General Rules

All players are required to be respectful of the Chain of Command and each other.

This sim is a 13+ sim. You must be 13 years old or older in order to play.

Minimum rank for Senior Staff is Ensign as we are a very small ship.

All characters require at least 1 photo.


No one line tags will be permitted, unless it is an answer to a direct question. There has to be something to build off of for the next person to respond.

All subplots must be cleared by the Command staff before you start them. Most will be accepted unless it takes away too much from the current mission.

All posts must include timeline, location, and signatures from all characters included in the post. Use the signatures found in the Wiki.

Remember to follow the rules regarding posting, found in the Saved Missions Post. Only the CO or the XO can finalize finished posts. This is in order to preserve the chronology and make it easier for outsiders to understand.


You must log in least once a week.

You must respond to tags within 4 days from the time it is saved, Main Story posts will require a response within 3 days. This is a fast paced sim. If you are not prepared for that, please consider another option.

You must post a Joint Post or solo post at least once every 2 weeks.

Leave of Absences

If you are unable to meet the activity guidelines for up to two weeks, simply request a leave of absence. If you are planning to be away longer than that, request an extended leave of absence.