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October Awards

Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 10:15am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd


[Captain's Personal Merit] Lieutenant JG Murril Na

It is difficult joining an established crew, such as ours and even more so when you join right before a mission where you are split from the majority of the crew. John has really set himself apart for his willingness to dive in and embrace the Firebird. I'm not just talking about his writing either. He has been outstanding at providing feedback and support for others. In character, Murril Na is a unique member of the crew and one I, frankly, am impressed with. Writing with deftness and nuance, while portraying the Betazoid mental powers is something John makes look easy. I'm thankful that we have him as a member of our ship. For these reasons, I award him my Personal Merit Award.

"Murril rises to the top for me because he is patient when writing with me while I have up and down days where I'm excited to tag one day but then drained by responsibilities and just want non-creative escapism for the next few days. He's flexible when you talk things out in advance with him. I loved the Halloween art of his character! It's great to have a guy who likes to geek out about science write a science officer. And his character is genuinely interested in what is going on inside of other people's characters, which suits an empathic character well. He's a fun co-writer for exploring internal emotional ups and downs in your own character, analytical problem solving, and unarmed combat."

"The Firebird has a storied history of having an elite group of writers who are immensely talented at writing very science-based sci-fi and Murril Na is now among them. I particularly enjoyed the very sciencey spins that he has put on into his character's actions-- so appropriate for someone in his role! He joined the crew just before the ship crashed, so it doesn't feel like many people have gotten to know him but it is very clear that he throws himself into his character 100% with accompanying art work and costumes based on his Firebird writings. It is also clear that he is very thoughtful and puts a lot of time and energy into his both his fiction writings and his threads on Slack. He writes thoughtful comments to posts, which is nice to receive."

[Crew's Choice Award] Captain Malcom Llwyedd

You all know that I try to stay out of the award spotlight but the voices were too loud this month. I sincerely, appreciate your nominations and recognition of so many of my favorite characters. I couldn't do it without you.

"I would like to nominate the Captain for this award for his portrayal of Jack Cunningham the Marine CO. His writing has inspired me to branch out the persona of Robert Schiano and make him more of a believable person. I appreciate that in more ways than one. I also feel that anytime a writer can inspire another they should be recognized."

"This scenario has required an extensive amount of planning and work. He has been writing a lot of characters and has done a lot to keep this fun and engaging mission going!"

"The comedic value Potter brings to the table continues with his pod. The combo of Potter, Lopt, and Kaya is providing not only a fun adventure, but putting several of the comedic relief characters together adds that much more to it. I'm particularly a fan of the interaction between Potter and Lopt in this post. Well done."

"Kipp Lak stayed in character yet managed to add in something new without retconning."

"It's a pleasure to read the Marine professionalism and no-nonesense attitude while still keeping to Starfleet values and not killing people just because. Cunningham is a perfect Marine and I'm looking forward to reading more of him. I think this mission is actually great for developing such a character."

Runners-Up: Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic, Lieutenant JG Murrill Na, Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan, Lieutenant Nora Morrison MD.

Congratulations to our winners!

Steady as she goes

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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