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A Job Well Done

Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 3:50pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd

Captain's Personal Log Stardate 71184.7

If this is what all of our missions are going to be like, I'm going to need more therapy and more shore leave. I've already been in touch with Starfleet and they have approved some shore leave time when we get back to Empok Nor. I'm planning to give the crew as much leeway as I can. We are down to one shuttle but I am going to have engineering begin work on building a new one. We can replicate most of the parts ourselves, which is a luxury other ships don't have.

(Sound of ice clattering into a glass)

I'm going to have to talk with Crewman Johnson's family. I'm... not looking forward to it. I was hoping that we wouldn't have these kinds of responsibilities. It reminds me of the Iowa. Not the kind of memories I want to wallow in. -sigh- At least there is good news about Lieutenant Keys. She's been accepted by a top notch spinal research center on Earth. It looks like she will be back on her feet eventually. Doctor Haadok's work was amazing. The head of the clinic examined the records of her surgery and told me that a lesser surgeon could have ruined her chances for rehabilitation.

I've been thinking a lot about Commander Myles. She's done everything I have asked of her and more. I am going to wait until we get close to Empok Nor and see what she would like to do. I would love to have her as XO but... there's a reluctance to her that I can't quite figure out.

We'll be here at Quinor VII a few more days so that M'ndi can get the weather machine up and running. She says it should remedy the situation on the planet around the colony and it is expandable in the future. She has done amazing work. I'm planning to submit her and Lieutenant Keys' design to Starfleet R&D. They deserve some recognition for that.

I'm worried about Gul Riyat. He's not the type to disappear without a trace. I've got a bad feeling that we are going to run into him again. Oh well. I shouldn't borrow worry from the future.

All is well.

Computer, End Recording.


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Comments (2)

By Lieutenant JG Luka Stern on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 8:00pm

I very much enjoy seeing the Commander's opinion on things, nice post!

By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han on Mon Jun 26th, 2017 @ 5:41pm

"(Sound of ice clattering into a glass)" -- an especially nice touch.

Very clear summary of events weighing on the Captain's mind, like taking a breath of air after swimming underwater in the many details of mission posts, lol.