Lieutenant JG Murril Na

Name Murril Na
Position Former Crew
Rank Lieutenant JG
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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 49 (Born 2345)

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 86 kg
Hair Color Black turning salt-and-pepper
Eye Color Black (Betazoid genotype)
Skin Color Similar to Earth’s Middle-Eastern complexion
Physical Description See avatar from

(Yep, it's actor Oded Fehr with short hair. Granted, I suspect his stubble in the photo would be gone in order to fit into Starfleet regulations.)


Spouse ex-wife, second ex-wife, there will be no third wife
Children none
Father deceased due to natural causes
Mother living on Betazed and remarried
Brother(s) older brother working on Betazed, younger stepbrother attending school on Vulcan
Sister(s) older stepsister working on Deep Space 4 as part of Starfleet, younger sister attending school on Vulcan
Other Family paternal grandmother and paternal grandfather (deceased of natural causes and cremated on Betazed), maternal grandfather (deceased and buried on Vulcan), maternal grandmother (deceased, buried on Betazed), paternal stepgrandmother and stepgrandfather (deceased and buried on Betazed)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hates attending live theater because the thoughts of the actors rarely match what their roles are expressing. Likewise, prefers reading or seeing recorded fiction. When it comes to non-fiction, prefers live news reports, live documentaries, and live biographies.
Strengths & Weaknesses +systematic


+sense of humor improves ship morale

+refuses to lie about test results even when those results are unpopular or politically embarrassing


+changes his opinion easily if new (and accurate) information becomes available

+pushes himself to enter crisis situations where the emotions of distressed disaster victims will be a constant invasive threat to his concentration and sanity

-at risk of mental collapse during crisis situations if too many suffering victims are experiencing enormous negative emotions. (The more victims in one area, the worse it is for him.)

+asks questions even at risk of appearing unintelligent

-asking questions causes unease among those Security and Marines who consider his need for clarification as possible disloyalty.

-not a prodigy. His telepathy/empathy is below average for a Betazoid. Plenty of other candidates could do his job in chemistry aboard the Firebird more easily with fewer mistakes. He would be surprised to learn that he was chosen over six other candidates, all of whom were Vulcan.

-hates formal speeches because the words coming out of their mouths rarely match what they’re really thinking.

-hates intense and unstable emotions both in himself and others, because emotions cloud reason every time.

+capable and willing to take initiative if usual chain of command is absent

-capable and willing to take initiative if usual chain of command is preoccupied with their own duties

+hard to ambush, even in a crowd, but it can be done

-No matter how many times he has been taught how to do the Vulcan nerve-pinch, it is the one technique he is eternally unable to do outside of a controlled class situation. He hasn’t given up yet, but he’s getting old enough to wonder if he just needs to quit trying and turn his efforts towards goals which will actually bear fruit.

-if necessity demands, he sees no problem with stepping over medical ethics in favor of scientific ethics. This does not endear him to medical personnel.
Ambitions Eleven years ago, he quietly refused to falsify readings for a rear admiral who felt the research’s findings would be politically embarrassing to the Federation’s image. The rear admiral quietly paralyzed the career of the Betazoid chemist. Anyone attempting to promote him beyond his current rank will find themselves mysteriously stuck in red tape. Although Murril Na doesn’t know this has occurred, the lack of promotion has inadvertently allowed him to acquire quite a range of lateral interests and proficiencies, both in intellectual fields and hands-on tools.

After two overemotional ex-wives and a stalled career with no logical explanation on hand as to why it has stalled, he has no ambitions beyond perfecting his de facto competency and going where he is needed to help others. Thankfully, the Firebird’s mission of fast-response aid to war-torn unstable regions fills that need.
Hobbies & Interests Although a scientist, he also believes in ghosts. Then again, to most Betazoids, ghosts (an emotion with an absence of a physical body) are reliably detectable. To Betazoids, believing in a ghost is probably no harder than believing in a sparrow or a beetle.

Character History

Personal History To help afford tuition at Starfleet, Murril worked as a bouncer at a bar near the dorms. His ability to unobtrusively scan individuals in the crowd allowed Murril to stop fights before anyone got too destructive. Although usually a rules-follower, he inwardly enjoyed how he could predict the incoming attacks of any truly violent troublemakers a split-second before their limbs began moving. With a moderate amount of self-defense training, he was often able to mentally and physically keep the peace in that bar whether or not he could talk tonight’s latest rowdy antagonists out of badgering each other into a fight. Unlike what everyone believed on his home planet, diplomacy and talking about feelings didn’t seem as useful as physically stopping fights which had already begun.

His studies then (and since) have been in chemistry, biochemistry, history, psychology, biology, anthropology, and degrees in both intra and extraplanet religious studies. He has doctorates in two of these. He considers the mastery of hands-on skills and abstract concepts to be equally important. He is a believer in the philosophy that If you know but cannot do, then you do not actually know.

He continued learning additional martial arts styles regardless of where he was assigned, happily and respectfully sharing his discoveries regarding telepathy/empathy with his instructors and his fellow students. He usually lost to the instructors because they had experience, but he wasn’t there to win anyway. He’s there to improve. He’s there to learn.

After all, for the myriad martial arts philosophies throughout so many galaxies, Murril Na noticed that nobody had ever tested to see whether a practitioner who truly lived their art’s philosophy would actually be any better at doing the techniques taught by their arts. To this day, it’s a lifelong research project that seems a good fit to his temperament.

Granted, he sometimes had to resort to using holodeck opponents when the real thing was unavailable, and the holodeck simulations were often a far harder challenge due to their utter lack of emotions and thoughts to read. Much to his surprise, holodeck simulations were also the most calming activity which his Betazoid paracortex needed after any away missions involving the emotional maelstrom from too many emotionally distraught victims.

His doctoral dissertation in psychology was about the statistically-significant mental health benefits of telepaths who spar versus a holodeck opponent within a few hours after an emotionally overwhelming experience. (Na, 2380) He has given hands-on seminars and presentations of his dissertation at the Vulcan Institute for Defensive Arts, and these are possibly his proudest accomplishments in life.

If asked to describe one of the darkest moments in his life, his first choice would oddly not be those times when he was subjected to the emotionally-unbearable presence of too many suffering disaster victims. His first choice is the time he sat in a folding chair, listening to the commencement address on the day he graduated from Starfleet Academy.

Yes; a commencement address was the most frightening experience he ever had.

The orator’s name was J.P. Hanson. That’s Vice Admiral J.P. Hanson. The Vice Admiral gave a rousing and passionate talk about living in an age of peace and progress and excitement and discovery. Hanson truly believed everything he said to the graduates; there was no jaded tarnish underneath. The class gave him a standing ovation.

That year’s sole graduate from Betazed noticed that the commencement speaker’s words didn’t match the thoughts and emotions underneath. Nobody else could notice it, though.

Cadet Murril Na watched Vice Admiral Hanson give a commencement address of hope while underneath Hanson’s trustworthy mask was overconfidence, no regrets, no guilt, all guts, all glory, and all delusion. Less than a week later, over two-thirds of the class was dead without ever getting more than eight light years away from Earth. They were killed aboard their first ship assignments, holding their position at Wolf Three-Five-Nine.
Service Record 2345 Birth, Betazed
2363-2367 Starfleet Academy - Sciences Track - Chemistry
2367 Graduated (Middle of Class. No Honors. No Disciplinary Infractions.)
2367 USS Liberator NCC-67016
2367-2372 USS Exeter NCC-26531 (Miranda Class Science Vessel)
2372-2385 USS Cochrane NCC-59318 (Oberth Class Science Vessel)
2385-2394 Deep Space 4
2394-? USS Firebird NCC-88298 (Diligent Class Frigate)

Note: Throughout his life, Murril has visited Vulcan on repeated occasions due to family ties.

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