Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok

Name L'Nel Lerius Haadok
Position Former Crew
Rank Lieutenant
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Betazoid
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color
Physical Description L'Nel has a slim, fit figure, average height, with tan skin and black, curly hair. He looks to be in his early thirties by human standards. He has the signature winged eyebrows and tipped ears of his Vulcan mother, his curly hair being the only visible sign of his Betazoid heritage. Contrary to his obvious species traits, he can usually be found smiling, and he has cheerful eyes. He has several behavioral ticks, of which he isn't proud; he fiddles with objects, taps his fingers against things (usually his other hand, his thigh, other things that don't make noise) and seems to be constantly thinking through something complicated. He even sometimes hums subconsciously.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Atus Ikaidu-Haadok (Betazoid)
Mother Delvok Haadok (Vulcan)
Brother(s) Lamum Ikaidu-Meatu
Half brother on his father's side
Sister(s) Viane Ikaidu-Meatu
Linni Ikaidu-Meatu
Both half sisters on his father's side
Other Family Extended family on his father's side, limited contact with mother's family

Personality & Traits

General Overview As the Chief Medical Officer, L'Nel is focused, knowledgable, and cool under pressure when performing his job. On his own time, he is somewhat more reserved and a bit socially inept, though friendly and even mischievous.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Highly analytical and logical
- Very calm under pressure with medical issues
- Hard to anger
- Positive and kind

- Reserved, doesn't trust easily
- Has a difficult time forming deep or lasting friendships
- Moderate stage fright
- Either talks too much or too little
- Can't tell a lie to save his life
Ambitions Continue to learn and develop his mind and telepathic skills for the good of his patients. Perhaps find a partner, though his feelings on this are somewhat complicated by both Vulcan and Betazoid customs.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys logic puzzles, though usually only on his own time. He enjoys casual sports and plays the ressikan flute and, more recently, the piano. He enjoys reading and socializing in small groups.

Character History

Personal History When questioned about his parents, he usually replies that his father likes challenges. While this is true, his parents have a very happy marriage, and L'Nel had a comfortable upbringing. Vulcan and Betazoid cultures seem at odds on the surface, but L'Nel could (and would, if you give him half a chance) write you a treatise on the core similarities and how they compliment one another. Add to that the natural dovetail of the two races' psionic abilities, and L'Nel is honestly surprised there aren't droves of hybrid children like himself. Of course, the technology required to allow that kind of genetic cross is fairly recent. He has high hopes.

Most Betazoid/Non-Betazoid crosses result in children with lessened, or even nonexistent, telepathic abilities. However, likely thanks to L'Nel's Vulcan mother, he developed the full suite of telepathic skills around puberty, like other Betazoid children. However, he struggled far more to adapt to them than Betazoids, thanks to Vulcan hormones. He struggled so badly that his mother took him to Vulcan to continue his education and learn to control his emotions and the constant mental assault of other minds. The training helped him form mental barriers, but the culture shock was far more intense than he or his family expected. The free and non-judgmental lifestyle of Betazed was utterly rejected by his kin on Vulcan, and he learned to reign in his thoughts and opinions very slowly.

While he didn't excel in acclimatizing to either his telepathic gifts or his peers, he found refuge in learning. This was a common ground he could find with other Vulcan youths. He received accolades for his educational pursuits, but he never felt welcome, and when he felt he had control of his emotions and telepathic abilities, he begged his parents to let him move back home.

Unfortunately, as it goes with culture shock, the return to what he thought of as the paradise of Betazed didn't go smoothly. The techniques he'd learned on Vulcan, and the years of social atrophy, disserved him, and he found the natural telepathic flow of thought from one to another invasive. He became withdrawn and antisocial. He'd become too Vulcan for Betazed, but too Betazoid for Vulcans.

His salvation came in the form of a visiting Federation ship bearing a human ambassador. His father, a member of the Tenth Noble House of Betazoid, was meeting with the ambassador. L'Nel found the quiet, non-telepathic minds of the humans restful, while the discipline of the Star Fleet officers was reassuringly formulaic and easy to understand. By the time the ambassador was preparing to leave, L'Nel had gained permission from his parents to go to Earth and train at Star Fleet Academy.

At the Academy, L'Nel flourished, finally finding his feet socially, and showing an aptitude for medicine, with his unique combination of Betazoid empathy and strict logic and control of his emotions. The rest was history.
Service Record L'Nel has had 4 posts over his career, as he moved slowly up in rank. His records contain notes from multiple commanding officers that he progressed smoothly, but could have move up rank faster if he'd applied. He isn't highly ambitious, and was only convinced to take on the greater responsibilities when he saw that this would benefit the staff by filling a leadership void or replacing a lackluster staff member. He is more concerned with the strength of the team, and the quality of the care of their patients, than with personal prestige--likely, as per another note, because his family is one of the higher ranking noble houses on Betazed, so "his quota of notoriety is well and properly filled back home." This from the captain of his most recent post, as Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Perseus.

2365 - Graduated Vulcan Science Academy
2368 - Joined Starfleet Academy
2372 - Graduated Starfleet; Enrolled in Starfleet Medical Academy
2376 - Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy; assigned to the Persephone to serve as an Ensign Medical Officer
2378 - Assigned to USS Huntley
2380 - Promoted to Lieutenant jg.
2382 - Promoted to full Lieutenant until the ship was decommissioned
2383 - Transferred to the USS Starside
2387 - Promoted Assistant Chief Medical Officer; transferred to the USS Perseus
2393 - Promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the Firebird

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