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Chief Counselor's Log #1 - First Impressions

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 @ 9:32pm by Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D.

I have made it aboard the Firebird just in time, and I am relieved. It wouldn't do for the Chief Counselor of an emergency response vessel to be left behind on the ship's shakedown cruise and first mission, though I am wondering if I was ever really in any danger of missing my boarding. Perhaps I'm just excited. It feels nice to be back aboard a ship dedicated to helping people in need, a vessel that has devoted a significant portion of its crew to those with medical and psychological training.

This will not be my first time aboard such a ship, although the USS McCoy was a hospital ship, sponsored by Starfleet Medical. My understanding is although many of the emergencies the Firebird will be expected to respond to will concern the injured and the sick, it has a slightly broader mission profile related to emergency management. I expect this could also include responding to diplomatic crises, hostage negotiations, and emergency evacuations. Having served on the USS McCoy on similar missions, I know in the field, this may be a distinction without a difference, but I am looking forward to interacting with a diverse group of personnel with varying specialties. As a physician, I certainly value what medical ship crews have to offer with regard to emergency response, but I also know there are any number of crises just as deserving of intervention that can't be managed with a medical tricorder and hypospray. I look forward to sharing my expertise and being professionally challenged to apply my skills in new ways.

Thus far, I've only met the Captain, but I expect to meet the rest of the crew in the coming weeks for the required psychological evaluations and perhaps socially. My meeting with the captain was brief, but from what I've gathered so far, I can tell he's done his homework on all of us and has a clear understanding of what's expected of the ship and crew. When I met him in his ready room, he was sitting behind his desk, reclined in his chair, and with his eyes closed. He'd called me to enter, so at first I was concerned he was ill. He assured me he wasn't and then proceeded to rattle off information related to my background, but even so, I got the sense the weight of his responsibilities may be pressing on him. Either that, or I've stumbled upon one of a handful of commanding officers that likes to party and didn't mind coming into work hung over. Kidding aside, it's been known to happen, as there seems to be all stripes of commanding officers. Whatever the reason, I'm interested in learning more about him and will have to take a closer look at his service record. I suspect we will work well together and can appreciate a man who isn't afraid to show he is in the unshakable, infallible, upright commanding officer at all times.

For now, I must waste no time getting to work, as I expect our call to service could come at any moment. Some people are rattled the intensity of our missions, but thus far, I've been lucky to find them energizing. Let's hope that particular luck continues to hold out.


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