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Forced Vacation

Posted on Sun Aug 6th, 2017 @ 1:48pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Commander Ina Nici
Edited on on Mon Jan 22nd, 2018 @ 12:54am

Mission: Mission 2: Echoes of the Dominion
Location: Empok Nor
Timeline: 30 March, 2394 - 1130 Hours


Lieutenant Ina Nici was walking through the corridors of the Firebird when it happened. She materialized in what appeared like a cargo bay full of crates. Where the hell am I? thought Nici looking around the room. It was disorienting to say the least. It wasn't long before someone else materialized on the other side of the room. Nici could make out a Starfleet Uniform in the distance. Nici began to sneak around the crates to see if she could get a better look. When she realized who it was.

"Captain," Nici exclaimed, "What the hell is going on here? I was on my way to the mess to get some food. When I was transported to who knows where."

Malcom looked over at his second officer and then around the large cargo bay. He knew right away they weren't on the Firebird. "I was just getting ready to put on my gym clothes when I ended up here. I'm glad I didn't get further along in the process." He pointed down at his bare feet and wiggled his toes. "Lets go."

He walked over to the access hatch and palmed the door. It made a weird sound and nothing happened. "I didn't think it would be that easy." Malcom looked around and spotted a maintenance tool belt hanging from the wall. "Any guess as to what is going on here?" He said and grabbed the belt.

"Well Sir," said Nici, "If you don't know then either someone on the ship or someone on the station beamed us off the ship." Nici looked around at the room. "From the looks of it we are on Empok Nor." Nici quickly tapped her comm badge and heard a dull chirp. "It appears we have no comms and there is no computer access from a cargo bay. So what's the plan?"

Malcom held up the tool belt. "We break some stuff and get out of here. Losing your own ship is not something starfleet looks kindly on." He pulled out a maintenance tricorder and ran it over the doorway. "Looks pretty straight forward. Whoever stuck us in here was in a hurry. They rerouted the main power but left life support on. All we have to do is disconnect life support and use that power to open the door. Of course, if it takes us more than thirty minutes, we'll freeze to death or run out of air. What do you think?"

"Well Sir if it's power you need transferred give me that tool belt and get out of the way," Nici said smiling, "I'll transfer the power you get the door open... Deal?" Nici grabbed a couple of tools and separated the coupler that lead to life support for the cargo bay and the door. Taking the power line on one hand. "Alright Sir," I'll need concentration without access to kill the line I could get fried making the connection."

"So you are telling me politely to shut up?" Malcom said. "Got it." He took a step back to give her time to work on the panel. How often we destroy starfleet equipment. Its a wonder they don't just give us modular replicated junk. As she worked, he looked around the cargo bay. Might be something here we can use. He carefully backed up and started rummaging around.

Nici very carefully made the connection to the power network that controlled access to power just before she finalized the connection she look back at the airlock door in the cargo bay. "All right I'm not one hundred percent sure here with Cardassian technology but the entry power sequence is the same system that controls the Airlock doors and I would assume that who ever did this disabled the force fields. So if you are a religious man Sir, you may want to close your eyes and pray." Nici finished connecting the line to the entry system and a loud woosh came from behind her. Prophets this is it thought Nici as she looked back to the airlock doors opening behind her with the sudden blue hue of the force field holding the atmosphere in the cargo bay.

"I'm pretty sure that just cut our time in half, Sir," Nici said, "Try the door now."

"That is not something I see every day," he said pointing at the airlock doors and the vastness of space beyond. Malcom moved over to the hallway door and keyed it. He was overjoyed to see the door roll open and then frowned when he saw another blue force field in place. "Halfway there, lieutenant."

"Now what Sir? I don't have access to the force fields power supply from here but it seems we can try and moved through the relay junction and maybe find a bulkhead in the outside hallway. I normally would suggest it because one wrong move and we are both fried, but it seems the only live power line is the one I just moved."

Malcom considered their options. No communications so far. "Lets look in these crates. Maybe something will be of use." He moved to the stacks of crates and began examining them. Some were labeled, some were not. He saw that a grouping of blue crates was labelled as MEDICAL, which could come in handy. Others had mysterious number sequences, 847530 GH was the closest but they didn't have the time to open an examine every crate. Malcom saw Nici making her way through the crates opposite from him. He moved past the initial pile and saw a tall, wide crate, easily the largest he'd seen. It was approximately a foot taller than Malcom and was edged with a yellow and black crisscrossing pattern. The label said CARGO LIFTER.

"I think we've got something over here, Nici. Come help me open this crate."

Nici made her way to the Captain and helped him open the crate. Oh god, boys and their toys, thought Nici to herself. "What are you planning to do with this Sir?"

Malcom examined the cargo lifter. It was a mechanized load lifter, an age old model that had been continually upgraded. It had a helmet that fitted around the user's head and a joystick in either hand that allowed for movement. It was powerful and compact, capable of being operated in space or any harsh environment. He looked at his Chief of Ops. "I am going make a damn big hold in that wall and make the Empok Nor commanding officer very upset with me. Help me get this thing on."

He'd never worn one of the lifter rigs before and it took him a few precious minutes just to get into the thing the right way. Lieutenant Ina was more patient that he expected, talking him through some of the hard parts. Eventually he was properly situated. A HUD display screen popped up on the inside of the helmet when he toggled the power on. The gyros that helped the operator maintain balance began to whir and Malcom smiled. This was going to be fun.

"Now Sir," Nici reminded him, "When Captain Hood, asks for your command you'll tell him how often I tried and talked you out of this wont you?" Nici wanted nothing to do with this plan, but the Captain wanted thought this was the best option and they didn't really have the time to think of anything else. If Nici restored the power to the life support she was worried the open door of the Cargo Bay Doors wouldn't close and messing with the power could cause the force fields to fail. At best the Captain would put a hole in one of the stations walls, at worst he would damage the wall and the cargo lift and they both would have wasted valuable time that could not be got back. The only option left would be to risk the crawlspace between the cargo bay and the outside corridor and any live power lines running through it.

"So noted, lieutenant," Malcom said. "Although I think our TFCO, General MacTaryn, would understand. He's a marine." With that, Malcom pushed the joysticks forward and promptly fell over. The falling cargo lifter dented the floor of the cargo bay. Malcom's head rang from the collision but he shook it off. "Ok. So this isn't as easy as I thought it would be," he said. "Lets try again." The second time he moved much more carefully, getting the lifter to its feet after a couple of minutes. He trudged over to the force field and paused. "Give me your expert opinion. Do you think I can punch through the force field? Or perhaps I could damage on of the emitters?"

"Honestly Sir I think you'd have a better shot of punching through the wall," Nici smiled. "That lifter won't have enough power to punch through the field but if you can get any accuracy with it you may be able to knock on or two emitters that should give me enough room to squeeze out and then I could access the controls from outside."

"No time for subtlety. Stand back." He made sure she was clear and then use the joystick to get the lifter's arms up. He pulled the joysticks all the way back and the arms followed suite. He took a second to make sure he wasn't about to punch through one of the major structural supports and then slammed the joysticks forward. The metal grippers at the end of the lifter's arms slammed into the wall. The sound reverberated off the wall, hammering into their ears. Not fun. The dent they left behind was nice, but Malcom needed more than that. He repeated the motion again and the wall buckled. By the fourth time, there was a big enough hole to climb through and he could see the deserted hallway beyond. He used the grippers to bend the jagged edges of the hole inward to eliminate the risk of cutting themselves.

"These clothes aren't appropriate for Ops," he said and hit the emergency shutdown. The suit collapsed around him, the safeties blowing the connective joints. It looked like a rainshower of metal parts. He pulled off the helmet and tossed it into the impressive pile of parts at his feet.

"I'm sure that is going to cost me somehow. Come on." He ran over to the hole and pushed his way through. "You have to admit I did an amazing job!" He grinned at Nici.

"Yes Sir," Nici laughed, "I hope Demolition isn't on the list of things needed to be in command."

Malcom rushed into the lifter. "Ops," he said and then tapped his combadge.

=^=Llwyedd to Firebird=^= No response.

"Computer, what is the location of the USS Firebird?"

The computer's voice was a silky Cardassian male. "The Firebird has undocked from Empok Nor and is departing."

Malcom cursed. "Under who's authority?"

"Unknown. The Firebird requested clearance to depart approximately two minutes and twelve seconds ago."

"Computer play audio of that exchange. Authorization Llwyedd Theta Charlie Seven."


The combadge cut to the recording:

=^=Firebird this is Empok Nor Flight Control. We are reporting an unscheduled departure. Please advise=^=
Another voice.

"Empok Nor this is the Firebird. There must have been some kind of foul up. We are testing repairs to our hull with a small cruise out and back. I will ensure that our flight control team doesn't make the same mistake again."

=^=Understood Firebird. You are clear on your current heading. See you soon. Empok Nor Flight Control out.=^=

Malcom glanced at Nici, his jaw set. The voice was easy to identify. Fantome.

He tapped his combadge again.

=^=This is Captain Llwyedd to all crew of the Firebird on Empok Nor. The ship has been... taken by Chief Fantome. Do not attempt to beam aboard. Contact me when you receive this message=^=

Almost immediately there was a reply.

=^=Ensign Luka Stern reporting. Ensigns Smith and Soto are with me. We're on Empok Nor. Ready for orders.=^=

Oh dear lord. The ensigns. He thought. But he had few resources.

=^=Understood, Ensign Stern. I'm with Lieutenant Ina. We are headed to Empok Nor Ops. See what kind of resources you can locate to get back on the ship without using a transporter and let me know. Llwyedd out.=^=

=^=Captain, Stern, Soto and I have access to a ship, we will try to make contact before the Firebird goes to warp.=^=

=^=Understood, ensign. Do not, I repeat, do not get yourselves killed. I'm talking with the station commander now and I hope to come up with some alternatives but if the Firebird gets to warp, nothing in this sector has a chance of catching her. I will monitor your progress from here. Good luck, Jackson. Llwyedd Out=^=

"Any chance they won't all hurt themselves?" Malcom said. The lifter began to slow and Empok Nor Ops came into view. It was crowded but their arrival did not escape notice.

"Our ensigns have become quite the team Sir," Nici responded, "While I'm not sure they won't get hurt they'll pull each other through and that's what matters. Depending on what ship they have gotten they could beam me aboard if you'd rather me take over there." Nici stopped and looked at the Captain. "But I'm sure they can handle it you may need my help"

Malcom stepped off of the lift. "Lets see what happens." He looked around the busy ops center until he spotted a tall, dark haired human with captain's rank and uniform. "That must be Captain Hood. Lets go talk." He walked over. "Excuse me, Captain Hood? I'm Captain Llwyedd from the Firebird we have a serious problem. My ship just left the station and it is not under fleet control."

"It's not under fleet con... What?" Captain Winfield Hood jumped into action. "Alright folks I need the Firebird on the screen now. Let's get tractor beams up I want to snatch that ship before it's out of range."

"I'm sorry sir it's already out of range it's at the edge of the system," replied Lieutenant Commander Jax at operations.

"Let's scramble up some ships what so we have to send after her?" asked Captain Hood

"Actually Sir the only Starfleet ship docked is USS Fearless and half the crew hasn't to take it's maiden journey." said Dara

"What's the closest Starfleet ship in the Sector?" asked Winfield.

"The Brilliant is 3 days away Sir," replied Dara.

"I'm sorry Captain Llwyedd is it?" Winfield held his hand out. "I can offer you a couple of Runabouts but I just don't have a lot to offer.

Malcom nodded. "I'll take you up on that offer. If the Firebird gets to warp, we won't catch her but I can follow. I appreciate your help," Malcom said. He turned to face his Second Officer. "You're with me. Lets hope those ensigns and the rest of the crew can stop Fantome somehow."

"Yes Sir," replied Nici. She still couldn't believe Fantome was the one behind this. Perhaps her proximity to Jackson got in the way of her senses. She was normally a very good judge of character. "The crew of the Firebird can handle it Sir, if not we'll be right on the there tail to get the ship back." I hope ... thought Nici to herself.


Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Lieutenant Ina Nici
Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant JG Luka Stern on Thu Aug 10th, 2017 @ 8:32pm

YAHOO! Busting out Ripley-style! And don't worry, we Ensigns will hurt ourselves but we will also, somehow, manage to survive. :D Thanks for the vote of confidence, second officer :)

By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 4:53pm

I thought of Aliens, too--so fun. The forcefield being their only protection from the vacuum of space was suspenseful. I kind of wish the Fearless could have come racing after the Firebird!