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June Awards

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2017 @ 1:36pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd

Hello, everyone! I am really pleased to announce our winners for our June Awards. While our post count was down from previous month, our quality was as high as I can remember. We wrapped up Mission 1: Cardassian Storm and returned to our home port of Empok Nor. I want to compliment you all on the complex JPs that you wrote. They are so well crafted.

[Captain's Choice]: Ensign Jackson Smith- This was a clear one to me this month. Jackson participated in so many of the Mission 1 posts and has been crucial in so many relationships. Add in his developing backstory and the emotional rawness that Brian writes him with, AND how much he has brought to Mission 2 with his story and he is my choice for June 2017. Well done! I expect more of the same from him in the future.

[Crew's Choice]: Captain Malcom Llwyedd - Thank you for this. It is much appreciated.

"For maintaining quality storytelling while keeping a crew stay through a hard month."

"For doing such an outstanding job running the sim! Thank you for all your hard work to create an enjoyable experience for so many people! We really appreciate it!"

[Most Improved Player of the Month Award]: Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron:

"M'ndi has been really kicking butt lately--very much enjoy reading her doing the science."

"It's great to see M'ndi get more active in posts. I can't wait to see her character develop with us."

"It was great to see M'ndi really get involved this month, from saving a planet from meteorological disaster to visiting a spa with the gals. :)"

"M'ndi was outstanding this month. We are really getting to know her character. I can't wait to read more!"

[Deforest Kelley Humour Award]: Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan:

"Haha! Harlan did a great job making me laugh this month. Awesome sense of humor and I love that craggy old crewman. More Harlan! Huzzah!"

"Arlan is coming into his own. I love his gruff exterior and his... gruff interior. He is funny in a different way from other characters and that makes him unique."

[Professional Merit]: Ensign Luka Stern:

"She weaves character background, family history and multiple flashbacks to previous JP's to create engagement on personal and professional levels."

"Karen has really made Luka the heart of the otherwise downtrodden crew. She brings everyone together in a way that only Luka can and she is truly a joy to write with."

"I think that Luka is the definition of this award. She is well developed with considerable talent and she is a joy to interact with."

[Civilian Commendation Medal]: Kalstri Tenistion:

"Kalstri has been adding a lot of, forgive the pun, flavor to our posts. Brian's doing a great job bringing him to life and I look forward to including him more."

"Not every character has to be front and center to change the story dynamic. Kalstri has been an excellent addition to the crew and his presence is nuanced and adds an incredible "spice" to JPs involving him."

[Non-Player Character Award]: Petty Officer 2nd Class Kipp Lak:

"A wonderful NPC that has been extremely useful to break the intense moments with all of the subtlety of Rowin Atkinson. He can take about any intense scene to one that feels less stressful and sometimes just plain outright awkward. I look forward to many more Kipp posts."

"Kipp is the most fantastic NPC--after Emily Mox, of course. He's a fully developed character who doesn't bring his own drama to the ship the way we PCs love to do, lol."

[Library Excellence Award]: Lieutenant Yumi Han:

"Dang, Sarah is a great writer. I love reading Yumi's posts--she takes the careful time to craft them so each one is a joy of sensation, character development, and story structure. Her awesome metaphors keep coming back to mind again and again. Well done."

"Sarah's writing is so well scripted. She takes her time, edits with a keen eye, and also gives recommendations to others on how the JP can more smoothly. She's a real collaborator and we are lucky to have her. She makes the ship better."

[Post of the Week]: Honor the Fallen

"Honor the Fallen was an awesome post with lots of great interaction from many characters. Nice job, all!"

"Honor the Fallen. This was a nice post to see how each person dealt with the death of one of their own. It showed a lot about each individual character."

"Honor the Fallen. A touching post with lots of brushes of character from everyone. "

"I feel that this post displays the very heart of Firebird. The coming together of a disparate group of entities to mourn the loss of a member. The connections that have grown between characters reflecting the connections between the players. If it is necessary to choose one person for the award, then I choose Luka who in her character has taken on the joys and sufferings of the crew in a singular person. As the Linguist she bridges the gaps between characters and gives the ship a central focus."

I'd like to add a little to this as well. I went and re-read this JP and it really has an emotional impact. The fact that the NPC who died was really an unknown before his death, makes it all the more powerful. Everyone added their part to the JP and it is incredibly emotional. I thank all of you for your efforts on this post. It really does represent each of us and the Firebird well.

Thank you once again for your outstanding efforts.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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