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July Awards

Posted on Mon Jul 31st, 2017 @ 3:45pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd

Greetings, crew! I am here to announce our July 2017 Award winners. There were almost 40 nominations for this month, and I thank the crew for those. It is important that we continue to recognize the excellence on our sim

[Captain's Choice]: Liuetenant Yumi Han- As always, this award is challenging to decide. I picked Yumi for a number of reasons. She has become known for her detailed, interesting posts as she interacts with many of the crew. Her attention to detail in those posts is of the highest caliber. Additionally, she has been a wonderful collaborator as we worked together to outline Mission 2 and discuss how Fantome would play out. Finally, her work with Trello has been a welcome addition to helping the sim run better.

[Crew's Choice]: Ensig Luka Stern

"So many good stories with deep character insights. A real treat to read her Stern's thoughts and introspections."

"Karen is great. She works hard, writes well, and encourages and supports others. The Firebird would not be as great without her."

"Great job on shore leave posts with wonderful interactions with the rest of the crew!"

"Luka is, in many ways, the heart of the crew. She isn't the best fighter, highest ranked or most socially adept. But she does represent the connections that make a diverse crew a family. She is the type of character that shows anyone in an position can be important and loved."

[Rose Award]: Ensign Gantt Soto and Ensign Luka Stern

"Maybe it is too early for this. I'll understand if it is not approved, but I think Gantt and Luka's slow-burning relationship is wonderful to read. Unrushed but not forgotten--this takes dedication. Their trip to Bajor was fantastic."

"I have to agree that the relationship between these two characters is such a treat. The writing during their encounters, sometimes awkward, sometimes touching, is so well done. While the relationship is still in the beginning stages, I can't wait to see how it develops."

[Meritorious Newcomer]: Chief of the Boat Charles Stephends

"This was the most agonizing decision among: Stehpens, Desai, and Savin. (I think Gia counts as a newcomer for August, pretty much?) In the end, I tip towards Stephens for his leadership role on the ship and bringing a new dimension to the lives of all our enlisted crew."

"We had three outstanding new players join this past month and it is hard to select just one. They all have proven themselves to be outstanding writers and are active on chat. However, the enlisted crew is a large part of the ship and the COB has already begun to bring out those story lines for the rest to read. I look forward to that emphasis bringing good change to the ship."

[Geordi LaForge Obstacle Citation] Lieutenant Savin

"Savin has done a great job writing from the deaf perspective."

"I was a little hesitant about the character and how he would interact with the crew as a deaf counselor but Savin has been amazing. The way he functions with his aide and how insightful and interesting he is, have vastly exceeded what I thought possible. The consistent nature of how he deals with his obstacle is so well done."

[Post of the Week]: Relclamation by Lieutenant Yumi Han and Lieutenant Laree Desai

(As a side note, we had 8 different nominations for this award and every member of the crew wrote on one of them.)

"Laree and Yumi wrote a great post in Reclamation. Their face-off crackled and it gave us insight into each character with deft personal touches."

"This post was all about character development and it was superb. The emotions and descriptions were top notch, allowing us insight into each of their minds and a deeper understanding of them. Congratulations and well done."

Thank you once again for your outstanding efforts.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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