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Cadet Field Report 1

Posted on Mon Jul 1st, 2019 @ 9:21am by Cadet Junior Grade Jacob Lenert

Cadet Jacob Lenert Field Report 1

I have been assigned to the USS Firebird for a year long training cruise. This log, in addition to other methods of keeping record will be a way for the faculty to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of this year, and hopefully help me determine where I find a place in Starfleet.


I have been conflicted these last few months regarding my place in the Academy. Although I have always felt that I am supposed to be in Starfleet the last few months have made me question that decision. Pops has always been a loyal Officer, and Ma has always been tangentially connected to Starfleet.

Work Detail

I have been assigned to Security as my first assignment. Lieutenant t'Aegis is more proof to me, that this is not the department for me. But, I could have told them that after the first class in Security Procedures.


The star-field is impressive. Getting my bearings each time takes less and less time.



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