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May Outstanding Post Winner

Posted on Mon Jun 11th, 2018 @ 1:09pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd


No force in the 'verse (Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron and Lieutenant Laree Desai)

"I would like to nominate "No force in the 'verse" this month. Science departments can become such an underused department on any sim in my opinion. I really enjoyed reading a glimpse into the department and what they are doing, while some of us are playing cowboy on the bridge. I also loved the way these two characters interact with each other in this post. Now I want more from the two of them."

"No force in the 'verse" really grabbed with the portrayal of deep emotion. Both PCs struggled to find comfort and to know how much to involve M'ndi during the mission. Their decisions set up some great storytelling during this mission."

"No force in the verse deserves recognition. I liked how it built personal commitment into a heavy science / med mission and I can't wait to see what happens"

"At its heart, Star Trek is about people. M'ndi and Desai shared a wonderful, challenging, personal situation. It really was an outstanding post"

[Runners Up]

Shore Leave Interrupted (By Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han & Lieutenant Cynfor Rees & Lieutenant Kedra Nema & Lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis & Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D. & Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Jillian Mox & Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt & Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & Lieutenant JG Luka Stern & Petty Officer 1st Class Kipp Lak & Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor)

"'Shore Leave Interrupted' really stood out to me as a shining example of the diverse writing skills this crew has and I think it is a solid contender for Outstanding Post. I am not normally a fan of large group posts, but I love the vignette style of this story and how it gave everyone a moment to shine and be creative."

Triage Preparation (By Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Jillian Mox & Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor & Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite)

I think my favorite post of May was "Triage Preparation", because it shows the Firebird crew getting ready to do her job, but also has a wonderful personal dimension with M'ndi's fear about her parents but wanting to keep that information private, trying to deal with it herself, very interesting and dramatic. Great job, Danika!

Propithecus Perrieri, Epilogue (By Lieutenant Laree Desai & Kalstri Tenistion)

Propithecus Perrieri, Epilogue Such a well crafted post, exemplifying the writing abilities of all involved. A short list, but a hard one to select from. This stood out.rc.

My congratulations to all of you!

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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