppled over onto the deck with an eek of surprise.

T'Plotak was seated at the comm when the air around her shimmered and she materialized, without a chair under her. She fell promptly to the floor. She noticed the new crewman Djokovic next to her on the floor, "What...what has happened?"

Mid-step, chatting with a fellow security officer on their way to the mess, Sunan realized something was on the floor directly under her foot. She jerked back to avoid stepping on... a crewman. "Are you all right?" She went into helper mode immediately, reaching down to offer a hand to T'Plotak, then noticed that she was no longer in the hall, but in a cargo bay surrounded by crew. "What is going on?"

T'Plotak took the hand offered and got up. In Turn she offered her hand to Djokovic. "That is a very good question Kernok."

"This has to be some kind of joke," Gianna said, frowning as she grabbed hold of T'Plotak's hand and pulled herself to her feet. She, however, did not seem amused if it was supposed to be funny. It was cool in the cargo bay and she crossed her arms and rubbed her almost bare shoulders for warmth. She mouthed the words 'thank you,' almost silently to T'Plotak.

Charles started to take inventory of what he had personnel wise. He had two security, an engineer, a flight control crewmen. "Alright, listen up. We have a mystery and a problem. We need to figure this out. Harlan let me know when you figure out what the hell is going on. Is anyone injured?"

Gia glanced over at Charles and shook her head at the question.

After several minutes of furious electronic work Harlan managed to get the panel working just well enough to get a status update. "Alright, it seems like a lot of the ship is on lockdown and there are transporter signatures all over the place, kinda like here. There's nothing indicating what's causing it though. I also don't have my damn tools with me to try and do more with this. Anybody else got ideas?"

"Can we force one of the doors?" Sunan offered. She was already regarding one of the panels with arms akimbo. "There must be supplies in here, something we could use to pry it open."

"There should be a manual release for the door, but I think the main problem is the forcefield, right?" Gianna suggested, a bit unsure of herself. She looked around for other means of egress. "Maybe there's an access hatch or something."

Nora had been in mid-session when she was unexpectedly transported and now, hearing everyone scramble and express their frustrations caused Nora some anxiety too. Not being able to escape had made her feel a bit claustrophobic, ironically. "Could we cut open the doors with a laser scalpel?"

"Gah!" shouted Harlan. "I've had with this panel. Something is messed up with the information flow between areas of the ship so yeah, we'll have to find a way out. We could cut through the door with a laser, though one that size is likely to take a number of hours we might not have, plus there's still the force fields. Let's check the panels. There might be spare tools so even if I can't figure out what's going on, I can at least start to rewire some things and see if we can't get past the fields."

Charles took Harlan's idea to heart and started to rip open and loose panels to see if they could find something. At first most of the panels that gave way just exposed some conduit and guts of the ship. He could tell people were getting frustrated and started to feel helpless.

After a couple hours of searching the room. Everyone was tired and tempers were short. Charles had sat down to catch a breathe and try and refocus on a plan to get these crew out of here. As he sat their blankly looking up at the walls of the Cargo bay he noticed a and exhaust vent. They had been paying so much attention to the doors and panels that know one had noticed an exhaust vent about ten feet up. Charles stood up and walked over to the wall. He could see that there didn't appear to be a force field active at the vent. He turned to Harlan who was still trying to figure out how to bypass the force field. "Chief Harlan, if we can stack some of the stuff in here up and reach that vent any idea where it might lead us??"

"Great question. I'd say that'd put us somewhere around crew quarters or an observation area. Either way we are better served checking it out than sticking in here. We finding anything to stack in the compartments?" Harlan said.

The whole bay became a tetris puzzle field in Gia's mind's eye; the goal being one of the vents that disappeared into the ceiling high above. She imagined the stacking of cargo crates and containers into a rickety pyramid and the thought of climbing it made her slightly nauseous. "It's mostly emergency equipment," she offered from her previous survey of the room hours before. "Food, fuel cells, survival gear..." at least they wouldn't starve to death. She wiggled her toes to keep them warm. There were no boots found yet, however. "A lot of heavy, solid, crates," she confirmed, nodding up at the vent diffuser grate, begrudgingly agreeing to the idea.

"Well then lets get to work." Charles said as they started to carry and drag boxes over. They worked to stack them up on top of each other until it was stacked with in a few feet of the vent. Charles looked over the tower of stuff before he started to climb the structure. As he started up it started to settle a bit but the uneasy feeling got better. As he made the summit he was able to use a screwdriver to remove a few bolts and open the vent. He thought to himself Through the rabbit hole I go And he pulled himself through the hole. He peaked his head back down. "Looks like it is a Jefferies tube. So it has to go somewhere. Come on."

Even though the ship was small, it had a lot of jefferies tubes. The crew moved in relative silence, the darkness broken by only the muted red emergency lighting. Their shuffling of hands and feet on the metal floor produced a thrumming effect that announced their presence to anyone or anything nearby. Fortunately, nothing appeared to harass them because it would have been a difficult fight with the six of them in such close quarters.

Throughout their trip through the jefferies tubes, Harlan's voice sounded off from the rear. He knew more about the ship's tubes than the people who had built them, thanks to the hours and hours he had spent crawling around by himself. That experienced served them well. They emerged onto Deck four, slipping into the now seemingly expansive hallway. Their backs complained as they stretched, and groaned.

Boy Charles was not getting any younger. He felt his back not wanting to stretch out very well as they all emerged. He took a second to assess the scene. It looked like they where on Deck 4. While he wanted to get to the bridge, it was probably going to be an uphill battle. "Ok here is the plan of attack. Let's get to the Armory and we can hopefully stock up. Then since we are on 4 we will go secure Engineering and let Chief Harlan work his magic there." Chief looked at each crewman. It was a mix of experience and not, determination and nervousness. "We stick together use our strengths and we can figure out what is going on."

"I can cover the rear, sir," Sunan offered, feeling exposed in the empty hallway. "Is there a way to mask our signals to the ship's sensors? We could get transported to some other trap at any point, if whoever started this realizes we've gotten out."

Harlan spoke next, "I'll head straight to engineering. There won't be any weapons near fusion reactors assuming whoever is doing this isn't a damn fool. Plus, nobody can get the drop on me in my own territory."

A strangely stilted female voice filled the hallway.

=^=You have broken containment. You must be restrained. Sub-routine Submission Protocol engaged=^=

There was a shimmering at the end of the hallway on both sides of the small team of starfleet officers. Eight Jem' Hadaar appeared, four to a side. They were excellent examples of what a Jem' Hadaar soldier should look like. In fact, they were all exactly the same. They all cried out at the same time "For the Founders!" and rushed forward.

She'd already been taking up a lookout position at the end of the chain of crew, and Sunan turned into the threat automatically, hand going to her hip... for a phaser that wasn't there. She growled and stepped in front of the leading Jem Hadaar to block his rush.

The computer announcement and the shouts from the newly materialized 'intruders' had sent a chill of panic through Gia but as she watched Sunan take up a defensive stance, she pulled herself together with a nod of self-reassurance. If ever there was a time for her yoga attire, this was most assuredly not one of them. "Someone tell me there are safety protocols," she whispered as she settled herself into position and then flung herself at the nearest oncoming holographic intruder. She hit the Jem'Hadar like a pebble being thrown against a wall, but she did not easily relent as she beat her fists against the thing a few times with as much force as she was capable.

Harlan was never much in the way for fisticuffs, but he'd had just about enough of today. He folded outward with a speed most hadn't seen since his training days, catching one of the Jem'Hadar with a kick to the side of its flickering head.

As the crew started to engage these random attackers all Charles could think of where did these targets come from. He questioned if they where even real or Holo-projecters. either way they needed to be dealt with. He loved the fight he saw from the enlisted staff. He realized he was the only one that had a phaser on his side. So as Gia was fighting with all her might Charles pulled his phaser and struck her combatant in the head. He fell to the floor and disappeared. He gave Gia a smile as he realized these where holo-projections after all.

T'Plotak had followed along with the crew, now she stared unbelievable as the Jem'Hadar attacked. She was never good at hand to hand and for a moment she hesitated, but she recognized the extreme similarities and assumed they must be holograms. This was confirmed when one of them disappeared. She moved to join Sunan and ducked under the swing of a Jem'Hadar she struck a nerve in the back of its knee, disabling it.

Harlan's battle was over almost immediately as his kick was perfectly placed right at where Jem'Hadar had a major nerve cluster. It collapsed and dissipated before anyone knew he had been attacked.

As the enlisted crew dispersed the first wave, a second wave appeared and threw themselves forward. The fight degenerated into a mass of fists and kicks and people bouncing off of the corridor walls. In the middle of the third wave, the ship lurched, knocking everyone to the floor. All of the remaining holograms disappeared as one and the overhead lights grew brighter. Slowly the crew managed to get to their feet but none of them were unscathed from the fight.

After they had all made it to their feet Charles had taken a shot above his right eye that burned. He could smell blood as it oozed out of the wound. "Everyone still with me?" He said looking over everyone. His first thought was to make sure no one had any life threatening injuries.

Gia had taken a beating by the hologram, but was still standing in the end. She rubbed her side and looked a tad bit pale. "Good to go, Chief," she announced with all the enthusiasm of a high school cheerleader as she pushed away the discomfort of what would later be diagnosed as a bruised rib. She gave Charles a thumbs up.

The new boot was growing on Charles. She was a ball of nerves, but had a heart of a warrior and knew how to 'cowboy up' and get the objective done. He smiled back. "Alright we need to find out what is going on in Engineering." He gave the command and the team made their way to the door to Engineering. Once they had arrived it looked as if things where looking up as the forcefield on the door had been disabled.


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Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR
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Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

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Petty Officer 1st Class Sunan Kemok (NPCed by Haadok)
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Petty Officer 2nd Class Ilin T'plotak (NPCed by Jackson Smith)
Flight Control Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant JG Luka Stern on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 9:17pm

Ooo very exciting. Still can't wait for Luka and Gia to meet. I love how Harlan's just angry his Esperanto reprogramming was interrupted. Poor little Jem'Hadar hologram didn't know what hit it.

By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 10:11pm

Our finest enlisted--never count them out! Very resourceful, everyone. Gia and Sunan's arrivals were especially funny at the beginning, Charles was a great leader, and Harlan's cranky resolve was as fun as always. The first to break free!