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Extract of Rhiana's Diary, Age 20

Posted on Mon Nov 26th, 2018 @ 2:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

Equivalent of January 1

Last night, I went to bed still a boarding school pupil.
This morning, I and my entire age group swore the military oath that marked the beginning of our Great Duty. I am now for the first time wearing the uniform of a Galae crewman recruit fifth class. Of course, we wore uniforms at boarding school, but this is very different. I am a member of the Galae now!

I have heard rumours that recruits are considered nothing more than cannon fodder, but that cannot be true for all of us. I mean, I just graduated phi'bresalsam (rough equivalent of high school) with honours and as a medical doctor. I am supposed to be doing my medical internship and residency during the Great Duty. Surely, they will not have me sweep floors for the next five years?

Equivalent of March 8

There are five thousand three hundred and forty-seven members of the Galae and about the same number of civilians aboard this station. Fifty of the former are fresh recruits like I am and arrived with me about two months ago. By now, everybody seems to know who and, more importantly, what I am. I had not expected that. The teasing and finger-pointing at school had considerably calmed down the last few years. I guess after several years, there was just no fun in it anymore. And now, the finger-pointing is back. Wherever I go, I notice people glance at me or even stare at me outright and not in a friendly way.

I had hoped that my origins would not matter during my military service. I have heard several people wonder loudly how it was possible that I was allowed to wear the Galae uniform. But mandatory service is mandatory service. My parents may be traitors, but I have never committed a crime. Therefore I have as much right as any other Romulan to serve.

It still hurts.

Equivalent of July 26

After more than half a year of being assigned to the medical bay's nightshift, the nurse in charge of medical recruits finally reassigned me. I am quite tired of cleaning the medical bay from top to bottom every day. Or rather, night. Now, I will be allowed to serve as a medical technician during the nightshift.

It is not what I hoped I would be doing, but complaining is not an option. Else I might not be considered for advanced officers training after the completion of my term of service. And I want to become an officer and serve aboard a warbird.


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