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August 2018 Awards

Posted on Tue Sep 4th, 2018 @ 9:22am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd


[Captain's Personal Merit] Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic

August was a great month for Gia! She was all over the place, writing in a wide variety of JPs. I've also enjoyed watching Liam branch out into a new NPC in our new Dr. Oggt. His evolution has been a pleasure to read. I also had the pleasure of meeting Liam in real life at Gen Con and I hope to see him again next year. But this award is really for Liam's overall presence on the sim during the past month. He has been, as usual, quick on this tags, active in Slack and generally a great member of our community. I know that his positive attitude and care about every other crew member is sincere. Thanks for being here, Liam. You are a very important member of this ship and this community. For these reasons, and more, he has earned my Personal Merit award for August 2018.

"From thoughtfully saying goodbye to a friend via participating in a youth camp, fighting in a bar, helping a crew member with a not-quite-shady business contact and surviving a mean promotion, Gia has done and experienced a lot during shoreleave. The character is always interesting to read and very believable in any kind of scene. Gia posts are usually one of my favourites."

"Liam has been doing a great job with this character. Lots of posts, great in everyone, and is a strong presence on slack."

[Crew's Choice Award] Lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis

"Rhiana was everywhere this month. E Duobus Unum, War & Consequences, and the three-part Friends in High Places were all solid stories. Really great work."

"Rhiana wrote in six different JPs with at least eight other people. She did a great job writing really quality stuff. Plus, her involvement on slack is sometimes overlooked because of the timezone differences."

"I think Rhiana really did an outstanding job the last couple of months, hitting her stride with the character and being comfortable asserting herself with the crew. It's not easy having a character concept that constantly forces tension with every interaction but I think it is true to the Romulan personality and she does a spectacular job pulling it off."

"I really enjoyed learning about the resident Romulan this month. In the coming months I hope to learn more a develop a friendship. A very well written, well rounded character."

"The interlude and beginning of Mission 4 feel like Rhiana has really hit her stride and found her place here on the Firebird. I'm eager to read more about her and learn what makes her tick."

Runners-Up: Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic, Lieutenant JG Murrill Na, Lieutenant Laree Desai, Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt, Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan.

Meritorious Newcomer Award: Ensign Ashralle Sh’shrytral

"I just love that Ash has come in hot, guns blazing, with a great character backstory and odd-quirky-things that make her Andorian really shine. There's nothing vanilla about this assistant security chief and I can't wait until we see her in action more. I have been so impressed with her writing and so happy that she's with us."

"She may be the among newest crew-member, but she has jumped in with full fervor. Looking forward to her career here."

Library Excellence Award Lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis

"Friends In High Places was so well written and it's only part of the reason for the nomination. Rhiana played a role in several of the most enjoyable JPs last month. She's really upped her writing and brought everyone along for the ride."

Rose Award Petty Officer Third Class Gianna Djokovic and Petty Officer Third Class Max Tragar

"I have enjoyed the budding relationship that is Tragovic (Tragor + Djokovic, see what I did there?) so much. I have appreciated Max's writer's openness to exploring an in character relationship in a way that is well paced for this sim, very reserved, very mature, but also reflecting some real feelings and emotions. It's been a nice way to acknowledge that there is more to living on a starship than just doing a duty and that has to be especially true for the enlisted characters, I would think. I think we see enough of them to believe the relationship is real and substantive, but not enough that we roll our eyes every time another post is put up. <3<3<3"

Congratulations to our winners!

Steady as she goes

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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