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February Award Winners

Posted on Tue Mar 5th, 2019 @ 11:25am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Edited on Fri Aug 16th, 2019 @ 10:45am


[Captain's Personal Merit] Lieutenant Murril Na

This award goes to our illustrious Assistant Chief Science Officer for a number of reasons: I am very impressed with the skill and thought that goes into Na's posts across all of his JPs. There is a dedication to clarity, nuance and thought provoking language that is hard for most people to sustain. I also appreciate how well the character's Betazoid heritage is integrated into the writing without being overbearing. It has also been a treat to see him interact with different characters, having come onto the ship right before the mission started. Finally, for all of the wonderful comments that he leaves on our mission posts. It is a pleasure to have him on board the Firebird and for these reasons and more, I award him my personal merit.

[Crew's Choice Award] Lieutenant Commander Rhiana t'Aegis

"We are blessed with a plethora of well written, well rounded characters on the Firebird. Rhiana is certainly one of those. However, she is more than that. She's a Romulan. Alone in a crowd, trying to find a place that she feels at home and not quite getting there. But she doesn't let that push her into giving up. She keeps doing her job. She brings unique perspective and dialogue. She makes decisions that are true to her background and somehow keeps surprising us. Her JPs are always a treat."

"First off in the simming community in general it is a fairly popular concept, a Romulan in Starfleet that is. But Rhiana handles that basic concept in a very unique way. She is not a fish out of water or Romulan simply biding time until the Empire can come back. She is a person who has embraces the Federation, but does it on her terms. Once more it seems that everyone on the crew has a unique respect for Rhiana both in character and out of character."

"Rhiana really dazzled me this month and has been a consistently great writer in this mission. She manages to keep herself in that strict alien mindset with very alien ideals and motivations, but so well adapted for our timeline and circumstances."

"This last mission was a great example of her writing. Her character is engaging and adds a lot to the story. Plus she is active on slack and always willing to be a part of the community."

"I wish there was a badass award. Rhiana just keeps hitting it out of the park."

"I like the ways that Rhiana surprises me as a character while staying true to herself. It's a good touch that Mel has handled well, and Mel as always is a steady presence on Slack."

Runners-Up: Lieutenant Nora Morrison MD, Lieutenant Cynfor Rees, Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic; Emily Mox; Master Sergeant Robert Schiano

"Gianna's two flashback posts were awesome. I love the tension and emotion in the scenes with the "doctor". Absolutely compelling stuff."

"I've been impressed more than once over the past several months how Liam makes it look easy to write a believable character of the opposite gender. Also, not to point out the elephant in the room, but he ice-picked his main OC's eyeball and even had unflattering-and-realistic psychological reactions from that character. THAT type of writing is really, reeeeeally hard to do IMO. It requires self-confidence, patience, and faith that your readers won't put the novel permanently back on the shelf while in mid-page of Chapter Two. It's the equivalent of reaching the final boss in a video game and letting your main character die because it would tell a more memorable story."

"Everyone has done some fantastic writing this mission, as always, but I wanted to nominate Emily for crew's choice this month. It's been great to read how our resident precocious child is coping with this fish out of water situation. There's just the right blend of childlike naïveté with the humor we all love. :-)"

"For both, the current mission and the background story. Both types of post show a different person than what one has seen aboard, someone who is more than just jovial and friendly and good-natured. The grief and problems arising in both series are well portrayed and I really like how he remains a Starfleet officer through and through."

[Service Gold Merit] For 2 Years of Service:

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Lieutenant Commander Nora Morrison
Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith
Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan
Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt

I would like to sincerely thank those who have been with me since the beginning. The sim wouldn't have been successful without you.

[Unsung Hero Medal] Lieutenant Nora Morrison MD

"On the planet of Far Wanderer, Nora has been consistently written in a way that demonstrates how to properly write a character who doesn't want the spotlight, the medal, or top billing. She's not portrayed as a wallflower, victim, loser, nor comic relief. She IS portrayed as being the sort of person you'd want in your escape pod while the ship is blowing up."

[Air Medal] Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith

"He's a great pilot. And he managed not to entirely crash the Firebird. He even managed to "fly" those hoverboards. I especially enjoy how it's obvious that the character absolutely loves to fly anything that can possibly defy gravity."

[Library Excellence Ribbon] Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic and Lieutenant Murril Na.

"No matter the character Liam portrays, they are all distinct personalities. They each have a different style, different actions, different ways of speaking. I admire when someone is capable of doing that. In addition to that, they characters are all interesting and it's always a pleasure to play with any of them. He makes it easy to write with him, being open for suggestions and always having interesting suggestions of his own. He never hogs a post or storyline, allowing others to express themselves."

"John has been such a wonderful addition to the crew. He's brought more diversity to our JPs and has done so with aplomb. Every sentence he writes feels like it is well thought out. Master wordsmith indeed."

[Non-Player Character Award] Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed

"I've never really seen much of Leed. Often, it happens that rarely played NPCs have a tendency to be two-dimensional. Not so with Leed. I really enjoyed reading his interaction with Rees and the others. It made one forget that he's "only" an NPC and it made me curious to read more of him in the future."

[POW Ribbon of Sacrifice] Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic, Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed, Crewman Thoma Lopt, Crewman Keith Potter, Emily Mox, Kalstri

"I'm going to be lazy. There were plenty of people in this mission who deserve this award. I'm just hoping that I don't forget anyone: Rees Leed Beddite Kaya Lopt Potter Gia Emily Kalstri I'm not sure Emily and Kalstri qualify, since they're civilians, but they went through the same hardship as the others. They all survived being in the hands of Seekers more or less unharmed, which is already an achievement in itself. If I remember well, though, Llwyedd and Smith were captured by hostile Techlons, so they would qualify as well."

[Civilian Commendation Medal] Ms. Jillian Mox

"The perfect proof that you don't have to be a member of Starfleet to be great at your job - and that civilian characters /can/ have a place on a Starfleet vessel and be an active part of the crew and not merely a guest star. Also, it's so great to see an actual, active family relationship aboard. It adds depth to the character and also to the Firebird. I'm glad Jillian is a member of the crew!"

[Departmental Service Badge: Service] Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan

"Harlan continually goes above and beyond. He is a professional, if a cranky one. But he is also one of the glue guys that keeps things going when they are looking bad. He helps the crew function and is the lovable grumpy bear."

[Friendship Ribbon] Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic and Emily Mox/ Kalstri Tenistion and Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite

"I think that Gia and Emily started out as semi-antagonists to each other. But during the course of the mission, they grew closer. They shared hardships and suffering and each was the rock when the other was low. They took care of each other and buoyed each other up. They became like sisters, although it is sometimes arguable which is the older sibling in this pair. Emily certainly thinks that Gia is one of her very best friends."

"Another duo that started out as virtual strangers but through the course of the mission, became friends is Beddite and Kalstri. Alone, neither would have had a very successful time. Their personalities meshed so well that they were able to overcome and care for each other."

[Recruitment Award] Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic

"For recruiting me. I'm still very grateful for Liam harassing me to join the Firebird. :)"

[Departmental Service Badge: Support] Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR

"Because he has struggled with many things but never gives up. Because he is a key component of our sim. Because we are all better when he is around. Because he has many stories left to write."

Congratulations to our winners!

Steady as she goes

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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