Lieutenant Commander Ina Nici

Name Ina Nici
Position Former Crew
Rank Lieutenant Commander
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5’2”
Weight 112 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Physical Description Ina Nici keeps her appearance simple. You will rarely find her out of a well pressed Starfleet Uniform. She keeps her fiery red hair shoulder length and while very attractive considers herself average. Nici’s endless energy normally has one of two effects on those around her. It either motivates others or exhausts them and she secretly takes pleasure in finding out which.


Father Ina Tramel (deceased)
Mother Ina Jolet
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ina Nici is the definition of an extrovert and is extremely organized. When there is a job to do she rarely waits and tackles it head on with boundless energy that surprises most from her small stature. There isn’t a task that Nici will back away from and she loves to challenge herself with new more dangerous tasks. Her latest challenge was learning to fight with Klingons.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Organized and Task Driven
+ Hard Workers who never backs down from a challenge
+ Athletic with Boundless Energy
+ Leads from the front
- Can be overbearing
- Takes Needless Risks
- Competitive
- Pryophobia
Ambitions Ina Nici has had many ambitions through her life. She has wanted to be a professional spring ball player and run her own business. Ever since she decided to join Starfleet she has been singly focused on her career. As she enters her first assignment as a department head she is one step closer to her current goal, a red uniform as she shown interest in command since she was at the academy.
Hobbies & Interests Ina Nici has many hobbies but she never seem to keep one. She is constantly looking for the next adrenaline rush. She has played spring ball professionally and loves to tackle things that let her use your physicality. Currently she practices Mok’bara a form of Klingon martial arts and is become quite good at it. When Nici isn’t looking for her next fix of adrenaline she is a very devout and religious Bajoran. She takes her faith very seriously

Character History

Personal History Ina Nici was born on June 3, 2367 to Ina Tramel and Jolet, in the Kendra Province on Bajor, as the first child. Her father was a part of the Bajoran Resistance and with Nici still under a year old was killed during the Kendra Valley Massacre in 2368. Jolet and Nici were taken by the remaining resistance to the Dahkur Province and her mother began to help the resistance by providing medical help. Her mother was a nurse by trade and her skills were greatly needed towards the end of the Cardassian Occupation. The Cardassian Occupation ended a year later and by the end her mother had become more of a leader in the Dahkur Province.

Growing up was rough for Nici in the Dahkur province. Rebuilding started almost immediately after the Cardassian left, although there were very limited supplies. There was much to do and with her mother taking a leadership role in the province as soon as Nici was old enough to help she was tasked with much. From farming to building Nici did everything needed to rebuild the completely ransacked province, as the Cardassians hadn’t left much behind upon their departures.

When she was old enough she started playing springball, much to the chagrin of her mother. Nici was good and after long she was signed to a team. Her focus was singularly to become the best springball player on Bajor. She had hoped springball would take her away from the her mother and those that relied on her. That was when everything changed. She met Colonel Kira Nerys at a local springball tournament. In Nerys she saw a woman who was from the Dahkur Province that had become one of the most important figures in Bajoran history. She looked at joining the Bajoran Military as Bajor was joining Starfleet and soon there was no Bajoran Military to join. She worked hard to prove she could be a good Starfleet Officer and upon her 18th birthday received a recommendation from non-other than Colonel Kira herself.

Upon arriving on Earth, Nici was lost. She had never been off Bajor and she felt so out of place, but she wasn’t scared. She lived for change and threw herself at the challenge. She worked hard to catch up to most students in the academy and even though her own education wasn’t on par with most of her classmates, she caught up quickly. Upon graduation, she was ready to join the fleet and missed Bajor terribly the closest assignment she could get put her on the Klingon border.

Nici was aboard the USS Aristotle, a Nova Class Ship, full of scientists as a new Operations Officer. While her crew learned to respect her as a hard worker she began studying Mok’bara, and after just two years was named Assistant Chief of Operations for the USS Aristotle. After five years on the Aristotle she became really homesick and missed Bajor. She applied for multiple assignments to DS9 but never qualified. Finally she found a new ship that was launching into the Cardassian Sector. While Nici had no love loss for the Cardassians it would put her close to home and she could at least take leave on Bajor without to much trouble.

She was accepted as a Chief of Operations aboard The USS Firebird and promoted to Lieutenant. As she arrives aboard Empok Nor she is eager to take on the new responsibility but also knows home is just a short shuttle ride away. Only the prophets know what the next step on her path is.
Service Record 2385 AUG - 2389 NOV Starfleet Academy, Cadet, Graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Management
2389 NOV - 2391 AUG USS Aristotle, Ensign, Operations Officer
2391 SEP - 2394 FEB USS Aristotle , Lt Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2394 FEB - 2394 JUN USS Firebird, Lieutenant, Chief of Operations
2394 JUN Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Assigned as XO to USS Sagan

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