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May 2019 Awards

Posted on Sun Jun 2nd, 2019 @ 7:15am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Edited on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 10:45am


[Captain's Personal Merit] Lieutenant Laree Desai

I think we can all admit that when she's writing with us, the sim is better. I know that her real life is hectic and stressful but her decision to come back and participate a little in Mission 5 has been a wonderful thing. She and I discussed the mission in detail, in regards to the scientific aspect, and she was able to come up with a background logic that makes everything work together better. Desai is outstandingly written and engaging. I know we won't have her involved as much as I would like but real life is more important. I am thankful for her and look forward to seeing her write in our sandbox again. For these things and more, I award my Captain's Personal Merit to Lieutenant Laree Desai.

[Crew's Choice Award] Lieutenant Cynfor Rees

"I must say, there were a good number of very strong writers in the last period, but Cynfor really grabbed my attention with their recent plot line. Really fantastic stuff."

"Cyn had several excellent posts and wrapped up a great personal development arc over the last month or two. It was really nice to see that seed planed in his character history mature and come to fruition across several posts with many different characters."

"The story arc to wrap up Rees' past was really well done and an interesting read. I also like how he manages to make his children appear "alive" and not just names in his personnel file."

"Cynfor's subplot added a ton of angst and intrigue to the interlude! It is such a gift when one of the crew crafts a story around their character and invites others to join in the fun. I can't wait to see what Rees gets up to next."

"It is always a pleasure to see someone take an interlude and really turn it into something special for their character. Cynfor's history made for a great group of JPs and will have an effect on the character's future. Great stuff."

Runners Up: Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han, Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt, Cadet Junior Grade Jacob Lenert

[Creativity Award (Level 2)] Lieutenant JG Murril Na

"I would like to nominate Murril for the trio of posts titled Holodeck Halloween. I truly enjoyed these posts and feel that it was an exceptionally creative flair on an old post concept, that of spending time in the holodeck. The way that the writer spins the Betazoid empathic feeling of fear is original and reminds me of my favorite Voyager episode titled The Thaw. Both these posts and the episode show how people deal with and handle fear. I would love to see more of these where Murril brings others into the holodeck and runs the program to see how it affects them."

[Ribbon of Compassion] Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

"I know that the description of this award says that it is for those in the Counseling Field and that my nominee is not a Counselor, however, I hope that you will hear me out. I would like to nominate the post "Unnecessary Roughness" for this award. In Star Trek as in real life very often those who counsel us best are not actual counselors. This post shows a young woman who is mentally torn up by what she saw and did, and an older wiser woman who counsels in her own way. As I said in my comment on the post I suffer from PTSD and this post hits close to home. I know that a lot of times I do not wish to talk about it. Sometimes it is best to simply hit things. The exchange at the end of the post where Gia finally admits what is in her head "I did everything I could..." Rhiana offers words of consolation and perhaps absolution. I feel that even though Rhiana is not a Counselor this post showed us the compassionate side of the usually stoic smarmy Romulan."

[Service Gold Merit] Commander Yumi Han, Cadet Jacob Lenert

Thank you to Sarah and Seth for being with the Firebird for over two years! I can't tell you how much it means to me and how much the sim needs and appreciates you.

[James T. Kirk CO of the Year (Level 3)] Captain Malcom Llwyedd

"I have been a simmer for nigh on 20 years now. I have seen Commanding Officers come and Commanding Officers go and I have never seen a CO so dedicated to everything. Captain Llwyedd is dedicated to his crew (writers) and ensures that the stories are solid and involve everyone in some way. He is also dedicated to a word, and that word is community. He ensures that we are not just here telling a story, but we are here as friends and as a community. This is something that I try to emulate in the sim that I am CO of. Most of all Captain Llwyedd actually makes you want to succeed, to write something that is truly exceptional. There are few people that I have met that give you that want, that drive to do well. I am not only happy to be a part of this sim, but I am happy to call Captain Malcom Llwyedd friend."

"Fred goes to great lengths (in terms of tags and in terms of behind-the-scenes and in terms of the community) to keep multiple interconnected storylines and Slack and Firebird membership moving right along. (He has demonstrated this commitment often enough that it's not just a one-hit wonder sort of thing.)"

"Captain has been the real best in the years we've been doing this sim. I wouldn't have pushed Harlan nearly as much without Captain behind me encouraging and inspiring my writing. He is truly deserving of this award as not only a great commander, but one of the best people."

"Fred is doing an outstanding job with running the game. He's not afraid to run apparently dozens of NPCs to both, gently steer events/posts in the right direction and, more importantly, make sure everybody is included and has something to do in a mission. He's like the glue that holds the ship together, which is rather well proven by Slack statistics: participation drops when he's on vacation."

"My Captain, My Captain. Fred has been an excellent leader and a phenomenal story teller. We as a crew have been blessed to have Fred at the helm of this exercise. Thank you Fred, not only for your work as the leader of the sim, but also your friendship and genuine interest in us and our lives. Thank you."

"Few sim captains could handle such a large crew or so many comings and goings, but Fred handles it all with impressive patience and inspiration. He can improvise or carefully plan out a story arc with the best of them! We are always hungry to come back for the next space adventure he's cooked up. He is a friend to us all both inside and outside of the sim. We are lucky to have such an amazing person as the Firebird captain."

(Thank you, friends. I appreciate your kind words.)

Runners Up: Emily Mox!

Congratulations to our winners!

Steady as she goes

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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