Welcome to the USS Firebird

"Primum non nocere- First, Do no harm." -Auguste François Chomel

Welcome aboard. Whether you are here simply to admire the Firebird or are looking for a new assignment, we are glad that you have stopped by. Our mission is embedded into the very nature of the Sunbird class of ships. In the aftermath of the Cardassian War, the relationship between Cardassia and the Federation has fundamentally shifted. Cardassia continues to try to rebuild from the war's devastating effects. At the same time, the Federation has taken on much responsibility to ensure the stability of the quadrant. More resources were needed and the Firebird represents a manifestation of that need. The Sunbird class starship is an emergency response vehicle, like no other in the fleet. While relatively small, the class possesses powerful industrial replicators, a robust medical staff and the ability to move large stores of consumables. In short, the Firebird is a ship of action, responding to the most urgent and desperate cries for help. While she possesses weaponry enough to defend herself and more, she is intended to get where she needs to go faster than any other vessel.

Does the cry for help move you? Do you have the skills to save lives and repair what is broken? Do you owe a debt for your own life? Come aboard! And remember our motto, Primum non nocere- First, Do no harm.

Only a few can be at the tip of the spear.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298
TF47, Obsidian Fleet

Latest News Items

» September Awards

Posted on Fri Oct 6th, 2017 @ 4:33pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News

Hello everyone! After a hiatus in August, for which I apologize, we are back with a few awards for September. All of these are well deserved.

[Captain's Personal Merit] Lieutenant Yumi Han- This award is going to the character but it is also going to Sarah herself. She has really been a great asset to me as the captain. She manages the trello boards, makes sure the continuity is in order and generally obsesses over the JPs in a helpful way. She also has been a wonderful sounding board for me with the current mission. She is creative and supportive, even through her own person challenges in real life. I am so thankful to have her as a part of this sim. For these reasons and more, I select Lieutenant Yumi Han as the winner of my personal merit

[Crew's Choice] Lieutenant Yumi Han. Generally I try to NOT hand out these two awards to the same person. However, the overwhelming majority of nominations were for Yumi and I bow to the will of the crew.

"I loved the twist of her being the mole and want to see where this leads for her character!"

"Her storyline was central to several important posts and they were enriched by the care she put into creating arcs between them. Also for often encouraging others on slack in spite of her own problems."

"Yumi is steady. I am pretty sure that I have nominated her before, but I will do so again. This last month has seen great development, and interesting storylines developing. She is constantly pushing us to write better. Reflecting on the plots and character developments that we are all working on. Her incarceration is a plotline I am very interested in seeing resolved."

"I've really enjoyed Yumi's character portrays these last few months. She's such an excellent story teller."

"Yumi's character is written with such nuance and dedication. I love reading about her."

[Recruitment Award] Ensign Luka Stern

"Luka successfuly lured L'Nel, Yumi, and Desai to join the ship, and the first two have been here 6 months! (And I hope Desai will stay for a long time, too.) Somehow Luka has a knack for finding people who want to play and welcoming them when they do. Thanks, Luka!"

Obsidian Fleet Service Citation - 6 Months

Presented to:

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Lieutenant Ina Nici
Lieutenant Nora Morrison
Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia
Ensign Jackson Smith
Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron
Ensign Luka Stern
Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan
Ensign Soto Gantt
Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok
Lieutenant Yumi Han

My sincere thanks to all of you who have made the Firebird a home. Thank you!

» July Awards

Posted on Mon Jul 31st, 2017 @ 4:45pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News

Greetings, crew! I am here to announce our July 2017 Award winners. There were almost 40 nominations for this month, and I thank the crew for those. It is important that we continue to recognize the excellence on our sim

[Captain's Choice]: Liuetenant Yumi Han- As always, this award is challenging to decide. I picked Yumi for a number of reasons. She has become known for her detailed, interesting posts as she interacts with many of the crew. Her attention to detail in those posts is of the highest caliber. Additionally, she has been a wonderful collaborator as we worked together to outline Mission 2 and discuss how Fantome would play out. Finally, her work with Trello has been a welcome addition to helping the sim run better.

[Crew's Choice]: Ensig Luka Stern

"So many good stories with deep character insights. A real treat to read her Stern's thoughts and introspections."

"Karen is great. She works hard, writes well, and encourages and supports others. The Firebird would not be as great without her."

"Great job on shore leave posts with wonderful interactions with the rest of the crew!"

"Luka is, in many ways, the heart of the crew. She isn't the best fighter, highest ranked or most socially adept. But she does represent the connections that make a diverse crew a family. She is the type of character that shows anyone in an position can be important and loved."

[Rose Award]: Ensign Gantt Soto and Ensign Luka Stern

"Maybe it is too early for this. I'll understand if it is not approved, but I think Gantt and Luka's slow-burning relationship is wonderful to read. Unrushed but not forgotten--this takes dedication. Their trip to Bajor was fantastic."

"I have to agree that the relationship between these two characters is such a treat. The writing during their encounters, sometimes awkward, sometimes touching, is so well done. While the relationship is still in the beginning stages, I can't wait to see how it develops."

[Meritorious Newcomer]: Chief of the Boat Charles Stephends

"This was the most agonizing decision among: Stehpens, Desai, and Savin. (I think Gia counts as a newcomer for August, pretty much?) In the end, I tip towards Stephens for his leadership role on the ship and bringing a new dimension to the lives of all our enlisted crew."

"We had three outstanding new players join this past month and it is hard to select just one. They all have proven themselves to be outstanding writers and are active on chat. However, the enlisted crew is a large part of the ship and the COB has already begun to bring out those story lines for the rest to read. I look forward to that emphasis bringing good change to the ship."

[Geordi LaForge Obstacle Citation] Lieutenant Savin

"Savin has done a great job writing from the deaf perspective."

"I was a little hesitant about the character and how he would interact with the crew as a deaf counselor but Savin has been amazing. The way he functions with his aide and how insightful and interesting he is, have vastly exceeded what I thought possible. The consistent nature of how he deals with his obstacle is so well done."

[Post of the Week]: Relclamation by Lieutenant Yumi Han and Lieutenant Laree Desai

(As a side note, we had 8 different nominations for this award and every member of the crew wrote on one of them.)

"Laree and Yumi wrote a great post in Reclamation. Their face-off crackled and it gave us insight into each character with deft personal touches."

"This post was all about character development and it was superb. The emotions and descriptions were top notch, allowing us insight into each of their minds and a deeper understanding of them. Congratulations and well done."

Thank you once again for your outstanding efforts.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

» June Awards

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2017 @ 2:36pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News

Hello, everyone! I am really pleased to announce our winners for our June Awards. While our post count was down from previous month, our quality was as high as I can remember. We wrapped up Mission 1: Cardassian Storm and returned to our home port of Empok Nor. I want to compliment you all on the complex JPs that you wrote. They are so well crafted.

[Captain's Choice]: Ensign Jackson Smith- This was a clear one to me this month. Jackson participated in so many of the Mission 1 posts and has been crucial in so many relationships. Add in his developing backstory and the emotional rawness that Brian writes him with, AND how much he has brought to Mission 2 with his story and he is my choice for June 2017. Well done! I expect more of the same from him in the future.

[Crew's Choice]: Captain Malcom Llwyedd - Thank you for this. It is much appreciated.

"For maintaining quality storytelling while keeping a crew stay through a hard month."

"For doing such an outstanding job running the sim! Thank you for all your hard work to create an enjoyable experience for so many people! We really appreciate it!"

[Most Improved Player of the Month Award]: Lieutenant M'ndi M'rron:

"M'ndi has been really kicking butt lately--very much enjoy reading her doing the science."

"It's great to see M'ndi get more active in posts. I can't wait to see her character develop with us."

"It was great to see M'ndi really get involved this month, from saving a planet from meteorological disaster to visiting a spa with the gals. :)"

"M'ndi was outstanding this month. We are really getting to know her character. I can't wait to read more!"

[Deforest Kelley Humour Award]: Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan:

"Haha! Harlan did a great job making me laugh this month. Awesome sense of humor and I love that craggy old crewman. More Harlan! Huzzah!"

"Arlan is coming into his own. I love his gruff exterior and his... gruff interior. He is funny in a different way from other characters and that makes him unique."

[Professional Merit]: Ensign Luka Stern:

"She weaves character background, family history and multiple flashbacks to previous JP's to create engagement on personal and professional levels."

"Karen has really made Luka the heart of the otherwise downtrodden crew. She brings everyone together in a way that only Luka can and she is truly a joy to write with."

"I think that Luka is the definition of this award. She is well developed with considerable talent and she is a joy to interact with."

[Civilian Commendation Medal]: Kalstri Tenistion:

"Kalstri has been adding a lot of, forgive the pun, flavor to our posts. Brian's doing a great job bringing him to life and I look forward to including him more."

"Not every character has to be front and center to change the story dynamic. Kalstri has been an excellent addition to the crew and his presence is nuanced and adds an incredible "spice" to JPs involving him."

[Non-Player Character Award]: Petty Officer 2nd Class Kipp Lak:

"A wonderful NPC that has been extremely useful to break the intense moments with all of the subtlety of Rowin Atkinson. He can take about any intense scene to one that feels less stressful and sometimes just plain outright awkward. I look forward to many more Kipp posts."

"Kipp is the most fantastic NPC--after Emily Mox, of course. He's a fully developed character who doesn't bring his own drama to the ship the way we PCs love to do, lol."

[Library Excellence Award]: Lieutenant Yumi Han:

"Dang, Sarah is a great writer. I love reading Yumi's posts--she takes the careful time to craft them so each one is a joy of sensation, character development, and story structure. Her awesome metaphors keep coming back to mind again and again. Well done."

"Sarah's writing is so well scripted. She takes her time, edits with a keen eye, and also gives recommendations to others on how the JP can more smoothly. She's a real collaborator and we are lucky to have her. She makes the ship better."

[Post of the Week]: Honor the Fallen

"Honor the Fallen was an awesome post with lots of great interaction from many characters. Nice job, all!"

"Honor the Fallen. This was a nice post to see how each person dealt with the death of one of their own. It showed a lot about each individual character."

"Honor the Fallen. A touching post with lots of brushes of character from everyone. "

"I feel that this post displays the very heart of Firebird. The coming together of a disparate group of entities to mourn the loss of a member. The connections that have grown between characters reflecting the connections between the players. If it is necessary to choose one person for the award, then I choose Luka who in her character has taken on the joys and sufferings of the crew in a singular person. As the Linguist she bridges the gaps between characters and gives the ship a central focus."

I'd like to add a little to this as well. I went and re-read this JP and it really has an emotional impact. The fact that the NPC who died was really an unknown before his death, makes it all the more powerful. Everyone added their part to the JP and it is incredibly emotional. I thank all of you for your efforts on this post. It really does represent each of us and the Firebird well.

Thank you once again for your outstanding efforts.

Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

» Firebird Medal of Excellence

Posted on Wed Jun 7th, 2017 @ 2:14pm by Lieutenant Ina Nici in General News

It is with great honor and pleasure that I announce the first winner of our newest award the Firebird Medal of Excellence, our Captain

Captain Malcom Llwyedd

These are the nomination from the crew are:

"It's not everyday a SIM can reach the heights that the Firebird has reached in such a short time. The crew works hard together with the inspiration of one person, it's Captain. Fred, however has gone above and beyond that. Always ready to be there to help and support his crew and pushing just the right amount. Fred truly deserves this award."
-Ina Nici

“Somehow our Captain keeps up with JPs with everyone every week. On top of that, he makes long term mission plans that include us all. It's amazing how many balls he is juggling! He's open to ideas from players and keeps us all flying forward together, letting each character have some time in the spotlight. It's a perfect blend of freedom and guidance and makes the Firebird a wonderful ship to write and fly on. :D”
-Yumi Han

“I nominate Fred Lloyd for the Firebird Medal of Excellence. He is more than a story teller, cat herder, hilarious writer, action guru, and title-maker. He consistently goes beyond the confines of the sim to create a welcoming atmosphere for all players. He’s alternately a cheerleader, coach, dad, and counselor to each of us. He guides gently, listens deeply, and is considerate of our desires and feelings, besides being a kick butt story weaver. I feel safe here, aboard the Firebird, and am so very grateful to call Fred my commander, my friend, my captain.”
-Luka Stern

“Fred is an exemplary leader for this group. He not only plays the captain, but a host of vital crew NPCs, which all have their own distinct personalities and character. They are all so awesome I want to award them as separate PCs. Fred is extremely invested in this game and does anything necessary to keep people engaged, whether that is sending "gentle" reminders to tag, making us aware of the timeline and goals we're headed toward, or altering the story or the way he is presenting events in order to meet everyone's needs.”
-L'Nel Haadok

"I don't think words can convey the gratitude I have for Fred. For his friendship, guidance, and of course his leadership of this sim."
-Jackson Smith

“Running a simm is never as easy as it looks, there is a lot of time and effort that is put into it that is often unnoticed until it is gone. It isn't often a whole crew comes together to say thank you, in this case I am incredibly pleased we have, our Captain has done a remarkable job a lot of this simms success is due to his example and efforts. Thank You.”
-Karen Myles

“Fred deserves an extra special award because he has been doing everything he can to bring everyone in and create a compelling story. I've really appreciated how he's helped a Trek noobie like me really get into the universe and understand how things fit together. I have greatly enjoyed his guidance in helping craft fun stories that people enjoy reading.”
-Arlan Harlan

“Hey Fred, you've put a ridiculous amount of work into running the sim, and it shows through both the quality of the story and how dedicated and enthusiastic all the writers are. Here's to the best captain in the fleet!”
-M'ndi M'rron

“I nominate Fred for the Firebird Medal of Excellence. There's a strong community here that is more than writing. It's friendship and support and collaboration and cheering for each other. But the vision of what Firedbird could become was Fred's vision, and he is the one who has worked harder than anyone to make sure we learned it.”
-Soto Gnatt

“The amount of awards and accolades that the sim has received can, in large part, be attributed to the excellent leadership of Captain Malcom Llywedd, aka Fred. His careful insistence and excellent storytelling have led all of us to the heights that we have achieved. We whole heartedly endorse his recent promotion and wholeheartedly recommend him for the Firebird Medal of Excellence.”
-Rhesha Th'Kharia

“Fred is a great guy, very supportive and understanding in and out of character. He can inspire really great writing and participation, and he genuinely cares about real life stuff that happens. He's always there to talk if needed.”
-JJ Davis

Thank you very much. For all your hard work.

Lieutenant Ina Nici
Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

» May Awards

Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 3:06pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd in General News

It is that time again. Time to look back over what we have done and give recognition where it is due.

[Post of the Week] Eye of the Storm...Out! by Commander Malcom Llwyedd, Lieutenant Yumi Han, Ensign Jackson Smith, and Ensign Soto Gantt-

This post was the culmination of a lot of work. It is difficult to write a joint JP with so many characters and also involved combat. It also is unique because it brought two separate stories, Yumi's and Smith/ Soto/ Kipp, together. The award is well deserved.

Shipwide Awards

All crew are awarded the following:

Expeditionary Medal:The Expeditionary Medal is awarded to all crew members who have participated in the majority of the first operational mission of their simm (including the Commanding Officer).

Tour of Duty: Cardassian: This ribbon is issued to all participating players at the end of a mission that posts the simm to the borders or interior regions of Cardassian space.

[Individual Honors]

Captain's Personal Merit:

Lieutenant Ina Nici- In character, Lieutenant Ina was part of some crucial away teams this month. She showed leadership and poise. She also has been involved with a key subplot and the writing has been top notch. Out of character, Andrew has continued to be active despite changing jobs, being ill and dealing with floods. It sounds kind of biblical. His dedication, presence on Slack and excellent writing, have earned him this award.

Crew's Choice Award

Six different nominations were submitted for this award. The winner:

Lieutenant Yumi Han!

"Sarah's writing is scintillating!"

"Sarah works so hard on her posts and they are a delight to read."

"Motherly, sneaky and brilliant. Yumi showed multiple facets that added depth and entertainment to the story. She has excelled in every category."

"Particularly for Eye of the Storm: All Your Base Are Belong to Us. It's great to see Yumi's skills really coming to light. The writing is great, and everything she does feels important, connected to those she's helping."

Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award

Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles

"Jack has brought a new level of bad ass to the ship. Karen Myles is definitely a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to reading and writing with him more in the future."

"He has done a lot of great posts recently and I am excited to see more. A great addition to the Firebird."

Medal of Honor:This medal is awarded for the showing of bravery and valor in the heat of combat.

Ensign Jackson Smith

"Fighting with courage, guarding companions that could not fight, and leading the charge."

"For conduct of the highest order of bravery. Jackson show disregard for his own personal safety in order to protect his fellow crewmates."

Purple Heart: Awarded to personnel who are injured in the line of duty.

Lieutenant Ina Nici
Lieutenant Yumi Han
Ensign Jackson Smith
Ensign Soto Gantt

Heart of the Tiger: Awarded to the crew member who writes supreme battle posts, making their posts enjoyable and exciting to read in the heat of battle.

Lieutenant Yumi Han

Service Accommodation: Awarded to the crew member who performs his/her character's job and advances above and beyond the job description they were "hired" to follow.

Ensign Luka Stern

"Luka seems to be involved with things that, at firs glance, don't fit her job description. However, she is an asset to any endeavour."

Most Improved Player of the Month:

Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan

"I have really appreciated the interactions with Harlan. He is all the things you want out of a curmudgeony engineer."

"Arlan has started to step outside his comfort zone and that is a good thing. Doug's writing has really improved and that reflects his hard work and dedication."

Friendship Ribbon: For the development of a meaningful character relationship.

Ensign Soto Gantt

"This award could be for a number of relationship's. Gantt has been building strong friendships with Jackson, Luka and Yumi. He is one of the characters that helps make the crew a family."

Departmental Service Badge: Service: Awarded for service in the service department, including departments of Operations, Security, Tactical, and Engineering.

Lieutenant JG Rhesha Th'Kharia

"Rhesha has stepped up to guide engineering with the loss of Lieutenant Keys. He played a key part in stabilizing the ship after the New Maquis attack. He also helped repair and install a new power supply for the hospital on Quinor VII, saving many lives. Finally, he was a stalwart member of the rescue away mission."

Departental Service Badge: Science: Awarded for service in the science department, including departments of Science, Medical, and Counseling.

Lieutenant L'Nel Haadok

"The doctor had a busy month. He dealt with a large number of injuries during the New Maquis attack, including Lieutenant Keys' broken back and the captain's leg injury. He also assisted with many cases at the Quinor VII hospital and the follow up on those injured during the away missions to the Cardassian Liberation Front base."

Congratulations to the winners!

Commander Malcom Llwyedd
Commanding Officer
USS Firebird NCC-88298

Latest Mission Posts

» With Great Power [PLOT]

Mission: Echoes of the Dominion
Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 12:48am by Lieutenant Yumi Han & Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles & Lieutenant Ina Nici & Warrant Officer Jacques Fantome


The shuttle ride down to Stafleet HQ was a long one. Malcom let Nici fly so that he could fret properly. He had expected the summons to the Board of Inquiry but it had happened much faster than he'd expected. The Firebird had hardly dropped out of warp before…

» Evaluation [CD]

Mission: Echoes of the Dominion
Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 12:47am by Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Crewman Gianna Djokovic


Savin sat across from Gia at one of the tables tucked away in a corner of the restaurant they had gone to for lunch. He enjoyed the subtle decor, it wasn't too fancy and too packed. It felt just right and it was open enough for him to take…

» Crossed Wires [CD]

Mission: Echoes of the Dominion
Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 12:45am by Captain Malcom Llwyedd & Chief Petty Officer Arlan Harlan & Lieutenant JG Juvun of House Konjah


While Harlan watched the PR guy tango with the captain he turned to look for the bridge's engineering liaison. It was time to get to the bottom of the computer problems that had been cropping up in recent days. Enough was enough with simple requests turning into near-death situations.…

» Domo Arigato [CD]

Mission: Echoes of the Dominion
Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 12:45am by Lieutenant Savin Psy.D & Crewman Gianna Djokovic


The sakura, or cherry blossoms, were at the height of bloom along the wide pedestrian boulevard that led from Osaka's primary welcome center where the small contingent from Firebird had transported in. In early April Osaka, along with most of the territory of Japan was bustling with a wide…

» The Weight of It All [CD]

Mission: Echoes of the Dominion
Posted on Sat Oct 21st, 2017 @ 12:42am by Lieutenant Ina Nici & Ensign Jackson Smith


Jackson stood in front of Nici's door. It had been days since they had spoken. He had searched her out, but she was always busy. Understandable, but still it seemed like she was avoiding him. They had a lot to discuss and not a lot of time left to…

Latest Personal Logs

» The Beginnings of Peace

Posted on Thu Jul 27th, 2017 @ 4:58pm by Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia

Computer begin personal log.

Personal Log, 26th March, 2100 Hours. Lieutenant Junior Grade Rhesha Th'Kharia.

I met with Counselor Savin today. Strangely enough I feel better than I have in a long time. I was able to come to a better understanding of my feelings about Rhemna, and his loss.…

» Sins of Omission

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 7:36pm by Lieutenant Laree Desai

Personal Log, Lieutenant Laree Desai, Chief Science Officer
Star date 25 March, 2394

This is a story my father told me…

I was working as a contract geologist on Tymor 7, and hostilities broke out between the two major powers on the planet. The minor powers asked me to help…

» To Catch a Firebird

Posted on Thu Jul 20th, 2017 @ 7:15pm by Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR


"Personal Log 2300 Hours, 24 March, 2394. Audio Only. Agent Stephens, Charles 3317" Charles sat at a corner table at some dive bar on Empok Nor. He had just gotten in the day before and was enjoying some downtime. "This is my first log in almost a year. It…

» A Job Well Done

Posted on Mon Jun 5th, 2017 @ 4:50pm by Captain Malcom Llwyedd

Captain's Personal Log Stardate 71184.7

If this is what all of our missions are going to be like, I'm going to need more therapy and more shore leave. I've already been in touch with Starfleet and they have approved some shore leave time when we get back to Empok Nor.…

» Chief Counselor's Personal Log #2 - The Weight of Expectation

Posted on Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 8:18pm by Lieutenant Nora Morrison M.D.

As we begin to provide assistance to the people of Quinor VII, even without psionic abilities, I can sense the weight of expectation and apprehension amongst the crew. This is what we have all trained for and have been preparing for, but finally, the moment is here. Now is the…