Welcome to the USS Firebird
Phoenix flying in the night sky. (The art style resembles a unit patch that gets sewn onto a military uniform.)

"Primum non nocere- First, Do no harm." -Auguste François Chomel

Welcome aboard. Whether you are here simply to admire the Firebird or are looking for a new assignment, we are glad that you have stopped by. Our mission is embedded into the very nature of the Sunbird class of ships. In the aftermath of the Cardassian War, the relationship between Cardassia and the Federation has fundamentally shifted. Cardassia continues to try to rebuild from the war's devastating effects. At the same time, the Federation has taken on much responsibility to ensure the stability of the quadrant. More resources were needed and the Firebird represents a manifestation of that need. The Sunbird class starship is an emergency response vehicle, like no other in the fleet. While relatively small, the class possesses powerful industrial replicators, a robust medical staff and the ability to move large stores of consumables. In short, the Firebird is a ship of action, responding to the most urgent and desperate cries for help. While she possesses weaponry enough to defend herself and more, she is intended to get where she needs to go faster than any other vessel.

Does the cry for help move you? Do you have the skills to save lives and repair what is broken? Do you owe a debt for your own life? Come aboard! And remember our motto, Primum non nocere- First, Do no harm.

Only a few can be at the tip of the spear.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Latest News Items

» April Outstanding Post Winner

Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 5:36pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News


Breakfast With A Side of Discomfort (Lieutenant Savin and Lieutenant Soto Gantt)

"Breakfast With A Side Of Discomfort" Gantt's motivation to join Starfleet, to learn more about his Bajoran heritage, comes back beautifully in this JP. I loved all the little touches of excellent writing: apt body language, on point descriptions, natural dialogue, and windows into his and his family's personalities. It made me want to read more about Gantt's personal journey on the Firebird.

"My choice for Outstanding Post goes to "Breakfast with a side of Discomfort." This award is well-deserved despite loosing Savin because of the outstanding character development we see in Gantt. From the keen description of smells and taste, to the shared insight about making others carry out his plans, it is a great post that made me want to be sitting at the next table."

"Breakfast With A Side of Discomfort was a very well written, revealing post. Well done!"

[Runners Up]

R&R (Series) (Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2) Amara Vaun Jr. & Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Lieutenant JG Luka Stern)

"R&R. These were wonderful posts with a lot of cool interactions and information about each character. A joy to read, and exemplifying the best of our crew. In particular the interaction between Luka and Savin was touching. Coming to grips with that kind of personal shift as a counselor. It raises the age old question of who counsels the counselor, while showing how Savin is coping. Excellent all around"

Rocks for Brains (Series) (Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han & Lieutenant Kedra Nema & Kreeketh & Lieutenant JG Luka Stern, & Zug (NPC Llwyedd)

"The "Rocks for Brains" posts were fantastic! I loved seeing members of the crew come together to help Kreeketh and then reading how his new body was received at Zulg's. The posts were creative and hilarious all around. Great job, everyone!"

Unreasonable Demands (Captain Malcom Llwyedd, Lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis)

"There were a few posts this month that were really outstanding to me, but 'Unreasonable Demands' went above and beyond. It was an excellent piece of character development, the writing was fantastic, and it definitely left me wanting to know more about Rhiana's past."

"Unreasonable Demands" keeps coming back to mind. The smoothly confident Bokot contrasted well with Rhiana, who was able to show real character, personal conflict, and develop an intriguing story arc.

No Pips Allowed (Zulg & Crewman Thomas Lopt & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Petty Officer 3rd Class Max Tragar & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & Petty Officer 3rd Class Kalel & Crewman Recruit Jerant van Rijn)

"No Pips Allowed" This was started by Gia and it blew up into a very fun post for the enlisted crew and some side characters from Empok Nor."

My congratulations to all of you!

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

» April 2018 Awards

Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 5:11pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News


[Captain's Personal Merit] Crewman Gianna Djokovic

There was time during our dark and never ending winter that I feared our Gia was disappearing and we wouldn't get her back. More importantly, I was worried about Liam. But then, bit by bit (And with some prodding by me) Gia started posting and now, thankfully, she and Liam are 100% back into the story and we are all better for that. I have noticed this past month Liam's fun attitude and concern for all. He has really been a touchstone for the sim this past month and I am grateful for that. I also know how much of a stress it can be to deal with a spouse who is getting a graduate degree. This award is for his outstanding writing, slack presence and generally upbeat attitude. Thank you!
(Gia also finished a close second in Crew's Choice and I am going to post those comments here too.)

"Gia (and mirror Gia) had a busy month! From wrangling her sad/drunk boyfriend on a night out with the enlisted to training a new security recruit to helping a friend prepare for his wedding to rescuing grumpy Harlan from bandits to dueling an unrequited suitor, this gal has been a joy to read. It's amazing to see one character written consistently and interestingly in such diverse situations and with so many different other players."

"Gia has been busy this month and is really doing some great posts."

"Great job with the JP with Savin this month, really gave us some more insight into Gianna's inner workings!"

[Crew's Choice Award] Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan

"The mirror universe JPs were a lot of fun - Doug's work on these JPs got a lot of people excited. It's an interesting way to re-imagine our characters that adds depth to our "normal" Firebird personas."

"I really enjoyed Harlan's responses on the mirror universe post. I know it can be difficult writing two sides of the same character in the same post and he handled it with ease. Harlan's writing is generally great and I look forward to getting some JPs with him."

"I think he has added lots of value to the ship over the months and his work on the mirror universe has been awesome."

"Doug had a good month of writing and a lot of activity on Slack. He's ready to throw Harlan into any situation and I look forward to reading how he handles them. Doug has also been a constant on Slack, and has new things to share."

"Doug's presence and can-do attitude are critical to the success of the ship. He's always ready to jump in and his eagerness to write this past month has been welcome. Great job embracing the Mirror Universe setting and encouraging others to participate."

Honorable Mentions: Crewman Gianna Djokovic, Lieutenant Kedra Nema, Lieutenant M'ni M'rron, Captain Malcom Llwyedd, Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han, HALP.

[Newcomer of the Month] Lieutenant Cynfor Rees
"Cynfor is fun to write with. His good humor masks a secretive past, and I hope to see a lot more of both as his story lines develop."

“It has been great to add Howie back to the ship in a new role. This character's backstory is interesting and I look forward to seeing more of him as he gets settled into the ship.”

As always, I am amazed by your generosity and kindness.

Steady as she goes


» Outstanding Post - March 2018

Posted on Mon Apr 16th, 2018 @ 8:36pm by Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han in General News

From some strong contenders last month, our winner for March 2018 Outstanding Post is: Friendzone by Luka Stern, Soto Gantt, and Arlan Harlan. Congratulations!

"I want to nominate 'Friendzone' for outstanding post this month because there was so much raw emotional energy between Stern and Gantt with fantastic comedic punches from Harlan. The combination worked so well that it's hard to believe it was co-written by three different people. It was like listening to a beautiful symphony where every instrument delivers on-key with perfect timing. Of course it goes without saying that the writing is top-notch, exactly what Firebird has come to be known for thanks to writers like these."

"Friendzone Captures an honest moment from many relationships--the final breakup conversation--with amazing depth and heart. Harlan's touches of humor added touches of lightness that kept the JP from sinking under its own emotional weight. A really great collaboration by all three authors!"

Honorable Mentions: "You Can't Take The Ensign Out Of The Lieutenant", "It Takes Two", "Second-hand electric donkey-bottom biters", and "Contact Solution"

» March 2018 Awards

Posted on Tue Apr 10th, 2018 @ 12:38am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News


[Captain's Personal Merit] Jillian Mox
It is an interesting thing to have an NPC grow into a PC and one I am very pleased to see has occurred. Jillian is a nuanced character. She has to be a mother and father to Emily, a nurse and surrogate mother to many members of the crew. She has been around since the early days of the sim and has a lot to say during her JPs. I’ve also a lot to say about the person behind the character. CA began her time on the Firebird as our # 1 fan. I think it is fitting that she found special humor and enjoyment in the antics of Ms. Emily Mox. She was added to our Slack channel and quickly became a welcome presence. She is a witty, funny, caring person and we are lucky to have her in the crew. For these reasons, I award Jillian Mox my Personal Merit award.

[Crew's Choice Award] Lieutenant JG Luka Stern
“One last sendoff for Luka after her promotion - You Can't Take The Ensign Out Of The Lieutenant was my favorite JP this month.”

“This is partly to wish this character a fond farewell for now and to celebrate several strong posts from this month. Obviously I'm biased towards Friendzone, but that wasn't the only one where Luka had some strong moments of humor and personality.”

“Luka has been a part of some of the most iconic JPs in the Firebird’s history. Her writing has continued to be strong and I will miss her when she is gone.”

Honorable Mentions: Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han, Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens, Emily Mox, Lieutenant Savin, Lieutenant Laree Desai, Jillian Mox, Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan.

[Good Conduct] Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens

“He's often on Slack interacting with the crew, and this month he handled several of his own JPs while jumping in to help in others. Stephens is as dependable in his writing as he is in his camaraderie.

[Newcomer of the Month] Jillian Mox

“Though first playing as an NPC it's awesome to see Jillian has finally swayed and joined our little nuthouse.”

“Though she's been a great designated hitter with guest characters in the past, it was awesome to have her join our regular lineup this month with Jillian Mox. Love her bubbly and thoughtful take on everyone's favorite nurse and space mom.”

“As an official PC Carrie Ann has brought Jillian Mox to life with complex emotions, valuable insights, and a deepening backstory. In a short time, she has gone from a support NPC to a compelling character.”

“It took a while for her to make the jump from NPC to PC but she is an amazing character. I look forward to seeing how she develops in the future.”

[Service Citation] Lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis

“Six months?! Wow! I’m glad to have our very own Romulan security officer on board. I am looking forward to seeing how she investigates the questions turning up on Mission 3!”

[Ribbon of Compassion] Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han

“In the post "Escape Hatch" Yumi is a paragon of compassion for both Emily and Jillian as she tries to figure out how best to help her little best friend. Added to those moments where you see Yumi tune clearly into the heart of the situation she showed they shrewd insights that make her a keen spy as well as a compassionate friend. Writing a character that is multifaceted and layered takes a skill beyond what is expected for this genre of writing. And obviously, by naming the games she offers Emily, Yumi showed a compassionate love to her audience by making us laugh, re-read, and laugh again.”

My congratulations to all of the award winners
Steady as she goes.

» February Outstanding Post Award

Posted on Sat Mar 10th, 2018 @ 2:29am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News

Earlier today, our XO made the assertion that the JPs in February were the finest quality that we've had in our history. I think that is true. As I said previously, this award is intended to point to JPs that go above and beyond expectations. JPs that are crafted so well by a group of writers, striving to tell a part of our story in such a way as to make each of us stand amazed. I think we have seen such efforts this past month indeed.


Do No Harm -Series (Lieutenant Laree Desai, Lieutenant Nora Morrison, Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron, Chief Warrant Officer B'rala of House Seeth (NPC Stephens), Nurse Jillian Mox (NPC CA), Emergency Medical Hologram (NPC Llwyedd), Petty Officer 3rd Class Kalel (NPC Han), Marines (NPCs Llwyedd))

"I would like to nominate the ‘Do No Harm’ series of posts. They were really a joy to read, highlighting each and every writer and their respective characters. I thought the interactions were wonderfully written to tell a great story."

"For all the writers in Do No Harm, for the human way they approached the tense and terrifying reality that turned the Monterey's crew into a science lab. This was the heart of Mission 2 and they nailed it. All the combat would have been half as meaningful without the desire to save those people."

"Do No Harm. There were a lot of great JPs at the end of Mission 2, but none brought as many authors together as smoothly and with as much impact as "Do No Harm." Desai plotted the whole JP out very well with opportunities that all 7 writers contributed uniquely to. I felt like each character's personality stood out well from the others, which is hard to do when they're all in the same room. Each scene was smart and memorable in its own way and the built together to the ending we've all been working toward when they woke up the first member of the captive crew."

"The Do No Harm series is my selection for Outstanding Post. In every story, there is a climax. The point where all of the things that have come before come to fruition. The point where the marine enters the laboratory in Do No Harm, is that moment. It hammers home the reality of what the crew of the Monterey has suffered for twenty years. It raises the stakes. All of the descriptions were elegantly written and each writer was crucial to the story flowing forward. Kudos!"

[Runners Up]

Let's Blow This Thing And Go Home-Series (Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han, Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith, Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR)

Crucible -Series (Lieutenant Laree Desai, Lieutenant Savin Psy.D, Captain Malcom Llwyedd, Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt, Lieutenant JG Luka Stern, Crewman Gianna Djokovic, Lieutenant Commander Jorgen Leed (NPC Soto), Petty Officer Kipp Lak (NPC Llwyedd)

Space Ninjas -Series (Captain Malcom Llwyedd, Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han, Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith, Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR)

I am so proud of what we have accomplished with Mission 2. You all amaze me on a daily basis. I thank you all for the hard work and the dedication you have shown over the months we wrote this powerful story.

Sincerely and with great affection,

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Latest Mission Posts

» Special Delivery: Engineering and Tactical [PLOT]

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 11:42pm by Crewman Thomas Lopt & Lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis & Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han & Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt & Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith & Crewman Gianna Djokovic & Ensign T'Sai & Chief Warrant Officer (Grade 2) B'Rala Of House Seeth


Jackson brushed his hand across the console. He could feel the hum of the power that flowed through the shuttle as it left the docking bay. He knew this shuttle, he could fly it with his eyes closed and half asleep. He knew its weaknesses its strengths. But, that…

» Holding Down the Fort [PLOT]

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 4:16pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Petty Officer 1st Class Kipp Lak & Lieutenant Cynfor Rees & Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith & Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR & Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan & Petty Officer 3rd Class Max Tragar & Lieutenant Commander Jörgen Leed


Every time he was on the bridge, Max felt a low hum of excitement in his blood. Even when it was third shift when nothing exciting ever happened. That wasn't true this time though--he was on first shift and they were on a potentially dangerous mission. Scuttlebutt said they…

» How to Catch a Whale [PLOT]

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 4:12pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Crewman Thomas Lopt & Lieutenant Kedra Nema & Lieutenant JG Soto Gantt & Lieutenant JG Jackson Smith & Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan


Malcom strode into engineering, still thinking about the disturbing meeting he'd just had with his science and medical departments. This mission had the potential to go very badly, especially if the news he'd just received turned out to be accurate.

He walked up to the gathered engineers and nodded…

» No force in the 'verse [PLOT]

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai


Desai looked around Science Lab One as the door slid closed behind her. On her walk from the meeting in Sickbay she had made notes on her PADD about the equipment they should bring with them to the Galilei. But while her analytical mind was thinking about how best…

» Triage Preparation [PLOT]

Mission: Mission 3: The Galilei Conundrum
Posted on Mon May 7th, 2018 @ 4:09pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron & Lieutenant Laree Desai & Jillian Mox & Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor & Chief Petty Officer Zene Beddite


Malcom strode into the observation room, pleased to see that all of the people he'd requested had arrived. He nodded to them and sat down at the head of the table. He placed the PADD Kipp had given him onto the table where it made a soft thunk sound.…

Latest Personal Logs

» A Close Call

Posted on Sat Oct 28th, 2017 @ 12:34am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd


Captain's Personal log. Well, that went about as perfectly as I could have hoped. I've had a couple of hard days here on Earth. First I had to endure the Board of Inquiry, which is usually less about inquiring and more about placing blame on someone for something. I…

» The Beginnings of Peace

Posted on Thu Jul 27th, 2017 @ 9:58pm by Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia

Computer begin personal log.

Personal Log, 26th March, 2100 Hours. Lieutenant Junior Grade Rhesha Th'Kharia.

I met with Counselor Savin today. Strangely enough I feel better than I have in a long time. I was able to come to a better understanding of my feelings about Rhemna, and his loss.…

» Sins of Omission

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 12:36am by Lieutenant Laree Desai

Personal Log, Lieutenant Laree Desai, Chief Science Officer
Star date 25 March, 2394

This is a story my father told me…

I was working as a contract geologist on Tymor 7, and hostilities broke out between the two major powers on the planet. The minor powers asked me to help…

» To Catch a Firebird

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 12:15am by Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR


"Personal Log 2300 Hours, 24 March, 2394. Audio Only. Agent Stephens, Charles 3317" Charles sat at a corner table at some dive bar on Empok Nor. He had just gotten in the day before and was enjoying some downtime. "This is my first log in almost a year. It…

» A Job Well Done

Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 9:50pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd

Captain's Personal Log Stardate 71184.7

If this is what all of our missions are going to be like, I'm going to need more therapy and more shore leave. I've already been in touch with Starfleet and they have approved some shore leave time when we get back to Empok Nor.…