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Extract of Rhiana's Diary, Age 12

Posted on Sat Nov 24th, 2018 @ 5:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

Equivalent of March 15

They all hate me. Even the masters and mistresses. Even more so now than before. There is a new pupil, Havraha. He was sent to boarding school after his father was arrested for fraternising with the ennemy. I do not know what that is and when I asked the others, they laughed at me and said, "At least, /he/ is not a traitor." He arrived two days ago and is already part of the most popular group in my year. /And/ he was streamed into starship operations. He says he is going to become the best warbird pilot the Empire has ever had. When /I/ arrived here, I was streamed into the medical sciences. It is very interesting and I have good marks. But I will certainly be assigned to some backwater planet as nurse for the rest of my life.

Equivalent of April 9

I miss space. Flying on all kinds of different starships and meeting so many different people. It was fun, most of the time. I also miss my parents. They may be traitors, but they are still my parents. Most of the other children here get to go home from time to time or have family members visit them. That will never be possible for me. My parents will be arrested as soon as they set foot on Romulus. And I cannot leave here. Even if I knew where they were, I have no money to book passage on a ship.

Equivalent of May 27

I broke Havraha's nose in llaekh-ae'rl class today. He had been making fun of me for days already and I could not take it anymore. There is nothing I could say which would make him stop. So I took advantage of being paired with him in class. He is a head taller than me, but slow. It was easy. And it felt good to see the blood gushing from his nose and see the look of surprise in his eyes. The master made me clean the training mat and I have to sweep the llaekh-ae'rl room for a tenday, but it was worth it.


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