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Extract of Rhiana's Diary, Age 24

Posted on Tue Nov 27th, 2018 @ 6:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

Equivalent of January 2

I have finally been assigned to a warbird for my last year of the Great Duty. I have of course studied the schematics and deck listing, but it is even more impressive when one is aboard. It is more difficult to navigate than a space station and I got lost yesterday. I had to ask the computer for directions to avoid being late for my first shift. I am assigned as assistant to the assistant chief medical officer. It is both, an honour and an amazing opportunity to learn from an excellent officer.

I was less pleased to meet Havraha during second meal in the recruits' mess today. He was assigned to the navigation department. He looks a little more mature now and appears to act that way as well - he made a point of sitting opposite of me when he spotted me and he did not comment on my parents. Maybe he has grown up. In any case, with him up on and around the bridge and shuttle bay and me in the medical bay, I doubt that we will run into each other all that often.

Equivalent of May 13

I keep running into Havraha. It is really quite strange. Our shifts do not usually match and yet we are often in the same place together. I like to exercise before and, if I can, after my shift. Preferably at a time when the gymnasium is not too full. In the last two tendays, Havraha "happened to be there" at least seven or eight times roughly at the same time as me. He did not speak to me much, but he was certainly watching me more than working on the exercise machines. I do not know what to make of it.

Equivalent of June 3

Havraha managed to get himself assigned to the same llaekh-ae'rl class as me. I wonder who he put pressure on to manage that. At least, he seems to have worked on his skills in the last few years. Of course we were put together for partner exercises and while I still beat him, it was not nearly as easy as back at school. It was actually a good match.

Equivalent of November 9

I was selected for advanced officers training! The chief medical officer just told me. I still cannot believe it. They approved my application! They are really allowing me to be trained to become a Galae officer! An /officer/! Me! After all of the other recruits telling me that I would never stand a chance.

I went to tell Havraha who was also waiting for the results. He was also selected, but that is not a huge surprise. He is a s'Khnialmnae. Unless he showed absolutely no leadership talent, his place in advanced officers training was practically guaranteed.

Still, I am quite glad. It means that we may still be able to meet each other from time to time, even if we will barely have any classes together.


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