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Firebird Medal of Excellence

Posted on Wed Jun 7th, 2017 @ 1:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Ina Nici
Edited on Wed Jun 7th, 2017 @ 1:28pm

It is with great honor and pleasure that I announce the first winner of our newest award the Firebird Medal of Excellence, our Captain

Captain Malcom Llwyedd

These are the nomination from the crew are:

"It's not everyday a SIM can reach the heights that the Firebird has reached in such a short time. The crew works hard together with the inspiration of one person, it's Captain. Fred, however has gone above and beyond that. Always ready to be there to help and support his crew and pushing just the right amount. Fred truly deserves this award."
-Ina Nici

“Somehow our Captain keeps up with JPs with everyone every week. On top of that, he makes long term mission plans that include us all. It's amazing how many balls he is juggling! He's open to ideas from players and keeps us all flying forward together, letting each character have some time in the spotlight. It's a perfect blend of freedom and guidance and makes the Firebird a wonderful ship to write and fly on. :D”
-Yumi Han

“I nominate Fred Lloyd for the Firebird Medal of Excellence. He is more than a story teller, cat herder, hilarious writer, action guru, and title-maker. He consistently goes beyond the confines of the sim to create a welcoming atmosphere for all players. He’s alternately a cheerleader, coach, dad, and counselor to each of us. He guides gently, listens deeply, and is considerate of our desires and feelings, besides being a kick butt story weaver. I feel safe here, aboard the Firebird, and am so very grateful to call Fred my commander, my friend, my captain.”
-Luka Stern

“Fred is an exemplary leader for this group. He not only plays the captain, but a host of vital crew NPCs, which all have their own distinct personalities and character. They are all so awesome I want to award them as separate PCs. Fred is extremely invested in this game and does anything necessary to keep people engaged, whether that is sending "gentle" reminders to tag, making us aware of the timeline and goals we're headed toward, or altering the story or the way he is presenting events in order to meet everyone's needs.”
-L'Nel Haadok

"I don't think words can convey the gratitude I have for Fred. For his friendship, guidance, and of course his leadership of this sim."
-Jackson Smith

“Running a simm is never as easy as it looks, there is a lot of time and effort that is put into it that is often unnoticed until it is gone. It isn't often a whole crew comes together to say thank you, in this case I am incredibly pleased we have, our Captain has done a remarkable job a lot of this simms success is due to his example and efforts. Thank You.”
-Karen Myles

“Fred deserves an extra special award because he has been doing everything he can to bring everyone in and create a compelling story. I've really appreciated how he's helped a Trek noobie like me really get into the universe and understand how things fit together. I have greatly enjoyed his guidance in helping craft fun stories that people enjoy reading.”
-Arlan Harlan

“Hey Fred, you've put a ridiculous amount of work into running the sim, and it shows through both the quality of the story and how dedicated and enthusiastic all the writers are. Here's to the best captain in the fleet!”
-M'ndi M'rron

“I nominate Fred for the Firebird Medal of Excellence. There's a strong community here that is more than writing. It's friendship and support and collaboration and cheering for each other. But the vision of what Firedbird could become was Fred's vision, and he is the one who has worked harder than anyone to make sure we learned it.”
-Soto Gnatt

“The amount of awards and accolades that the sim has received can, in large part, be attributed to the excellent leadership of Captain Malcom Llywedd, aka Fred. His careful insistence and excellent storytelling have led all of us to the heights that we have achieved. We whole heartedly endorse his recent promotion and wholeheartedly recommend him for the Firebird Medal of Excellence.”
-Rhesha Th'Kharia

“Fred is a great guy, very supportive and understanding in and out of character. He can inspire really great writing and participation, and he genuinely cares about real life stuff that happens. He's always there to talk if needed.”
-JJ Davis

Thank you very much. For all your hard work.

Lieutenant Ina Nici
Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298


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