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Extract of Rhiana's Diary, Age 15

Posted on Sun Nov 25th, 2018 @ 2:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

Equivalent of February 3

The first month of phi'bresalsam (rough equivalent of high school) was gruelling to say the least. I have more classes than ever and they all seem to be twice as demanding as during phi'deltasam (rough equivalent of junior high school). Only five more years... if I manage not to kill Havraha in the meantime and get executed for it.

He is soooo annoying. Always teasing and making fun of me. After all these years, one would think that he has become bored with it. Maybe he is annoyed that I get better marks than he in our common classes. He is actually barely average. And ever since I broke his nose, he tries to keep clear of me in llaekh-ae'rl class. I have to be careful not to show him how much that pleases me.

Equivalent of July 5

We just got the result of our mid-year examinations. I passed all of them with very high marks. I came out top in llaekh-ae'rl and was among the best in surgery. The surgery mistress told me that she would switch my specialisation from general medicine to surgery. She also said that good surgeons were always in high demand. I might not end up on a backwater planet after all.

Havraha failed astrogation and civics. I guess he should have spent more time studying instead of fooling around with Rhea. She failed civics, diplomacy and Federation Standard. So much for aptitude-based streaming. She will never be a diplomat, good or bad. They are both confined to school for the next three months with no leave and remedial classes instead of leisure time.

Equivalent of December 9

I think Havraha is trying to be friendly with me. That or he is trying to appear friendly just to hurt me in the end. That is more likely. He and Rhea broke up during their remedial classes period and he is not with anybody right now. But I do not think he is desperate enough to want to hang out with the daughter of traitors. Nor do I want to hang out with him.

I mean, he is not that bad looking. But year-end examinations will begin next week. I must not fail those.


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