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April 2019 Awards

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 10:20am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Edited on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 10:45am


[Captain's Personal Merit] Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith

Not everyone on the ship is an outgoing extrovert. Brian is our resident lurker who surfaces from time to time on Slack and in our Friday meetings to say something important. He is always around and has been so since our inception. I am thankful for his willingness to write and explore some of the corners of our growing setting. His interactions with Zulg are fun for me and I think they let us look into parts of the Star Trek universe that aren't seen much. He is quick with his tags and helps keep us all from dying with his superb flying skills. Brian is a great crewmember and writing partner as well as just an all around great person. I am glad to have him as a member of our Firebird community. For these reasons and many more, I award him my Personal Merit.

[Crew's Choice Award] Warrant Officer 1 Arlan Harlan

"Doug does a great job of being active, writing lots of posts and chatting on slack. Despite having a character that is older and set his ways, its cool to see his character grow. He has done a great job this last month!"

"Definitely Harlan for me. Harlan developed from Jeffries Tube hermit to Chief Jeffries Tube hermit in Warrant Command school. His character developed, he finished 3 JPs, and he's been a constant on Slack in spite of his busy work schedule. This is the kind of involvement that keeps ships going."

"It has been really great to see how Harlan has changed over the past few months. He has stepped up to a role that I don't think most people would have pinned on him when he first came aboard the ship. And while he retains his curmudgeonly, tubes loving persona, he is also a leader in engineering."

"I expect to see great things out of Harlan in the future. I am excited to see how things go for him. Great job!"

[Heart of the Tiger] Awarded to the crew member who writes supreme battle posts, making their posts enjoyable and exciting to read in the heat of battle.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Lieutenant Cynfor Rees
Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis
Lieutenant JG Murrill Na
Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith
Lieutenant Commander Jorgen Leed
Lieutenant JG Yikete Oggt
Master Sergeant Robert Schiano
Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite
Crewman Kieth Potter

"I am submitting this nomination under the Captain's name, however, I would like to nominate the whole crew for this award. I feel that the Crescendo series of posts, as well as the post titled "Call In The Calvary", are great examples of what this award is supposed to represent. I know that the whole crew has contributed to those posts. The amount of suspense, combined with the action make the posts a joy to read over and over again."

Congratulations to our winners!

Steady as she goes

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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