Petty Officer 3rd Class Kaya

Name Kaya
Position Computer Systems Specialist
Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class
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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 160 cm
Weight 79 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Olive
Physical Description Kaya is sturdily built; while not necessarily the typical cut of a Starfleet officer, she easily passes any physical demands. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair, a round face, and strong features. Her spotting pattern has a rhythm common to her province, larger scale and darker colored. Her voice is naturally a little low and raspy, and she has a loud laugh. She knows how to smarten up for the bridge and senior officers, but her normal mode is a relaxed way of sitting and walking.


Mother Juna and Aso
Other Family Tell Taryil - Aso's brother, Kaya's uncle.

Personality & Traits

General Overview For Kaya, working with computers is more art than science. Shipboard systems are by nature deeply complex and individual (even among the same model) that it’s more efficient to treat them like people. Stay organized, stay curious, and be flexible. Kaya is all three. She’s an iterative, hands-on learner, and a surprisingly careful teacher.

Most of the time, Kaya’s easy to get along with and self-assured. But add a little bit of confrontation or stress and her expression darkens. She tends to shut down when faced with criticism - a safer alternative to snapping at officers.

Kaya’s as comfortable on her own as around other people. She’s learned not to worry so much about what others think of her, so she’s easy company off-duty. She enjoys hearing people go on about the things they are passionate about, but her eyes can glaze over at the technical details.

Starfleet, to Kaya, is a steady job and a perfect opportunity to get her hands on interesting systems and meet interesting people. She’s not always on board with the ideology or the growing military involvement, but luckily, that isn’t really a requirement so long as she follows orders and does good work.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Picks her battles.
- No, that’s too many. Put some back.

+ Good learner
- Bad student

+ Exceptionally efficient at her work
+ Resilient
+ Creative

- Resistant to being instructed or inspired
- Restless
- Arrogant
Ambitions She’d like to have a Terran cat.

Kaya is happy where she is, professionally, although that’s liable to change. What she wants is more control and more challenges and unless she starts to work towards more responsibility, she’ll find herself stagnating.
Hobbies & Interests Kaya spends a lot of time watching cinema via the Trill Central Database and keeping in touch with friends. She enjoys dabbling in language learning and the cinema and theatre of other worlds.

Character History

Personal History Kaya grew up in a provincial city capitol on Trill; one of her mothers is an officer in the security corps and her other mother is a public health specialist. Like many Trill, Kaya applied to be considered as a symbiote initiate in her early twenties, but her application was declined after an unsatisfactory psychological evaluation.

Then she began preparing for Starfleet Academy. All through her youth, she had an interest in computers. She excelled at the subject in school and contributed to public works projects before she was eighteen. Her marks in the subject area were high, but she was turned down twice. She would have tried a third time, but a Joined mentor suggested she enter Starfleet as an NCO - there was no shame and Kaya would get to do what she wanted to do - get hands in the systems of starships.

So, Kaya attended the Starfleet Technical Services Academy specializing in starship computer systems.
By the time she was 25, she was serving a brief assignment on an Excelsior-Class destroyer, and then a New Orleans-class frigate. She has just been assigned to the USS Firebird and comes aboard with the marine detachment on Bajor.
Service Record 2364 - Born on Trill
2380 - (16) Basic education requirements fulfilled
2385 - (21) Application as symbiote itiative declined
2386 - (22) Starfleet applications declined
2387 - (23) Starfleet Technical Services Academy
2388 - (24) USS Centaur, Petty Officer, First Class
2390 - (26) USS Thomas Paine, Petty Officer, Second Class
2394 - (30) Assigned to USS Firebird

(I am not familiar with Starfleet NCO ranks or education, so I'm happy for advice on this.)

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